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Dry Skin Hydrosol Toner DIY


Fall is quickly approaching, and for a lot of us that means the drier weather is taking a toll on our skin. Remember, as the weather changes, so should your skincare regimen. A dull or rough complexion, lack of elasticity, and inflammation can benefit from a natural skincare routine that utilizes products with humectant and emollient properties.

Thankfully, if you’re ready to quench your thirsty skin, this wonderful, well-balanced hydrosol toner will soothe and rejuvenate your face. Toners are often used after washing your face to help finish the cleansing process and help with the appearance of pores.

Dry Skin Toner

What you’ll need:

Plant Therapy Dry Skin Toner DIY

What you’ll do:

Mix together in a 4 ounce bottle and spritz the face after cleansing. Refrigerate between uses.


64 thoughts on “Dry Skin Hydrosol Toner DIY”

  • I’m looking forward to trying this. I don’t have Helichrysum but wondering if Melissa would be a good alternative?

    1. Melissa Hydrosol is probably better for helping with oily skin. So if you’re looking to help with dry skin, I’d recommend substituting Chamomile or just using Lavender and Rose.

  • I really wanted to make up this mixture but knowing that I had to REMEMBER to get it from the fridge before I got in the shower to wash my face each morning was going to be a real issue. They say it takes 7 days to create a new habit. I tried for 14 days to remember to just walk to the refrigerator before getting in the shower in the morning but after 40 years of crawling out of the bed and straight into the shower I don’t think this is a habit I can form. LOL I wonder if they make itty bitty mini fridges that I could put in my bathroom just to hold my hydrosol face toner? LOLOLOL

  • So glad I found this post! Fortunately I have all three of these Hydrosols so I can make this blend immediately! I’ve been using the rose Hydrosol on my hair and helichrysum Hydrosol on my face but never thought about mixing them together with lavender for dry skin. Thanks Plant Therapy for the tip! Can’t wait to try this.

  • I’ve been using Tea Tree hydrosol for acne and it’s been really helpful. This sounds amazing to help with the dry skin as well. Just need rose and I’ll be mixing this up!

    1. Tania, we recommend that all hydrosols be stored in the refrigerator, whether or not they are mixed 🙂

  • I have all three of these hydrosols. I have not used them as much as I had hoped(mostly because they are out of sight in the fridge and out of mind). I am going to mix up a batch of this and write a big note on my bathroom mirror to remember to use it. Sounds like it will be perfect for my Michigan winter skin!

  • This toner sounds perfect for my dry skin. I love that it is kid safe as well. My two girls will enjoy using this with me, as this cold weather is making their faces dry. Thanks for this easy recipe!

  • I have been looking for a natural toner. This is perfect! Hopefully it helps my skin as the change in weather has been wreeking havoc on it.

  • I have been looking for a natural toner. This is perfect! Hopefully it helps my skin as the change in weather has been wreeking havoc on it.

  • I am new to hydrosols but have been slowly replacing my self care products with more natural ones. I have been using this for a few weeks now and love it.

  • I plan on making this very soon. I’m hoping it will help my skin throughout the year but especially in the winter when my skin gets super dry and irritated. Thanks PT for sharing this diy!

  • I’ve been using a combination of helichrysum and rose absolute hydrosols as a spritz of my face for a while now and my skin is looking great. With my next batch I’ll definitely add in the lavender hydrosols to add more soothing properties onto my skin.

  • Is there a difference between rose hydrosol and rose water? cold you add 1 Drop of helichrysum essential oil to replace the helichrysum hydrosol? Thanks

    1. The oil is not a substitute for the hydrosol as it would not dilute. And rose water is a term used instead of hydrosol at times, so I would guess they are the same.

  • I’ve been spraying rose on my face for several months now. My face feels and loss better. I’ll spray helichrysum once in a while with the rose. Looks like I need some lavender, too!
    I keep mine in the bathroom and I’m in the deep South. I only refrigerate what I’m not using, like larger bottles.

    1. I thought I could get away with that here in AZ but within 30 days my Rose Hydrosol had mold growing in it. Big huge spores of black mold. No telling how long I had been spritzing my face with the little ‘unseen’ mold spores. YIKES!

  • I don’t have lavender hydrosol yet but I do have rose and heli .I experienced some breakouts while using the rose by itself so I switched to plain heli. I’ll have to try experimenting with mixing the hydrosols and see how my skin likes it. Thanks for the idea!

  • Thank you! I am heading to Iceland where the perpetual wind will wreak havoc on my skin – this sound very helpful!

    But…I only have rose hydrosol, which I am packing for my hair primarily. Can I add Lavender and Helichrysum EOs to it for an all in one spray (I don’t mind shaking, but can add emulsifier)? There is only so much room in the TSA bag after all 🙂

    1. Great question, Kendra! Hydrosols are water-based products and we always recommend that they are stored in a refrigerator from the time of purchase, no matter if they are blended to make this DIY or not. But, there is the added benefit of knowing it will be always be fresh and cooling every time you use it!

  • I have all of these hydrosols!! Why haven’t I ever thought of mixing them? Sigh. Thanks for the idea PT!!

  • Great post, thank you! I’ve been looking to replace some of my products with DIY replacements. I haven’t used hydrosol yet but may need try this out.

  • Thanks for adding this recipe, I hadn’t thought about combining them together, but I can say that rose and helichrysum hydrosols are both very soothing to use on my face. I will have to wait to try the recipe when I get the lavender, it will definitely come in handy this winter!

  • I absolutely love this combination! I have been using these 3 hydrosols (although equal parts) for about a year now. It is my go-to for night time toner, followed with a simple facial serum. My 57 yr old skin has never been better!!!

  • This is something I am diffently going to try. Even in summer my nose is always dry… while the rest of face is a grease slick!!!

  • Thank you for posting this recipe. My skin is so dry and this sounds like the perfect thing to help it.

  • Im just amazed what hydrosols can do! I have reddened irritated skin and it’s always a calming effect in every spray. I have the heli, tea trea ,melissa and i love them all. Im eyeing the lavender hydrosol next.

  • Thank you for posting this! I’m going to need to give this a try, especially with cold weather in the near future!

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