Allergies, Essential Oils and the Common Cold

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Allergies, Essential Oils and the Common Cold

Seasonal illnesses are NO JOKE. When your child brings home a cold or has allergies (thanks back-to-school season!) it can get passed around and before you know it, the whole family is out of commission for weeks. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

What we do have is an oil for that. Essential oils are great for using to help with all those nasty symptoms associated with the common cold.

Essential oils perfect for seasonal allergies or the common cold:

Essential Oils and the Common Cold Plant Therapy Allergies Aromatherapy

Straight up, essential oils won’t cure your cold. Humans can splice genes and DNA test crime scenes, but as far as we know science still has no “cure” for the common cold.

What essential oils can do is help with all those symptoms associated with the common cold and seasonal allergies! Oils can help clear your lungs and help speed healing, making them a great natural choice for dealing with symptoms.

Here’s a short list of some of our favorite oils for dealing with symptoms associated with the common cold:

Essential Oils and the Common Cold Plant Therapy Allergies Aromatherapy

DIY some relief:

Sneezy Stop is perfect for little hands and noses, and it’s really easy to make DIY Sneezy Stop tissues for dealing with cold season.

Rosalina has about 42% of the chemical constituent Linalool.  This constituent helps give your immune system a boost, minimize the perception of pain, and help suppress coughing.

Cypress has 50% Alpha-pinene which is helpful in warding off seasonal threats and shortening the length of an illness.  It’s also helpful for relaxing the lungs and opening your airways. This offers optimal oxygen intake, allowing you to take nice, deep breaths.

We have a great essential oil vapor rub recipe using Rosalina and Cypress that’s perfect for applying on the chest to help with congestion symptoms!

Essential Oils and the Common Cold Plant Therapy Allergies Aromatherapy

Diffuse, diffuse, and diffuse some more:

Try using Clear Again or KidSafe Sneezy Stop in your diffuser (how cute is our Rose Gold AromaFuse?) 6-8 drops diffused for about 60 minutes will provide your entire household with not only a pleasant scent but also help with seasonal allergy symptoms.

Blue Tansy is awesome for helping with seasonal allergy complaints, and has the bonus of being KidSafe! We have a couple awesome recipes for diffusing Blue Tansy to get you started.

Essential Oils and the Common Cold Plant Therapy Allergies Aromatherapy

Try a personal inhaler:

A selection of essential oils, including German ChamomileFir NeedlePalmarosa, and Blue Tansy are perfect for using in personal inhalers. Personal inhalers are great little tools that you can keep in your pocket or purse and use on the go.

Personal inhaler blends last for 3-4 months once you’ve made them, so they’re a super-efficient way to use oils for a long time.  After that, they only need to be refreshed with a few additional drops. Perfect for pollen season, or dealing with stubborn common cold symptoms! Check out some recipes here to get you started!

Respiratory Relief:

Palmarosa and Fir Needle are great for dealing with all things respiratory. Since it’s KidSafe, it’s a must-have for cold season. Here are just a few ways to use Palmarosa:

  • In a cough steam (click here) It’s great for coughs/colds
  • Use in your diffuser for a refreshing and anti-germ blend.
  • Create a personal inhaler.
  • Dilute to 2% in an unscented lotion

Chapped, dry skin:

Essential Oils and the Common Cold Plant Therapy Allergies Aromatherapy Oh, and you know all that sneezing, coughing, and nose-blowing going to leave your skin raw and red. Pick up some of our Organic Healing Balm to help soothe and heal your cold-ravaged skin.

Also great for skin are Aloe Jellies, and Hydrosols, both of which are fantastic for helping to soothe red, irritated skin. Plant Therapy also has a couple blends just for skin:

Snag some specialized blends

Plant Therapy makes some really great blends just for dealing with those common cold symptoms:

For allergy symptoms:

For common cold symptoms:

For fighting off germs:

If you’re looking for even more awesome ways to DIY with your oils, friends who love oils as much as you do, or just have a question about how to use essential oils for allergy and cold symptom relief, be sure to join our Safe Essential Oil Recipes Facebook group!


