Bank Some Bucks: Don't Miss Out on Triple Rewards Points!

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Bank Some Bucks: Don’t Miss Out on Triple Rewards Points!

We get it. You might have spent your entire essential oils budget for the month (or the year, like me) during our July Customer Appreciation Month. And you’re super smart, since this is the time to buy essential oils!

But we’re not done yet! You can actually still stash some bucks away for next month, too. Just make sure you don’t miss out on triple PT Perqs rewards points!

Trust us, you really don’t want to miss this deal, because triple points rarely comes around these parts. The more you spend today, the more you earn for later!

Bank Some Bucks with Triple Points!

The last days of July Customer Appreciation Month 2018 at Plant Therapy are your best time to bank rewards points, because it’s the only time to get 3x points for every dollar you spend!
Until July 31, 2018, check it out:
  • Spend $50: Earn $5 in rewards
  • Spend $100: Earn $15 in rewards
  • Spend $200: Earn $40 in rewards

Already this close to earning that next reward?

Here’s even more ways to earn points:

  • Earn up to 400 points just by connecting all your social accounts.
  • Let us know what you think of your recent purchases and earn 150 points. That’s a lot of points for just leaving a quick review!
  • Since you’re here reading a blog post, why not leave a comment to earn another quick 100 points?
But don’t forget, the fastest way to banking bucks for future purchases is by taking advantage of triple points today only. Since you also get 10% off sitewide and a free mystery gift with coupon code CA10OFF18, there’s no better time to bank some bucks with triple PT Perqs points!



27 thoughts on “Bank Some Bucks: Don’t Miss Out on Triple Rewards Points!”

  • I am obsessed with plant therapy and highly recommend them to anyone who listens! I am with an MLM and buy plant therapy more!

  • Oh my gosh – what a month! Sooooo many amazing deals! I have loved every minute and all of my many many purchases! Thank you so much, PT, for all the deals and spoils this month and year-round. I am so happy to have found you. I am a loyal PT customer for life!!!!

  • Thank you plant Therapy for a wonderful and exciting month of July !!!! The offers,discount and gifts have been great ……Love the triple perc points. Made 1 order today and using every ounce of will power not to order again !!! LOL !!!!

  • Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take advantage of July customer appreciation month too much. All my July budget was spent getting my kids ready for school. Wish it would have been a different month. Now that I know it is in July, I will plan better next year. I needed Lemongrass for my laundry, so I did finally on the last day order one oil. Hoping Plant Therapy has some more sales coming for the end of the year.

  • Love Plant therapy and their blends are awesome I need to order so nice with this point system so appreciate

  • Awesome deal! I haven’t received points for two previous blog posts for this month yet, hopefully this one goes through. Can’t wait to see what surprise comes in the mail!

  • This is such a great way to start earning more points. Unfortunately I’ve yet to receive points for my blog posts for June and July. Hate to bother CS for this, specially during CAM. Hopefully i get my points soon. Thank you PT for everything this month.

  • I have been trying to convince my daughter to order her PT oils directly from your site for all the wonderful benefits because she orders from Amazon. I have slowly built my collection and the sales & promotions you offer have really helped my budget. Thank you Plant Therapy for loving your oily customers!

  • I tried to connect on FB, but the link wasn’t working. But I tell EVERYONE about the amazingness of PT and all the FANTASTIC information that can be found!!!!

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