3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

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3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential OilsToday is an important day for Plant Therapy! Why? Well because it is our KidSafe Four Year Anniversary!

Four years ago, Plant Therapy launched this unique product line after discovering a desperate need in the essential oil industry to create essential oils that were undoubtedly safe and effective for children, ages 2-10. These KidSafe oils and synergies provide tremendous benefits, not only for children, but for the entire family, and are also a great choice for essential oil beginners.

Some of Plant Therapy’s KidSafe synergies include A+ Attention, Calming The Child, Germ Destroyer, Immune Boom, Tension Tamer, and many more. Additional products include pre-diluted roll-ons, unique aroma plushes, and dozens of 100% pure undiluted single essential oils.

These are all sensible choices for young children to help live happier, healthier lives — and there are so many ways to use these amazing oils and synergies!

Three ways you can use these kid-friendly  essential oils:

1. Diffuse, diffuse, diffuse!

3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

One popular method is diffusion. Whether your kids needs some help focusing during homework time or something to help them get quality sleep at night, adding KidSafe synergies or essential oils to a diffuser is an easy, safe way to support them.


2. Use a personal inhaler.

3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

You can also add 5-10 drops to an aromatherapy inhaler. Perfect for elementary-age children, the direct inhalation can offer many therapeutic benefits, depending on the KidSafe essential oil or synergy you choose.

Inhalers are easy to customize and easier to use, making them great for everything from upset tummies during car rides or nervous jitters during their very first sleep-over.


3. Apply pre-diluted roll-ons (and diluted oils) topically.

3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

KidSafe products are also great to apply topically to your child’s chest, back of neck, and wrists. Visit each product’s page to get the safe dilution recommendations, or skip the mixing altogether and get our pre-diluted roll-ons!


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3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

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3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

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3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils

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54 thoughts on “3 Ways to Use KidSafe Essential Oils”

  • I’m so grateful for the KidSafe line – I love not having to double check every time I want to use something on my kids to make sure it’s ok to do! Thank you, PT!!

  • These were the first (still don’t have too many) oils that I’ve bought. Just trying to figure out how much to use on them and how often in these nasty yuck season that is approaching. I want to get diffusers too-just wondering how many I should get lol.

  • I already bought the KidSafe Starter Set (Undiluted). I love all the smells!! so amazing. Everynite before my children sleep, i will diffuse “Nighty Nite” and i also dilute them.

    Calming the Child, Sniffle Stopper, and Nighty Nite are our favorites!!

    We use almost all of the them!

  • I am new to the kid safe synergies and love them!!! Every single one I have bought so far smells amazing! My kids love them. We diffuse at bedtime in each kids room, we have rollers for immunity and sleepiness we put on their feet each night and…after reading this I just made each of my girls a “chill out” personal inhaler. I have my own “chill pill” inhaler so I made some for the kids with my new kid safe oils.

  • I love the KS line! The names of the synergies really help me at a glance. Germ Destroyer and Immune Boom are at the top of my list and Sweet Slumber has become a family favorite (the other two sleep ones are a little strong on the Blue Tansy for us) and Calming the Child is so relaxing. Several others are staples for us as well. We use almost all of the them!

  • I’ve been loving Calming the Child for use during homeschool. I diffuse it nearby and roll it on the back of my son’s neck when he gets grumpy. 🙂 I also went through 2 small bottles of Sweet Slumber in a month because it smells so good! I use it in all of my diffusers, and I made a room spray with it as well. Time to get a bigger bottle!

  • I love the kidsafe line. I’m going to try some of those DIY’s! I have learned so much from PT and their kidsafe line. Thank you all so much!

  • This line has set my mind at ease, making it so easy for me to figure out what I can use on my kids. And myself! We probably use rollerballs the most of any method, but the others are great too.

    Calming the Child, Sniffle Stopper, and Better than Kisses are our favorites.

  • Happy anniversary PT KidsSafe! This has become s staple in our home. My son loves it and has been a big help in combating issues with his throat. He specifically loves Nighty night to have a good night sleep. PT for the WIN!

  • I love using plant therapy’s essential oils for a natural hand sanitizer for my two little ones! So glad I don’t have to worry about what I’m putting on them. Thanks for making your product so easy to use and affordable!

  • My kids love them and know them well and they are only 4 and 5. We diffuse, make roll ons, and the kids have their inhalers. Our favorites are calming the child, sniffle stopper, and lavender.

  • Germ Destroyer is the BEST! We are using it in full force right now with school starting up and the cold season quickly approaching. I have loved having my Plant Therapy oils as tools to promote wellness in our home!!!

  • I am so thankful for the Kidsafe line at Plant Therapy. I especially appreciate that you put the Kidsafe logo on all safe oils on your site, making things so easy for parents!

  • I love the Kidsafe oils for myself. Sniffle Stopper has become my go to for my morning allergies. And Sweet Slumber has been super effective for me in getting a full, good night sleep. I’m saving up to try Itch Away and Calming the Child next. 🙂

  • We absolutely love the kid safe peed diluted rollers.

    I would like to take a look at the sit bath fizzled, but the link keeps connecting me to the slime.

  • I absolutely love Plant Therapy’s KidSafe line of synergies! I’ve used them to make everything from Ouchie spray to Itch Away salve, hand sanitizer and more. I also love that Plant Therapy takes the time to educate and re-educate their customers. Thank you!

  • I love the personal inhalers how cute and unique they are. The colors and so comfortable and convenient.

  • I order 3 of them recently and I love them all. I ordered the calming child, immune boom and a+ attention. I put them in the inhaler for my daughter and she loves them.

  • Happy anniversary! I am grateful for the Kid Safe line, and it’s Plant Therapy’s commitment to safety that makes me proud to keep telling others all about it!

  • Our favorite ways are prediluted rollons and inhalers. My son loves his “tummy buster” (Tummy all better) in an inhaler for car rides. He gets carsick very easily and it’s the only thing that seems to help.

    1. That’s great to hear Tummy All Better works well for your son! Feeling carsick is no fun for anyone!

  • Thank you so much for this kid safe line, it’s one of many reasons I chose to buy your oils. It’s difficult to find good information and I want to be informed and responsible for the safety of my kids. I’m so glad I found this company!

  • Happy KidSafe anniversary! It’s so nice to have these great products to safely use with children. I like to use them on my adult self as well! Love the Germ Destroyer roll on.

  • Last year, I struggled with ways to send my children to school with oils. The bracelets were too strong for the classroom. I’ve just started using the inhalers (when my husband had a sinus issue), but now, I’ll be able to send those to school! My children will benefit, but it won;t affect the others. I can’t wait!

    1. It is so great you found out something that works for your kids while they are at school! Different schools have different requirements when it comes to bringing in anything essential oil related, so it’s always a good idea to check with your kiddos teacher or the school administration. Some schools ask that inhalers be left at the front office or with the school nurse, and your child can use it as needed. Thank you for sharing your experience, Tracy!

  • Happy anniversary! I am grateful for the Kid Safe line, and it’s Plant Therapy’s commitment to safety that makes me proud to tell others all about it!

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