Sun Sand Sea Body Scrub DIY

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Sun Sand Sea Body Scrub DIY

Hello, it’s August now, and you only have a few weeks left to enjoy Summer! Which means now is the last chance you’ll have to make last-minute summer vacation DIY’s (like this great body scrub)!

Because we love our customers (you guys – we really do!), we decided that this month we wanted to hear YOUR favorite recipes that you love to make with Plant Therapy essential oils. We ran a contest in our SEOR Facebook group, and the three winners are being featured on our Plant Therapy blog!

Today, we’re sharing winner #2 with you, a relaxing Sun, Sand, Sea Body Scrub by Karin Bachrodt Reemts!

Sun Sand Sea Body Scrub

by Karin Bachrodt Reemts
What you’ll need: 
What you’ll do:
Blend sugar and salt. Add essential oil blend to Fractionated Coconut Oil. Next, add coconut oil to sugar/salt and mix. Add honey and mix well. Slowly add Jojoba and blend. Place in a glass jar with a lid.
KidSafe: No

42 thoughts on “Sun Sand Sea Body Scrub DIY”

  1. I just made the scrubs and I am in love. I live in NC so we have a Dollar Tree, raw sugar and Himalayan pink salt 1.00 each SCORE!!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Looking for DIY end of year teacher gifts, and I am using this one. Adding to a basket with beach towel and good book. 😉

  3. Although I love the idea of using honey in a scrub, I’m concerned about how shelf-stable this recipe would be due to the honey’s water content. It looks like a beautiful scrub – can you recommend a preservative? I am thinking possibly Optiphen, Phenonip. or Germall Plus? And if so, how much preservative would you recommend?

    1. Kathy- did you end up finding a preservative? I had the same though and came to the comments to see if anyone had an alternative

  4. Looks like a great recipe! I’ve never tried sugar and salt together for a salt scrub, I usually do an epsom salt, dead sea salt, oil ratio!

    1. Honey is an excellent preservative. It’s probably best to keep the scrub in a cool, dry place and not in a humid bathroom shelf, if possible.

  5. WOW!! What an incredible scrub! The ingredients will make me feel like an absolute goddess after using it!
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Thanks Karin for this great recipe! I love sugar scrubs! You get aromatherapy and good skin care in a winning combination. You can never go wrong if Bergamot is in there. ♡☆♡☆

    1. I think that would be totally fine! It’s more about the speed of absorbency — argan, more jojoba, sweet almond would all be good choices. They are a bit slower to absorb than FCO, but still good choices. Safflower or grapeseed would also be excellent choices.

  7. Sounds nice! Wish I had those oils. May have to file this recipe for a later date & try it once I can buy all the ingredients.

  8. Sounds great!! I don’t have Sandalwood, can you sub another similar oil for it? Looking forward to making this…

  9. Oh, thank you! I’d been looking for a scrub recipe with Himalayan salt. I suppose Himalayan salt is too rough for facial scrubs, huh?

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