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Kunzea Essential Oil

Kunzea Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week


  • Latin name: Kunzea ambigua
  • Aroma Description: Clean, fresh, and pleasantly woody medicinal scent.

Therapeutic benefits

  • Comforting for soreness.
  • Excellent for joint problems.
  • Releases emotional tension.
  • Soothes blemishes.
  • Wonderful for after workouts.


Yes! This is a KidSafe oil.

Dilution instructions:

We recommend a topical dilution of 5%. For irritates or sensitive skin, dilute to 0.5%.

Diffusion instructions:

Diffuse a few drops of Kunzea in your AromaFuse Diffuser in the home for a fresh and emotionally cleansing scent.

Where Kunzea is used on the body:

Dilute with Aloe Vera Jelly to apply on skin blemishes.

Oils to blend with:

Tea Tree, Rosalina, Lemon, and Lemongrass.

Post Workout Master Blend

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Add essential oils to the empty 5 mL bottle. Add 9-15 drops of the master blend to 10 mL (2 teaspoons) of carrier oil and apply to sore, overworked muscles to soothe discomfort. For children, dilute to 2% (6 drops in 10 mL of carrier oil or 2 teaspoons).

Zit Zap Spot Treatment
Emotional Tension Releaser Diffuser Blend

Try out Kunzea now!


34 thoughts on “Kunzea Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week”

  • Does anyone know other oils Kunzea pairs well with than those listed? I want to use it in a pain blend but don’t love the smell and need to mask it. I see pines are commonly used, what does everyone think about Kunzea, Pine Scots, and Lemongrass? Any other recipes would be greatly appreciated!

    1. I love combining it with either Lavender and Cedarwood atlas or virginia, or, all three. I often only use a drop in 2 oz carrier. HTH!

  • I bought some of the Kunzea last week along with a 4oz bottle of the Aloe Vera Jelly. I know the dilution amount (5%), but I don’t know how much Aloe Vera Jelly the oil goes into and I cannot find the answer anywhere. Can anyone help?

  • I have not heard of this oil. Unable to locate your “product information sheet”…can you please send to my email?
    Thank you?

  • Kunzea is one of my favorite oils. I love kunzea, black pepper, marjoram, fragonia.

    What is the purpose of the sweet orange in the above blend? Scent? Uplifting?

  • Can any evergreen oil be substituted for Pine Scots? I have Pine and Douglas Fir but not Pine Scots.

  • I use kunzea along with Lavendin, Lemon Eucalyptus 2drops each as the base of my insect repellent … then, I add either lemongrass and ylang-ylang or geranium and citronella. Kunzea is also called tic bush.

  • Thanks for this blog post. Has given me a few extra ideas for using this Oil. Can’t wait to try the post workout blend!

  • I keep hearing good things about this oil helping with soreness… I might just need to buy this! Especially since it’s on sale!

  • I’m so glad this is this weeks oil spotlight Its been on my wish list for along time finally bought it today yay thank Plant Therapy

  • I’m excited to see this is the Spotlight Oil this week as I’ve been planning on ordering some to add to my Earth Fire Pain Balm. After reading the specs I believe this may be just what it’s been missing to take it from good to great!

    1. Hi Stephanie, what is the blend you use in your Earth Fire Pain Blend? If you don’t mind sharing. I’m in constant pain with my hip&low back. Thank you

  • I absolutely LOVE Kunzea for facial blemishes…I have NEVER tried it for muscle soreness and I work out A LOT! Can’t wait to give this blend a try!!

  • Thank you for the spotlight on this oil. I’ve been wondering about it since I heard it is good for joint issues. Thinking I may have to order this to try in an arthritis blend.

  • I have been using Kunzea in a lotion that I use after a full day of gardening!!! It is so wonderful. I am going to try the workout blend. I’ll take all the help I can get!’

  • I wish I knew this was going to be on sale today. I just ordered some yesterday. I got it with my gift card received for my bd. I cant wait to get it!!

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