Lime in the Coconut Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Bars DIY

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Lime in the Coconut Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Bars DIY

Summer is almost at an end, which means now is the time to squeeze in a few last-minute vacation DIY’s.

Because we love our customers (you guys – we really do!), we decided that this month we wanted to hear YOUR favorite recipes  that you love to make with Plant Therapy essential oils. We ran a contest in our SEOR Facebook group, and the three winners will be featured on our Plant Therapy blog!

Today, we’re sharing winner #1 with you, an amazing-smelling coconut sugar scrub bar by Katania Trudeau!

Lime in the Coconut Sugar Scrub Bar

by Katania Trudeau‎, SEOR member

What you’ll need: 

  • 2 oz Melt & Pour Soap Base
  • 1 oz Solid Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 cup White Sugar
  • 39 drops Endless Summer

What you’ll do: 

Put the soap base and coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave for 15-30 seconds until melted. Add 39 drops of Endless Summer and mix well. Add sugar and mix to incorporate. It will begin to harden fast. Microwave for just 10-15 seconds more and pour into a mold of your choice. Spray with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles.

KidSafe: No


97 thoughts on “Lime in the Coconut Essential Oil Sugar Scrub Bars DIY”

  • I am wanting to make these with Loving Compassion, which says 1 percent dilution, I think I read in the comments you are using ES at 15% dilution, which if that’s the case, I should reduce the number of drops by 1/3, to 26?

    1. Hi Maggie, you’ll definitely want to use Melt & Pour Soap instead of store-bought soap with this recipe. But you won’t need a preservative!

  • I made this today using Holly Berries, in Christmas tree molds, but it is not hardening very well. I would like to give them as gifts, but I am worried that they will fall apart before they can be used.

    1. Ashlee, if you used a melt and pour soap base I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be hardening up after a few hours. Try reaching out to our aromatherapists to talk to them about how you made the soap and maybe they can offer some extra guidance 🙂 [email protected]

  • No sure what kind d of base soap, since I only use liquid, also is this scub for the whole body and face? Thank you

    1. Cheryl, a previous comment said: “You can buy melt and pour soap base that’s already been through the soap making process. Cut up a piece, melt it down and add ingredients and let it re-harden. Really easy to work with. Amazon carries it or your local craft store. Goats milk base is a nice starter one.”
      Also, for a face scrub, I would recommend diluting between .5-1% and keep away from eyes

  • Can’t wait to try this recipe, seems like a great base and can change the oils as the seasons change. Does the sugar make it more exfoliating? Has anyone tried it with cane sugar?

    1. Jordan, that’s a great idea to switch this recipe up with new seasons to fit the mood. The sugar does help exfoliate in the scrub. We haven’t personally tried out this recipe with cane sugar but would love to hear how it turns out if you do!

  • I LOVE this idea! I have some melt and pour soap base leftover from my husband’s shave soap making days that I’ve been dying to use for more than just a plain bar of soap. I’m making this ASAP… maybe with sweet orange or relax synergy, since I don’t have endless summer.

  • Sounds great! I need to pick up a soap base and molds and definitely going to make. Thank you for the recipe.

  • I’m assuming this makes one bar? I’m going to make a batch today, but I’ll probably be stingy with the endless summer…I can’t quite justify spending almost 240 drops for 6 bars

    1. This recipe makes 2 decent sized bars in a flower mold I have. You could do less drops to make it a 1% dilution and then multiply by 3 to make six bars so you are not using as many drops. Good luck!

      1. Do you by chance know how much your flower mold holds in ounces? Mine are fairly large, making 4 oz bars

  • Oh my, this sounds amazing! Endless Summer is one of my favorites; so this is a definite “Must Make!” Congrats Katania!

  • What can I substitute coconut oil with? I have family that don’t like coconut oil or are allergic to it.

    1. You can sub any carrier oil. I love using vanilla infused jojoba in other bars I make. Just keep in mind that you would lose the coconut scent which really complements the endless summer.

