DIY Caffeine Eye Serum for Dark Undereye Circles

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caffeine eye serum

DIY Caffeine Eye Serum for Dark Undereye Circles

With all the hustle and bustle of summertime activities, you might be feeling a little exhausted and not getting enough sleep at night. When that happens, prepare for some unflattering dark circles around your eyes. But why does this even happen? Well, when you are not sleeping enough at night, dark circles form when the blood vessels around your eyes dilate. Since sleep is when our cells have time to repair themselves, without enough of it our cells just can’t keep up.

But even if you feel tired, you sure don’t need to look tired! This DIY is a perfect way to fake that healthy, well-rested glow when you just can’t seem to get all of the beauty rest you need!

Plant Therapy Caffeine Eye Serum DIY

DIY Caffeine Eye Serum

What you’ll need:

  • 2 tbsp fresh ground coffee
  • Meadowfoam Carrier Oil or carrier oil of your choice
  • a small glass jar
  • fine mesh strainer
  • 10 mL bottle
  • Dropper

What you’ll do:

Place coffee grounds in the glass jar and pour the carrier in to cover (about ¼ cup). Allow to sit for a week or so. Strain the coffee grounds out of the carrier and decant into 10 mL bottle. To use, smooth under your eyes after each cleansing.

Just a note: While you are free to use the carrier oil of your choice, this DIY does specifically mention using Meadowfoam Carrier Oil as a great choice!

Meadowfoam Carrier Oil contains 98% fatty acids long-chain carbon atoms. It’s resistant to oxidation due to naturally occurring tocopherols, and is one of the most stable lipids known and will actually extend the shelf life of less stable ingredients. As a result, it has an extremely long shelf life. Meadowfoam Carrier Oil has wonderful moisturizing and rejuvenating properties and is highly recommended for use in cosmetics and skin care products especially for its UV protection properties.

Meadowfoam also absorbs easily into the skin leaving a silky smooth feel. If you haven’t given this carrier oil a chance, this would be the perfect DIY to enjoy its amazing benefits!

For more awesome DIY ideas, and a community of amazing essential oil enthusiasts, be sure to check out our SEOR Facebook group!


128 thoughts on “DIY Caffeine Eye Serum for Dark Undereye Circles”

  • I prefer to try the natural approach to combat issues. It takes alittle longer to see results but there are less chemicals being put in my body! Keep the recipes coming PT!!!

    1. It would probably change the end result. The coffee grounds create an infusion whereas instant coffee might dissolve and create a stronger mixture that might be too intense for your under-eye area.

    1. Infusing the coffee grounds in the carrier oil will create a much more gentle under eye serum than using Coffee essential oil. It would probably be best to use the grounds since the serum is meant to be used on such a sensitive area.

  • Got my coffee “marinating” as we speak! So excited to try this. I totally needed something for my under eyes, thank you!

  • I’m been making a version of this with a concentrated liquid caffeine that I use to make my herb, flower, or fruit infused caffeine water. For the serum, I’ve been mixing distilled water or whichever hydrosol I’ve got on hand with hyaluronic acid powder and some of the caffeine concentrate. I don’t always want to smell, or to smell like, coffee. So, this way, it’s got the vasoconstricting benefit of the caffeine, plus the moisturizing, line filling, gentle plumping of the hyaluronic acid (making your own is sooo much better than premade), and it all smells like lavender or whichever hydrosol was used. Mine are usually flower hydrosols. I follow with whipped whipped shea/coconut oil/jojoba oil blend with various skin safe essential oils. My lines retreat and beg for forgiveness. I used to mind the extra step, but healthy skin is worth the little bit of extra time. I can see the benefit of using the coffee grounds and oil. I just know that I can’t alway take the smell of coffee, but I can always handle lavender.

  • I love this serum. I do not have dark circle but it makes a difference under my eyes. You can tell when you wake up in the morning. You smile because you look great.
    Question: Can the serum be used for your entire face?

    1. Hi Pascale! In theory, you could use this on your entire face, yes, but the caffeine is specifically used as a vasoconstrictor to get rid of under-eye puffiness in this case. If you’re looking for a great facial serum, I’d suggest one formulated for your whole face! (though I feel you, if you really love the smell of coffee like me, it’s a temptation!)

  • Love meadowfoam oil. I’ve used it in one of my face serum recipes and with the coffee one. Love the way my skin feels—so soft and non-greasy!!