96 thoughts on “Allergies, Essential Oils and the Common Cold”

  • I just love how informative these blogs are. I come here first for any questions. I was in need of some allergy relief and it’s so nice to see how many options there are

  • Sneezy Stop has been a fantastic help for my family’s seasonal allergies this year. I also like straight blue tansy ~ stops my allergies before they become a major problem.

  • Thank you for this great information! I have been looking for a kid safe oil for cough and respiratory support. I just ordered Rosalina and can’t wait to try it.

  • Thnks for the info. But except the sweet orange and the frankincense i have none of the above handy right now.
    so i am diffusing lavender, lemon, and eucalyptus for two days now against a cold and throught ache. I think it working well but want to give it a boost should i add the frankincense to the mix or should i add cedarwood?
    What is your opinion?

      1. Hi thanks for your answer.
        Two hours ago i made i new mix and i added to the lemon, Lavender and eucalyptus: frankincense, cedarwood and rosemary. And feels great for now

  • Love this! I need to go see if Sneezy Stop was in my Kidsafe Complete set, sounds like that’s a winner for beating the runny nose!

  • I live in a tropical climate country. So we are either sunny or rainy day. But people in my country are easily get runny nose, fever and cough… especially kids in daycare.. and we are also easily get infected with others. I’m buying immune boom for my kids, hopefully the kids are not easily getting sick.

  • Just wanna say thank you. Was coughing these few days and I was so worried that I may lose my voice again.. Can’t sleep properly last night due to persistent coughing then I searched your blog.. Added Cypress to aloe jelly and it really got rid of of the itchy feeling in my throat and chest. Thanks.

  • I’m going to need to try the personal inhaler for this cold season! Is the inhaler safe for kids to use as long as there is kid safe oils used?

  • Thank you so much for the info! I am new to oils and just ordered the wellness kidsafe set to help fight off colds this winter season!!

  • I’m new to essential oils. Trying them for allergies and immune system. Using in diffuser, made a roller bottle of germ fighter, and a spray bottle for my dogs itching. My husband swears the germ fighter stopped the pain in his neck when I rolled it on. He gets it every morning now and uses on his neck. I also used in shower but not as strong just throwing on shower walls, need better way. I’ve been thinking of trying to make shower bombs and balm.

  • This is our first fall/winter having school age foster kiddos in our home so this was really helpful in finding some *kid safe* remedies…because my personal favorite (as a grown up ) is Germ Fighter + Peppermint!

  • So I definitely need to come back to this blog as I build up my collection. I’ve started with rollers, and eventually plan to start slowly stocking up on these items-so many great ones!!! Ah…so much to learn!

  • I love this list! I’ve used some of the products in my home, such as the RespirAid, Frankincense, and Sandalwood. We’ve diffused them and I’ve added them to carrier oils to use as a rub. Works wonders to clear congestion and reduce coughing. I can’t wait to try the personal inhalers. 🙂

    1. Thank you for sharing the success of diffusing some of these products at home! The inhalers are so nice because they can be used ANYWHERE 🙂

  • I didn’t realize that Palmarosa and Fir Needle were two essential oils for respiratory relief. Would you suggest diffusing equal parts of each blended together in a diffuser, or are they best used separately?

    1. This is a great question! I would recommend diffusing one blend at a time. Since there are already multiple oils in each blend, combining two at a time can be a bit overpowering and may not smell very pleasant.

  • I can’t be the only one who wishes the list at the top was in alphabetical order haha. How come germ destroyer isn’t on the list? I know it’s on the bottom, but why isn’t it on the top?

  • Oh thank you for this blog!! I’m having a cold come on and I just cannot be down w my kids just stating school. Love sniffle stopper but this is good to have more info!

