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Safe Essential Oils For Kids

Plant Therapy KidSafe Hand Lotion

There are so many essential oils that you can diffuse, or apply topically on your child’s skin that are 100% safe, beneficial to their health, and affordable. Choose from anything in our KidSafe® line and be absolutely sure you’re getting essential oils that are safe for your kids. Essential oils for use on children ages 2 – 10 can be found here. Once a child has reached age 10, unless they’ve shown a sensitivity or other reaction, nearly all oils are safe for use.

Here are some of our favorite KidSafe essential oils, but don’t worry — there are literally dozens more (including our awesome KidSafe blends)!

1. Chamomile German:

Widely known for its calming properties, Chamomile German is wonderful to de-stress after a long day and may be helpful for children who have problems with focus. It is also nourishing to the skin and great for blends that assist with seasonal pollen threats. Add a few drops of Chamomile German to  1 teaspoon carrier oil; add this mix to ½ cup of Epsom salts and gently swirl in the water for a warm, relaxing bath.

2. Helichrysum Italicum:

Perfect for the bumps, bruises, and other owies young children always seem to get. It is great for reducing the appearance of bruises, and also aids in healing muscle tissue and reduces pain, inflammation, and swelling while enhancing blood circulation. Try THIS DIY roller-bottle blend or diffuse Helichrysum to help your child soothe away deep emotional feelings, like anger.

3. Lavender:

This powerhouse oil is filled with amazing therapeutic properties. Its sweet, floral, and herbal aroma can produce a calm and tranquil environment that is perfect to help relax busy little minds and bodies. Diffuse for about 30 minutes before bedtime to create a relaxing atmosphere that makes it easier to unwind and get ready to sleep.

4. Mandarin:

Sweet, fresh, uplifting, and soothing — what’s not to love? Dilute 3 drops Mandarin in 2 teaspoons of lotion or carrier oil and use after your child’s bath or when settling them in bed at night to relax before sleep.

5. Tea Tree:

Famous for a multitude of uses, this oil is a great addition to natural home-cleaning sprays to help clear and refresh the air. Diffusing Tea Tree during times of seasonal illness can also promote healthier air quality in the home.


KidSafe Hand Lotion

Plant Therapy KidSafe Hand Lotion

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Measure the Olive Lotion into a bowl. Mix Skin Soother into the lotion. Mix very well and then mix some more! Transfer to the bottle and use as needed.



We all want the best for our kids. However, just because something is natural doesn’t make it completely safe. Essential oils should be used with caution around children. Education is the key to safe use!

Please check out the following blogs for more in-depth information about using essential oils with children:

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Also, we do not generally recommend the use of many essential oils in children under 2 years old. To talk to one of our Certified Aromatherapists about you and your young child’s specific needs, contact us directly at [email protected]



54 thoughts on “Safe Essential Oils For Kids”

  • Thank you for this information! The recipes are helpful, as are the kidsafe labels that you put on the oils. They make oils user-friendly for the entire family, and not just me!

  • Every morning when my 7 year old son wakes up, he joins me in my meditation room, and sits with me as I massage PT’s kid safe oils on his feet, shoulders, back, and neck. I use lavender, vetiver, calming the child, and A+. We love our bonding time, and he enjoys the benefits of a massage, and oil usage.

  • While my children are 18 and 21, I have friends who are starting their oily journies, and it’s wonderful to be able to refer them here for excellent information on kid safe oils. I feel comfortable directing them to your company, and referring your excellent products. The fact that you put safety over profits is paramount in my opinion, and I am grateful that you do. Thank you!!

  • I ordered some PT Olive Lotion just to make this for my daughter. She gets dry patches of skin and I think this will really help her!

  • The emphasis on safety especially with kids is one thing that won me over to PT so fast. Thanks for this recipe…I have all the ingredients!

  • Thanks for the recipe. I love the Kid Safe line. So good to know Plant Therapy cares so much about the health and safety of our little ones!

  • Fun and easy project for the kids. Anytime they get to count drops and stir!! They can make for friends (kid safe), grandma, neighbor, babysitters…. yeah, we will be using this recipe a lot.

  • I love skin soother! Would this work well with the PT evening primrose unscented body cream as well? I don’t have the olive body lotion.

  • Hi I love this idea but I have a question. If I were to make this for an adult, would I add additional drops, or is this blend effective for adults as is as well? Thanks

  • Under the description for helichrysum, a DIY roller bottle blend is mentioned. However it says “add link when published.” Is there a way to add that link? Thanks! (I’m watching Retha on the live right now as she makes this lotion. Fun times!)

  • Thank you Plant Therapy for supporting the safe usage of Essential Oils. I really like your KidSafe line and I always feel good about using them with my son. The recommended dilutions are easy to follow.

  • this oil is now a must get for my grand kids to make this lotion for them, they love lotions and this is so fun!

  • This is great! Thanks for sharing and for making KidSafe essential oils! I’m absolutsly in love with the products!

  • I made something like this the other day with Calming the Child. Both kids had the best night’s sleep they’d had in a long time! So simple yet so effective!

  • I get super dry and cracked knuckles as winter/fall starts setting in, so it looks like I’ll need to be adding to my collection! Also, slight edit in the oil description – looks like there’s a placeholder (~add link when published~) that was meant to be updated. 😉

  • I love that Plant Therapy makes it so clear and easy to navigate which oils are Kid Safe and how to use them. With a 2 and 4 year old, it is such a huge help to have that info readily available for me, thank you!!!

  • I love it that you provided this valuable information to help keep our little ones safe. Kids always love things that are designed for them. When my seven year old grandson looks at my (still modest) oil collection, he loves to see that “kid safe” label. He is enjoying learning how to blend oils for specific purposes, as I am as well! Love, love, love Plant Therapy!

  • Ooh I’m so going to try this!! Got all the ingredients to diy the PT kids hand soap (my 5 year old can’t wait to make it, I got some cute molds too) and this will be next! Thank you so much!!

  • I’ve been using skin soother for myself with a carrier oil and it’s too oily for my liking and stains everything. I guess I never thought of using a lotion. Now I know better!

  • One of my favorite ways of applying topically is in my lotion. I’ve used the Skin Restore and Ripple Reducer for myself and the Eczema helper to name a few.

  • What a wonderful combination of oils chosen for this lotion! Each oil Supports, Prevents, and Heals! How much better does it get when WE are doing all we can to live a CLEAN, Chemical free life in our homes. Yes we share with our family and friends and No we can’t control outside (in public) chemical issues. But, as long as we have our Oils and are able to carry some wonderful mixes/blends with us, we can protect ourselves! Thank you PT for all you do for us!

  • This is what I was looking for! I have read everywhere for making a sunscreen for the body, but I could’t find recipes that I liked for just hands. I cannot wait to go and make this for myself. Thanks Plant Therapy <3

  • We LOVE making lotion in our house and our kiddos welcome the “job.” It’s soothing for both summer and winter skin (that both come with their own sets of challenges).

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