  • I did a warm infusion (250 degree oven preheated and then turned off after 1 hour) and let it sit for a few hours to cool, then added more coffee( I originally used it in a teabag). I then let the loose coffee sit in the oil for about a week and this smells sooo good. I strained, added to roller balls and used it for the first time last night. my hubby is even using it!

  • Would expresso powder or (opened) caffeine supplement capsules work with the meadowfoam oil, instead of ground coffee?

    1. It’s worth a shot! Unfortunately, though, we can only guarantee our recipes as they are since we haven’t tried using other things. If you decide to try, let us know how it turns out!

  • Love this stuff!! I just made a new batch and plan to tell a friend to try since she complains about her under eyes!

  • Which carrier oil blend would work better in this to help with puffiness as well, Younger-Glo or Near Perfection?

  • Can you add coffee essential oil to this instead of the coffee grinds? Will it do the same thing or would that just be more for a good coffee smell?

    1. Sarah, we recommend using coffee grinds because using Coffee Essential Oil near your eyes can be dangerous 🙂

  • I’m in! If this works for my dark circles (which have existed since I became a mom almost 14 years ago), it will be an actual miracle. I’m going to try it though! So far at 41 I don’t have any crows feet or eye wrinkles. Sounds like this will keep that streak going!

  • I’ve been making this with help seed oil for about 2 years. I just love it. I just got meadow foam. Can’t wait to try it out.

    1. Have you tried it with the almond oil yet? I don’t have the meadowfoam but have almond and sunflower so Im curious which would be better.

  • I need this! I feel like no matter how much sleep I get, I always look tired. I’m going to give it a try with some sweet almond oil I have. 🙂

    1. Silva, if you would like to keep this in a plastic jar that is absolutely your choice. We recommend a glass jar for many of our DIY projects to ensure there is no leaking, no small traces of chemicals, and also because glass can be safely washed at high temperatures (for when you’ve used up all your serum!)

  • i JUST ordered meadowfoam carrier oil purely because i keep seeing the name pop up in articles talking about it’s amazing benefits and thought, i have to get some of that… Now I’m excited to have a recipe to try. A couple others who commented had a concern that a dark colored oil smeared on dark under eye circles would just exacerbate the problem, and if you drink coffee, you know it certainly stains. Has anyone tried this and did you have that issue? Thanks!

    1. Personally, I love very fine grind for this DIY, but everyone has their own unique preferences. Also, as long as you let it sit for about a week, it will work just fine. If you allow it to sit for longer than that, that would also be great 🙂 It’s totally up to you how long you can stand to wait while it sits!

        1. Carmen, we advise everyone to be cautious when applying anything near their eyes. However, this recipe purposefully does not include any essential oils so it should not burn your eyes 🙂

  • Does this make just the 10ml? I suppose the coffee grounds absorb a lot of the carrier. Has anyone tried using sweet almond oil?

  • I have been wanting an under eye serum. Would the younger glow oil blend work in this? I do not have meadowfoam. I was actually thinking of purchasing the coffee EO, would that work in something like this as well?

    1. Laura, I have heard excellent reviews about how great our Younger Glo blend works. However, it is not advised to use an essential oil around the eyes. Using the Younger Glo and grounded coffee from this recipe should do the trick 🙂

  • I’ve been using this for a while. Works great and also helps with eye strain. I have found that my eyes are less tired on the days I do a second application around noon-ish.

  • I love This! I have pale skin and dark hereditary circles that no concealer can cover. Defiantly pinning this One!

  • I have done this with other carrier oils…now I am really intrigued about Meadow foam… add to wish list…YES!

    1. Hi, may I know how did it go with grapeseed oil? it’s the only carrier oil I have aside from virgin coconut oil. I would love to try this and share it with my friends. thank you.

  • How long does this seem to take to soak in? I have my grounds marinating, but my routine in the mornings is to put on my makeup pretty soon after I wake up. Not sure how to fit this in my schedule!

  • I have dark under-eye circles (mainly genetic, partly life). Would adding an essential oil to this blend increase it’s effectiveness? If so, which ones? Thanks for all the great recipes!

  • I can’t wait to try this. As a working mom with lots of little kids I can used some help with under eye circles.

  • I am just curious: is there a reason you recommend using coffee grounds for this serum, rather than the coffee essential oil you sell?