  • This sounds wonderful and I’m putting it on my “to make” list for this weekend! The graphic above needs to make it clear that it is 1/2 cups sugar and not 12! 😉

  • This looks like a great homemade gift idea or door prize for a ladies get together! I may have to make this with Mountain Air synergy, I really like the earthy scents!

    1. It’s a great gift especially if you have a cute mold! Great minds think alike because I plan on using mountain air in my next batch too!

  • Ooh, I want to try making these! Every PT recipe I’ve made has turned out great and they’re super easy! Any suggestions to substitute Endless Summer? Thanks.

    1. You can sub any oil/blend you like that is safe at 1.5% dilution. Just keep in mind max dilutions and adjust accordingly.

    1. You can and I have but you need to cut the amount way down. I think I used 1/4 in the ones I did with pink himalayan salt and grapefruit. I find it to be a much coarser scrub. I have used other carrier oils in place of the coconut. My favorite to use is vanilla infused jojoba oil.

    1. Instead of ounces you could just use a ratio to figure out the ingredients. Keeping the melt and pour at double the coconut oil and then play around with the sugar. I don’t know the exact amount using cups but I think it could be either something like 1/2 cup mp with 1/4 cup coconut or 1 cup and 1/2 cup. You might have to play around with it. Hopefully this helps!

  • I saved this recipe during the bath contest before it was one of the winners! Now if I can just keep the song out of my head!!

  • Sounds like a wonderful recipe! I just ordered Endless Summer so will definite try it when my order arrives! Thank you for sharing!

  • I would not use a microwave. My concern is that microwaves may affect the oils. Also, the recipe in the green box says 12 cups sugar. “Slashes” matter.

    1. I understand your concern with the heat and the oils but you only heat the mixture with the oils and sugar for about 15 seconds. You don’t want to melt the sugar ;). I’m not an expert but I imagine it would not harm the oils for such a short time.

  • Congrats. This is now on my to do list once I get some melt and pour soap base. May try something kidsafe though on oils.

  • Congrats Katania! This is an amazing recipe and thank you so much for sharing. I loved it as soon as I saw it on SEOR! Looking forward to making this. ♡☆♡☆

  • Sounds yummy! You could probably switch out the essential oil for something kid safe if you wanted. Congratulations on winning the contest!

  • This sounds great! I haven’t ventured into soap or scrub making yet, and this sounds very doable. Bet they would make fun gifts!

    1. I made them last Christmas for teacher gifts with different eos and they came out great! At that time I used an adorable snowflake mold. You could change up the eos and the mold to your liking.

  • I know that this might sound ridiculous, but does the sugar make your hands feel sticky after you use it, or does the coconut oil and the soap base cancel it out?

    1. Not ridiculous at all! It does not make you or your hands sticky. It is similar to a bar of soap but has the added bonus of the sugar that is exfoliating.

    1. You can buy melt and pour soap base that’s already been through the soap making process. Cut up a piece, melt it down and add ingredients and let it re-harden. Really easy to work with. Amazon carries it or your local craft store. Goats milk base is a nice starter one.

  • I love this! Everything coconut is always good 🙂 I will even eat sweetened coconut with milk like a cereal!I am hosting a blog party! Feel free to drop your blog link and get to know other bloggers from around the world! Visit us and follow us for the posts at

  • Oh I can’t wait to try this!!! Also I can wait to switch up the recipe to make it kidsafe!!

    1. It’s kind of both, lol. It’s a sugar scrub mixed with soap so it makes it easier to use and less mess. Plus the tub never gets slippery!

  • I will be trying this with my kids. They are 13 and 15. We homeschool so this will be a great way to kick off the new school year

  • This recipe seems fun. I am pleased to see that Plant Therapy has a Safe Essential Oil Recipe Facebook group. I am interested in trying new recipes. Thank you Plant Therapy!

  • That sounds amazing AND I have all of the ingredients at home 🙂 I’ll have to give it a go – I tried making a scrub bar previously and it didn’t turn out well. But this sounds awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You could change up the eos to make it kidsafe. Maybe use all the citrus in the blend (steam distilled for lemon and lime) and then replace ylang ylang with a drop of jasmine? I’m not an aromatherapist so maybe they might have another option.

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