DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap for Kids

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DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap for Kids

DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap

Don’t children have just the cutest hands? They’re so small and so soft; it’s hard to imagine those adorable little hands are most likely covered in tiny living invaders — germs! Despite being such an easy thing to do, many kids simply do not want to take the time to wash their hands properly. And so those germ-ridden hands live on, touching everything and everyone and spreading like wildfire!

So what can we do to make washing hands a little more worthwhile for young, curious minds? Make it fun! Add some color, a great smell, and an incentive for all that scrubbing they’re going to want to start doing! Check out this recipe for a DIY Hand Soap Surprise that will add a little excitement to a very important activity…


DIY Hand Soap Surprise

DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap

What you’ll need:
  • 1 lb clear glycerin melt and pour base
  • Soap coloring
  • Soap mold
  • Rubbing Alcohol (at least 91% alcohol to help reduce bubbling)
  • Spray Bottle
  • Small plastic toys that fit in the soap mold.
  • 25 drops Bergamot (or other KidSafe single oil or KidSafe synergy of your choice)
What you’ll do:
  1. Fill spray bottle with rubbing alcohol.
  2. Melt the melt and pour soap base in a microwave-safe bowl in increments of 20 seconds, stirring each time, until melted.
  3. Add coloring and essential oils, and mix.
  4. Spray silicone mold with rubbing alcohol.
  5. Pour soap into molds and spray tops of soap again with alcohol.
  6. Let set for a few hours before removing from mold.  The number of soaps will depend on the size of the mold.

*Once the soap is melted you have to work quickly to transfer it into the molds before it starts solidifying again. Waiting to fill the spray bottle after the soap is melted can end up causing a “chunky” soap.


According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, proper hand-washing is one of the best – and easiest – ways to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. Unfortunately, hand washing is not an innate human skill — it needs to be taught! Teach your children why washing their hands matters. Explain what germs are and how they spread. Help them make the connection of how what they have on their hands can directly affect their health and the health of others.

Don’t underestimate the power of handwashing! Twenty seconds spent at the sink could save you many trips to the doctor’s office.

To learn more about how to talk to your children about germs and washing hands, check out these great articles from What Are Germs? and Why Do I Need to Wash My Hands?

90 thoughts on “DIY Essential Oil Hand Soap for Kids”

  1. This sounds like something fun to do with the grandkids once we’re able to get together again. I have some little toys they could chose from to put in their own. Would it okay to use germ destroyer in it?

  2. I don’t have any children, but I think making this soap would make great gifts. I will be trying this out this summer.

    1. Hi Kim, you can use a melt and pour base of your choice. A clear glycerin base was chosen for this recipe so that you can see the suspended toy.
      If you’re making this for kiddos, we would recommend sticking to oils with the Kidsafe logo. Great question!

  3. Definitely going to try this! Hoping the toy in the middle will be incentive for them to wash their hands correctly! Thanks PT for the amazing idea!

  4. Putting the toys in the soap as an incentive to wash more often and for longer durations is genius! I think my daughters would enjoy making and using this soap.

  5. Very excited to try these with my girls. Just have to find the melt and pour soap and coloring 🙂 Thanks for such good ideas!

  6. Another great recipe idea! I’m always looking for crafts to do with my seven year old grandson. We already made a face refresher spray for which he picked the kid safe oils to use! You should have seen how cute he was, smelling each oil & commenting on them. I think we may use Legos as the toys since he’s a Lego-maniac! Thanks for the info.

  7. DIY Essential Oil hand soap is one of my top DIYs I’m dying to try, and this is such a cool recipe! I’ll have to save it one day for when I have kids or even at my job working with kids. Thanks for this fun recipe!

  8. My grandson helped make these for my oldest granddaughters birthday. We put charms in the soaps. She wondered why she got a bracelet and a set of soap for her present. She thinks it will be fun to get a new charm with every soap she uses.

  9. Making these for my kiddo (and the kiddos of a few friends!) this weekend! Thanks so much for this wonderful idea!

    1. Jennifer, Plant Therapy’s Bergamot is bergaptine free, which means it is safe for use in the sun and not phototoxic. Great question!

  10. My kids love helping make these! They think it’s so much fun using their soap, and it helps them remember to wash their hands more often. Thanks for another great recipe!

  11. Definitely keeping this recipe! I’ve been wanting to try to make my own soaps for awhile and this looks like the perfect recipe to start with! I’m thinking Bergamot Mint would smell amazing!

  12. Brilliant idea to put toys inside! Are there any oils that we can’t use for this recipe? Assuming that we only choose kidsafe options, can we substitute for a scent we like?

    1. You can definitely substitute with the KidSafe oils of your choice. Just be sure to keep an eye on max dilution recommendations.

  13. I love the trinkets for kids idea. Only thing I would recommend is when putting the trinkets in the soap, do not push them in with your fingers. Use tongs, tweezers, or some other kind of pincer. Melted soap is quite hot – Maybe keep lavender EO nearby just in case 😉 Yes, I have had this bad experience.

  14. my tween daughter and her friends LOVE making soap this way at our place. If using a clear soap we sometimes add tiny figurines inside( duck, hippo etc.).

  15. My 6 year old is always more likely to use the fun soap that we make together than the stuff we buy from a store. What a great idea to add a toy! That would definitely make him scrub LONGER that’s for sure!

  16. Such a fun idea. These would make a good idea for party favors, or a DIY at a kid’s birthday!

  17. What a great activity to do with the kids! They can each create their own unique soap to use and a god way to encourage hand washing- especially if a little trinket is hidden in the middle.

  18. With back to school coming up, this a great craft and incentive for kids. When you get home, use the soap you made to wash up! Thanks Plant Therapy!

  19. This sounds like a great idea with Germ Destroyer! Might even try to make a few for friends with Germ Fighter for the next cold/flu season!

  20. Love this. Thanks for sharing the creative idea! FYI, you may want to double-check “Spray silicone mild with rubbing alcohol”. I think mild may actually be mold?

  21. My kids would absolutely love this! They love making things for gifts, and this would be perfect for them to make for their friends!

  22. Hand washing is always a fun time around here. It might even be more meaningful if we made the Soap together. Thanks for the recipe!

  23. cant wait to do this with my nieces and nephews gonna be a fun project not to mention they love smelling my oils when they come over..

  24. This would be so fun! My kids would probably have tons of fun just with making it. They love PT’s DIY for kids.

  25. Can’t wait to try this for my grandson!! I just bought melt & pour soap to make him some animal shaped soaps, so now I’ll throw in a couple of surprise soaps. Love it!

  26. I made race car soaps for my grandsons birthday party as the thank you gift for coming. I used Germ Destroyer and made Blue & Pink cars. The kids loved getting their own soap.

    1. I would pour the soap into molds, and then let it cool for a minute (not harden). Then push it down. 🙂

  27. This will be so much fun! We sing our ABC’s while scrubbing our hands to make sure we’ve washed long enough 🙂

  28. I love this surprise idea!! It could also be a fun project for little ones to help make (safely of course!)! Bergamot soap would smell delicious! Would it be a good idea to mix with Germ Destroyer or would that be unnecessary since it already is soap?

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