Essential Oils for Back to School

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Essential Oils for Back to School

Can you believe that summertime is already winding down? Whether or not you’re ready for it, back to school season has arrived — and we’re here to help!

Even if you’re still trying to soak up the last of summer fun, it’s never too early to start thinking about getting your kiddos, and yourself, ready to start the upcoming school year right. Being prepared is the first step to building a solid foundation for a successful year. When the transition from summer time to school time is smooth, everything kind of just falls into place.

To help you and your family, we have created a few perfect back-to-school bundles. Each of these include some of the best products to help children, teenagers, and yourself get in the back-to-school groove.

First Day of School Kids Bundle

Elementary school is stressful. As adults, it’s easy to forget how daunting all those paper assignments can be. Mental math, meticulous coloring projects, struggling to achieve perfect penmanship, and memorizing all those nonsensical grammar rules — oh my goodness! Help your kiddos stay cool, calm, and focused with a bundle made just for them!

The First Day of School Kid’s Bundle includes 10 mL bottles of:

Plus, they’ll be able to have their very own 3 pack of aluminum inhalers so they can take their favorite “smellies” with them wherever they go! With a cute pencil case for the backpack and the KidSafe dilution chart for the fridge, this bundle is perfect to help young minds start their school year on the right track!


Teenage Dream Bundle

Here they come — the next generation of adults! These independent thinkers and risk-takers have a lot on their plate. Staying on top of demanding school work, navigating through complex social situations, and preparing for their future, all while still learning how to appreciate themselves, are everyday occurrences for teenagers today. Help them harness their boundless potential with this bundle made with them in mind. 

The Teenage Dream Bundle includes 10 mL bottles

Plus, you get a 3 pack of sleek aluminum inhalers! Teens can easily use the synergy they need. Whether they want help staying focused during studying, getting up out of bed easier, calming those roller coaster emotions, or keeping their immune system strong, our Teenage Dream Bundle will help them out! This bundle also includes a journal just for them. They can write, doodle, organize their thoughts, or anything else that helps them feel good.


Parents Bundle

Don’t worry Mom and Dad, we have something for you, too! With all the hustle and bustle a new school year brings, we know you may need a little something to keep that pep in your step.

In the Parent’s Bundle, enjoy the 10 mL synergies of: 

These are hand-picked to help you to stay on top of your parent game.  Diffuse your oils when you’re out and about with Diffuse on the Move. Plus, our popular 4 oz Healing Balm is also included in this bundle — Because you work hard and never need a reason to moisturize, soothe, and soften your skin!

61 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Back to School”

  1. Love all the helpful information in this blog. It was a good reminder to start the school year off stocked up and on the right foot. I purchased my set and I printed it so that when I am in the midst of the business of life I have a sheet to reference!

  2. These bundles are such a great idea! I’d love to see a cleaning bundle of oils used for household cleaning and a hair/skin car bundle with essential oils to make shampoo, moisturizer, etc. Maybe one day even a makeup line….

  3. These all look great! My little one isn’t in school yet, but I’m pretty sure I still need the bundle for parents 😀

  4. All these bundles look great! I am planning on making personal inhalers for my 9yr old and 7yr old with immune boom and one with germ destroyer to alternate. Cold/Flu season hit us hard last year and I am hoping we don’t repeat that. I will also be working in an elementary school this year and plan on making inhalers with germ fighter and immune aid for myself to use.

  5. Love these bundles, especially the one geared toward adults. We homeschool, so sometimes keeping young minds focused on lessons (especially the less interesting ones) can be a rather daunting task. A+ Attention has been wonderful for helping my youngens stay on task. I also adore Calming the Child. I diffuse it about an hour before bedtime to help create a relaxing atmosphere for the whole family.

  6. I do not even have children of my own and I want to buy all 3 bundles! PT knows how to put together a real deal, more bang for your buck, promotion. But, I will save my money for future bundles that may serve my needs better, though ‘diffuse on the move’ may be nice for a trip I have coming up; the Icelandic air may be therapeutic but protection from sickness, especially in hotels, would be smart.

  7. Love these! Just in time for back to school craziness lol. thank you for all different bundles for every group of kids and parents!

  8. How far from the on the go diffuser can you be to still smell the oils? The one that is in the parent bundle. How does it work? USB port for a cell phone charger, etc?

  9. These bundles are a great idea!! If i hadn’t spent all my money on JCAM, i would so buy… PT knows how to market their stuff!!!!

  10. As if I didn’t spend enough in July !! Now PT has these super cute bundles? Thank you for always thinking up ways to make our life easier!! I think I’m going to need one of these for my back to school college baby girl!! ❤

  11. This is the first Back to School ad that didn’t make my heart stop. Great bundles. I like that there’s something for everyone.

  12. You guys! These are amazing bundles This is so perfect bc just ran out of A+, calming the child, and immune boom. Hopefully the bundles will still be around at the end of August bc CAM broke us

  13. These are fabulous deals may have to have one of each! Really like the parent deal!! Thanks PT! I use Invigor Aid frequently in the car with my diffuse on the move! Helps me stay on task while running errands! And who doesn’t love Relax synergy?!

  14. I bought the kids bundle as soon as I seen it this morning (5:30am) It’s a great deal. I have a confession to make….I’m keeping the pencil pouch for mommy!! Haha Haha

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