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6 Essential Oils for Summer Skin

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As summertime gets into full swing, we are reminded why we love this time of year so much. It’s the time for playing outside in the sun, traveling and relaxing by the water. Unfortunately, it can also be the time for cuts and scrapes, dry skin, sunburns, and bug bites — yikes!

Before you head off for your vacation full of camping or chilling at the beach, consider incorporating some essential oils into your summer skincare routine. While packing your sunscreen, bring along a few of these essential oils to help keep your skin healthy and protected all summer long.

Here are six of the best essential oils to utilize this summer to keep your skin looking and feeling amazing however you choose to spend the season:


Lavender has the power to induce relaxation and a summertime state of mind while keeping your skin feeling healthy. Summer is the season of sweating, which can cause sebum to build-up in our pores, resulting in blemishes. Lavender can help reduce these negative effects of sweating while helping protect your skin from the sun.


There is something about the aroma of sandalwood that recalls sunny summer evenings sitting at your favorite campsite or around a bonfire at the beach. Sandalwood Essential Oil’s earthy and fresh scent has a cooling effect on skin inflamed from heat and sweating.

Sandalwood also contains hydrating properties that when added to your favorite moisturizer can help to balance the sweat and moisture on your skin, preventing that sticky feeling associated with the season.

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Chamomile Roman 

This gentle, calming essential oil can soothe irritated skin from too much sun exposure or bug bites.  Chamomile Roman has a sweet floral scent that’s perfect for a hot summer day. Add it to your favorite moisturizer or diffuse it at bedtime to enhance the summertime vibes.

Tea Tree

This strong, cooling essential oil has the power to help alleviate skin after hiking a little too close to a poison oak plant or a mosquito-ridden creek bed.


This earthy, distinctive aroma has long been associated with free spirits and evokes the peaceful freedom of summertime. It has a powerful, musky scent that is great for diffusing but can also be incorporated into skin care products.

patchouli essential oil bottle


On those hot summer days, what could be better than cooling off with a refreshing homemade peppermint body spray? Use Peppermint to provide a cooling action after sun exposure or a sweaty afternoon.

Add Peppermint Essential Oil – we recommend a maximum dilution of 5% – to a roller bottle of sweet almond oil and apply to the neck for a quick and easy cool down. Peppermint Hydrosol is another excellent option!

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to incorporate essential oils into your summer. You can use them to help cool down, relax before a stressful flight or treat your skin after you’ve been swimming in the pool, laying in the sun or hanging out in the salty sea air.

Are you ready to give essential oils a try this summer? Great choices for summer scents are those that are uplifting, enlivening and refreshing. Summer is the time for sunshine and blooming botanicals, so go outside and enjoy what nature has to offer along with high-quality essential oils for healthy, glowing skin.

28 thoughts on “6 Essential Oils for Summer Skin”

  1. Oh this post is fantastic. I have a few new oils to add to my wishlist. Tome to get ready for glowing summer skin 🙂 PT you rock

  2. This sounds great, will have to put some of these oils on my wishlist – sandalwood sounds great. Also I know peppermint oil is not kidsafe but what about the hydrosol? Is that still the same principle? I don’t know anything about hydrosils. Thanks

  3. I love peppermint and I am always looking for more ideas on how to use it. I need to try the hydrosols. I am so intrigued by them

  4. I started to use Sea Fennel in a base of Midfoam and Grapeseed oils instead of a face cream and love it! I really see that my skin looks better, smoother.

  5. I’ve been loving the aloe jelly with lavender to moisturize after being out in the sun. And peppermint hydrosol is going on my wish list. 🙂

  6. I always stick with peppermint for everything through this summer, especially put few drops into spray bottle during the camping , it could be a bug repellent and also cool down my skin, and smells refreshing, my a must summer to go oil

  7. I have a few questions for the Peppermint spray listed in this blog. Does the Glycerin act as the carrier to dilute the oil? I also thought that any recipe that includes water also needs to include a preservative but this spray doesn’t mention that, why is that?

    1. There was some confusion on a recipe and it has been corrected. Glycerin is not suitable to dilute essential oils in water.

  8. Lavender never ceases to amaze me. This summer I’ve used it in my body butter. Just Lavender alone. It’s amazing! My skin is so soft. It stays supple all day. And that lovely scent of Lavender is simply beautiful.

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