Orange Sweet Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

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Orange Sweet Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

Orange Sweet Essential Oil

Orange Sweet (And Orange Sweet Organic)

  • Latin name: Citrus sinensis
  • Aroma description: Like a freshly picked orange, it has a juicy-fresh, light citrus scent.

Therapeutic benefits

  • Cheerful and uplifting!
  • Relieves worry and tension.
  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Improves the aroma of a stale room.
  • Soothes frazzled nerves.


Yes! This oil is KidSafe!

Dilution instructions:

For topical dilution, we recommend a maximum dilution of 2-5%.

Diffusion instructions:

Brighten your day by adding a few drops to your AromaFuse diffuser.

Where Orange Sweet is used on the body:

This cheerful and bright oil can be added to body lotions, creams, salves, salt scrubs, and more!

Oils to blend with:

Bergamot, Clove Bud, Coriander Seed, Fir Needle, Frankincense Carteri, Geranium Egyptian, Ginger Root CO2, Jasmine Absolute, Lemon, May Chang, Neroli, and Vanilla CO2.

Invigorating Bath Scrub

Add one drop of this citrusy oil with one drop of Vanilla CO2 and Coffee essential oils to one cup of sugar (half white, half brown) to a teaspoon of Grapeseed Carrier Oil for an invigorating mocha latte bath scrub!

Frosted Orange Juice Diffuser Blend

DIY DIffuser Blend with Orange Essential Oil

What you’ll need:
What you’ll do:

Add these essential oils to your AromaFuse diffuser and enjoy the delicious aroma!

Try out Orange Sweet today!


63 thoughts on “Orange Sweet Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week”

  • I have the bulk Organic Sweet Orange Essential oil. Would this be OK to use to make soaps that would be used on babies?

    1. Unfortunately because we don’t have anyone on staff who specializes in soap making, this is not something we can advise on. Sweet Orange, is however safe to use on infants when diluted appropriately.

    1. Sweet Orange doesn’t have the same skin care benefits that other essential oils might, but using it topically is still a great way to take advantage of its other many benefits!

    1. We don’t recommend the ingestion of essential oils, even when they’re used in cooking. You can read more about why that is here.

  • The Sweet orange sounds very nice to order. I love the smell of fresh oranges. I will be placing an order for this very soon. Thank you for all the ideas you give to us, so we can truly use your products.

  • This is one of my favorite oil scents, but I’ve not used it much for anything but the nice scent – now it’s nice to know I can use it to relieve stress and tension as well!

    1. So glad this information helped you find some more uses for Orange Sweet! Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

  • I absolutely love Sweet Orange! I diffuse it to make my space and everyone in it “happy.” It is also great for not only cleansing the air but in DIY cleansers. I need to make a lotion with it now. An oil I will never be without.

    1. Orange Sweet is absolutely wonderful! So bright and pleasing, it’s definitely a popular oil! Thank you for sharing with us, Angie 🙂

  • Orange Sweet is my favorite oil for taming stress and just adding uplift to my mood. I diffuse this with my Plant Therapy “Diffuse on the Move” right in my laptop while I’m at work. Everyone in the office seems to feel the uplifting effects as well!! It is also my go to paired with Vanilla when I’m making beeswax chapstick. Smells like a creamsicle!!!! I appreciate all the wonderful information shared on the oils within the Plant Therapy blog. I add everything to my “files” so I can extend my oil uses.

  • This is my favorite oil for diffusing in my kitchen. The smell is wonderful. I use it in my kitchen cleaner too!!

  • I often add orange to my mop water (along with some white vinegar) to help make my house smell good. I love the sweet, sunshiny smell! I plan to try the diffuser blends as they sound yum!

  • That bath scrub sounds good enough to eat!! Ha ha!! I’ll be giving the scrub and the diffuser blend a try! Thanks so much for the ideas and recipes. Really appreciate it!

  • I absolutely LOVE this blend. It’s sweet, uplifting, and just makes me happy. It’s not too terribly strong, but strong enough. This is a very “happy” blend. Good for any time of year.

  • I just ordered this. I can’t wait for it to arrive. I have avoided most citrus, even though I love citrus fruits, because of phototoxicity issues. However, my mind is put at ease by Plant Therapy’s excellent information. I hope it is as cheerful as I expect it to be.

  • I love this oil! You better get it while it is oil of the week! I like to diffuse after work to calm my nerves.

  • I have ordered Sweet Orange before and I am addicted to this oil! The smell is heavenly….makes my house smell great!

  • Sweet Orange is one of my favorite essential oils. I use it in everything. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!

  • I’m new to learning about oils. I’ve seen different types of “orange” in various diffuser recipes or cleaners. Can sweet orange be a substitute for tangerine or what other citrus/orange oils? Thank you.

    1. They all have different chemical constituents and properties. While some may be able to be interchanged in some recipes, it cannot be generalized. If you have any questions about substitutions, you can always email us at [email protected] 🙂

  • Just ordered this oil this evening along with five others for my first essential oil experience. So excited for it to arrive…I love citrus smells and I am sure I will love diffusing this oil in my home.

    1. We are so glad you are going to give essential oils a try! We know you will love them! If you have any questions about essential oils, don’t hesitate to contact our awesome aromatherapists at [email protected] 🙂

  • Bought this oil a few months back and fell in love with it, refreshing it is. First time owning sweet orange. Love the blogs and the ability to look things up when I need to learn how to use each of my oils.

  • I just purchased a 30ml bottle of sweet orange! One of the few EO’s that I do not have in my collection. 🙂

  • Oh my sweet Orange Sweet…. love this oil. It’s my go to to “tame down” offputting oil scents. I will be ordering another 100ml bottle with this sale.

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