  • Thank you so much for this very informative post! My adult son is prone to sinus infections, has just recently begun having to use a CPAP machine and is very nervous about the upcoming allergy/cold season as regards the possibility of having to use his machine while sick. I’m in the process of gathering items to make him a set of inhalers to use when he feels sinus trouble coming on, and maybe one to help with his nervousness too. This is just the info I need, and I’m truly grateful. Thank you so much.

  • Looking forward to trying the recipes! Thank you for this timely post. My allergies are starting to kick up a fuss this week.

  • Perfect timing!! The ragweed season kills me every year. I noticed the Clear Again was marked Kid Safe in the article, but not the Sneezy Stop. I thought you should know. My daughter is loving the Sneezy Stop, in a diffuser necklace (1 drop). I prefer Sniffle Stopper in the diffuser. When no one is home, I diffuse tea tree and peppermint (not in the same room as the dog though, because of the tea tree).

  • I used a mlm version of the germfighter last year and was thrilled to see you guys have not 1 but 2 similar synergies. I bought a 30 mlbottle and have been diffusing like crazy to get ready for back to school.imixed it in our hand soap and made a jar of all purpose cleaner. I am so glad i found this and can keep most of the yuck away from my family with the help of the oils.

  • Thinking of ordering something for my kiddo. He’s already coughing and sneezing and that means I will Be next!!

  • Rosalina is the best! Started using it for my daughter last winter. The babysitter fell in love with it too after I sent some to her house.

  • I’m recovering from the wildfires. Anything in particular you’d recommend?
    I’m using 4 different inhalers. Recently got Sneezy Stop, I wouldn’t have thought so great for an adult. Loving it. I also have a 2 Chamomile w Helichrysum blend, and a cypress blend. As well as Balsam Fir.
    Your thoughts on wildfire particulate and or CO recovery? Ps, I had bronchitis just before smoke hit.
    Thank you.

  • “Science” may not have a remedy to heal a common cold, but herbalists and naturalists do and it is in your kitchen. Anytime I feel a cold coming on, I take a tsp of raw honey and a 1/4 tsp of ground cinnamon and within hours it is usually gone. This will wipe out 9 out of 10 colds. In the last 10 years I’ve had only 2 colds that I could not get rid of with this combination. Just 2! You can take the honey and cinnamon twice per day for about 3-4 days, though oftentimes once is plenty, depending on the virus. Honey and cinnamon both are known to be anti-viral.
    The grandkids will take it and most of them like it. I just mix up some honey and cinnamon and give the kids a good bite of it and then they drink down some water. Some people eat it on toast. However you take it, just remember the honey must be raw and say so on the label when you purchase it.
    There are many home remedies out there that work like a charm and this is one of them.

  • Ordered the larger bottles of germ fighter and fir needle. Can’t wait to receive them before the cold season really gets going! Looking forward to diffusing and also making some diy inhalers. Thank you for the helpful and timely post. So informative!!

  • I ordered a set of 14 oils and I’ve yet to open them because I’m so nervous and new oils.! I have tons of re Iowa i want to try, mostly for the cold season and pain. I just need to get a few more oils (Rosalina, cypress, marjoram sweet, cardamom) to make some blends. I’d like to try the vapor rub recipe. Thanks so much for the ideas and tips!

  • These are fantastic! Perfect for beginning of school germs! I’m currently using Germ Destroyer and Sniffle Stopper for a sinus infection! They’ve worked wonderfully.

  • My husband has asthma and hit a severely rough spell when ragweed went crazy here a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been diffusing eucalyptus, peppermint & lavender. He says it helps. We are beginners and would love suggestions

  • I use Sniffle Stopper, my 5yo calls it her favorite Purple Oil (due to the color of the label), when either of us have stuffy nose. Sometimes I alternate with a blend of Rosalina, TeaTree, Cypress and Bergamot. They all smell lovely and we diffuse it for 30 mins before sleep. Works like a charm for a good night sleep.

  • I love the compiled list! My son and I fight allergies all the time. I am always looking for other options to rotate.

  • Perfect timing on this post! My daughter has been in school for two weeks and already has the sniffles!