  • I made this recipe in April and let it sit for three weeks. I keep a supply in a roller ball in the fridge and with the cold metal roller ball, the coffee serum feels so good and immediately smooths puffiness around my eyes. I also use it around the edge of my lips to plump up those age lines. I thought it was actually fun to make and it smells good, if you like coffee smell. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Not really. Coffee essential oils has very little, almost no caffeine in it. The grounds, however, do.

  • I just made a batch, but substituted jojoba, avocado oil, and some FCO since I didn’t have meadowfoam. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  • Can’t wait to try this! I’ve wasted so much money on expensive eye creams that don’t do anything.

  • I have a caffeine sensitivity so everything I consume must be caffeine free. I’m guessing this serum would not be good for me to try. Can I use Meadowfoam with a carrier oil by itself?

  • This is so simple, there is no excuse not to try it out! I have to say, Meadowfoam oil definitely has never been forefront in my attention, but the fact that it is shelf stable as well as excellent for skin care certainly makes it something to check out!

  • I cannot wait to try this! I am new to essential oils and definitely didn’t know there were uses for coffee grounds too. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Definitely have to try this for my dark circles. Thinking about adding some Anti-Age synergy to it as well.

  • I love this serum. I let mine sit about a month and it feels great. It gives me a little lift if I need it.

  • Would it be alright to use coffee essential oil instead of the grounds? Sounds like a great recipe by the way!

    1. I would use the grounds. The coffee grounds it what provides the caffeine content. The essential oils has only very low levels of caffeine, perhaps even none.

  • Perfect post for a summer Monday- thank you, thank you! I’m guilty, I’ve got tired bags following me and can’t seem to find that extra snooze button lately so tomorrow morning when I make my coffee, I’ll be saving the coffee grounds and look forward to having some results to share!

  • Just last night I was standing in the bathroom thinking I really need to find something for the dark circles under my eyes, and to my surprise I saw this blog post this morning… it’s almost like Plant Therapy read my mind! I will definitely br trying this.

    1. That’s crazy, Cassey! I promise we’re not reading your mind! But that is really cool we posted this DIY at just the right time for you! We hope you love it~

  • This sounds awesome! I suffer from fibromyalgia, and the fatigue is the worst. Having 3 little ones I push through it (most days!), but my eyes sure do show it. I cannot wait to try this recipe!

  • Haven’t gotten Meadowfoam yet, but think I may give this a try using Sunflower! I keep hearing about it and can’t wait to see how it does!

  • Meadowfoam is one of my favorites for sure! I was looking through the blog this weekend trying it to find all the eye serum recipes so I could make some so I am thankful for this!! I cannot use coconut in my face as I am severely acne prone, would you consider Meadowfoam better for this recipe if I wanted a very very light oil to use? Or is camellia seed oil lighter? Thanks

  • I’m not sure I have a fine strainer, would a coffee filter work too as long as I did it a little at a time?

    1. I’ve used coffee filters (they can sometimes tear depending), cheesecloth, gauze, nylons (yes, pantyhose-unused $-store, sanitized), lace, probably more that I cannot think of. If you do use coffee filters, I would double them up and be patient is all 🙂 The unbleached ones are sturdier than the white ones. Tea bags are good for straining too, just dump the fresh tea and save for later.

  • I don’t have dark circles very often, but I do suffer from puffiness every morning. I’ve been using this serum for almost a year now, and it works great! I put it on after washing my face, leave it on for a while, then wipe off with a damp cloth before applying makeup. I love it! I use a mixture of oils similar to Younger Glo with meadowfoam added.

    1. I have puffy eye syndrome too; especially after crying I can barely see- fortunately this isn’t a regular occurrence, but the morning puff is. If you care to share your recipe, or the oils ou use with meadow foam, it would be greatly appreciated 🙂 I feel as though I have tried everything over many years.

    2. I have puffiness, or “bean bags” as my granddaughter says, under my eyes. I think it’s partly genetic. I definitely need this recipe! Thanks PT!

  • Much needed for Mondays! Sounds like Meadowfoam Carrier Oil is another wonderful oil, can’t wait to try!

  • I have used used-coffee for scrubs, masks, washes…but never as a leave on. I was always afraid it would add further discoloration (even though the grounds are used), so I opted for green tea for my ‘leave-ons.’ I will definitely have to give this a try. Could I use my used espresso grounds possibly too?

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