  • I love Sniffle Stop. It’s rainy season right now where I live and cough & colds and it helped us a lot. I apply and diffuse Sniffle Stop at the first sign of cough and colds.

  • Sniffle stopper is our favorite for seasonal allergies down here in the south. I think sneezy stop may be next to add to our mix.

  • I had no idea Palmarosa helped with allergies. Well gee, I could have used mine so much earlier! I also LOVE Ho Wood and Bergamot, so I’ll have to see what blends I can make that both smell good and help clear my sinuses up.

  • Thanks for this post–so chock full of helpful (and timely) information! Love all the blue tansy ideas and info on oil constituents! PT articles and recipes never fail to provide!

  • I’m a recent convert from another company and I’m new to all things Plant Therapy and I’ve read a few blog posts. This one is my favorite!

  • Oh thank you so much for this post. There is a war in my sinuses today and I needed this. Kristin Lail from SEOR directed me here and she was spot on! Sniffle Stop going in diffuser now.

  • Sneezy Stop and Sniffle Stop are my go to at the 1st sight of sickness in our house and it works like a charm!!! I started using essential oils a little less than a year ago and we haven’t had to go to the doctor since!!! Its amazing!

  • My daughter was needing allergy medicine, steroids and an inhaler every time the seasons changed. Now we use a roller with lavender, lemon and peppermint and she no longer needs any meds

    1. You should, Brielle! You’re going to love inhalers; once you start using them you’re going to wonder how you lived without them!

  • Such a great resource for so many oils in one place for similar issues. Thanks! I’m bookmarking this one.

  • While I’m not looking forward to cold season again… I’m so glad there are some many helpful oils and methods out there. Thanks for such a helpful post with all the info in one spot 🙂

    1. So happy you found this helpful! We love coming up with new oils and ways for you to keep your family well. 🙂

  • Thanks for the information. I use to diffuse respir aid to sooth the breathing, after reading this, I’m going to try the sniffle stopper after all the good reviews 🙂

  • I have a good rotation of sniffle stopper, germ fighter and immune aid that I work through. Thanks for some new ideas!

  • With running a home daycare and 3 school aged kids…germ destroyer and immune boom are both oil blends that are always available in our home. We find that they really help the kids throughout the winter cold/flu season.

  • Thanks for this wonderful tip! Living here in the Philippines the storms are really come and go. I really need to save all this recipes!

  • Oh my, you just don’t know how thankful I am for Sneezy Stop and Sniffle Stopper! They have helped my family sooo much with our allergic rhinitis!

  • Just ordered Sniffle Stopper! Kiddos have been in school only 4 days and already coughing and sneezing! 🙁

  • Awesome, perfect blog, right on time. Allergies are running rampant in my home currently. On my way to make an inhaler with the suggested oils, palmarosa and german chamomile from none other than Plant Therapy which I have on hand. Must get blue tansy and fir needle for my collection!

  • We love to diffuse rosalina and sniffle stopper. I also put a few drops on the kleenex box which helps us too! Also making the foaming hand soap using germ destroyer, my kids love using it!

  • I have used diy breath deep and immune boosting blends in my diffuser and my asthma and allergy are better than they have been in years now. I am so grateful I have found essential oils to help me without all the side effects of medications.

  • ALL of my Kleenexes are either sniffle stopper or sneezy stop scented!!! I’m convinced it really helps!

  • I cannot wait for my personal Inhalers to come in so I can start using my oils more effectivley for my allergies and all this smoke in the air from the California Fires.

    Love my oils love Plant Therapy.

  • I love germ destroyer and germ fighter, as soon as one of us gets the sniffles or sore throat, this goes in my diffuser and/or my necklace!

  • I am a loyal fan of sneezy stop. Two years ago, I was suffering from a perpetual runny nose and itchy eyes and I rubbed my nose that often that the skin on my nose were peeling..antihistamines only provided relief for maximum of two hours.

    Dianne suggested sneezy stop.. I got that and it was a great change.. No more itchy eyes and nose. It’s a oil I will never be without.. I use it every March to June…

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