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copaiba oleoresin

Top 5 Amazing (and Surprising) Benefits of Copaiba Oil


Before we dig into the benefits of Copaiba, let’s discuss what an oleoresin is. Technically, this oil isn’t classified as an essential oil. Instead, our Copaiba is classified as an oleoresin.

By definition, an oleoresin is a natural or artificial mixture of essential oils and a resin. In our case, it is an all-natural, amber-colored resin collected from the trunks of Copaiba trees. Copaiba has a smooth, creamy, woodsy scent that’s sweet at the same time. This oil is sure to become one of your all-time favorites!

Luckily, Copaiba is still able to undergo the GC-MS testing procedure, so we know exactly what constituents make up this beautiful oleoresin to determine its true benefits.

According to the GC-MS report for our current batch, a large portion of Copaiba chemical makeup is beta-caryophyllene. This is the well-known constituent that makes Copaiba so great at relieving discomfort. Beta-caryophyllene is a sesquiterpene. Black Pepper includes it in significant amounts. Beta-caryophyllene is a major constituent that may target parts of the brain that help minimize feelings of nervousness and worry.  It is also great with easing feelings of sadness and discouragement. The specific findings of this study were published online in the journal Physiology & Behavior. [2]  This main constituent may minimize the perception of inflammation and discomfort. It is  excellent at giving you an immune boost and helping you avoid  seasonal threats. [3]

But this isn’t the only thing that makes Copaiba so amazing! Check out these other 5 amazing benefits of Copaiba:

copaiba oleoresin essential oil

1. Rejuvenate healthy skin with Copaiba 

Copaiba can be used in skin rejuvenation DIYs that works to tighten the skin and even skin tone, making it look younger and better than ever.

It even works to reduce the effect of wrinkling on one’s skin and provides skin enough strength to prevent tears and laugh lines from forming.

Combine 1 ounce carrier oil, 6 drops Copaiba , 8 drops Lavender, 4 drops Helichrysum Italicum

2. Copaiba can alleviate soreness

Copaiba is widely known for its ability to help alleviate sore muscles and joints. This is due in part to its large quantity of beta-caryophyllene as we discussed before earlier in this post.

To use Copaiba to alleviate soreness, add 2 drops of Frankincense Serrata and 2 drops of Copaiba in a tablespoon of your favorite carrier oil and massage onto areas of concern.

3. Use Copaiba to combat digestive issues

One of my favorite ways to use Copaiba is for digestive support. I don’t know about you, but when things go awry, you want it to just stop. This oil has you covered!

Dilute 2 drops of Copaiba oil with 2 drops of Fennel Sweet in 2 tablespoons of your favorite carrier oil and massage on the abdomen in a clock-wise motion.

4. Support upper respiratory with Copaiba 

Copaiba is a great addition to any respiratory support blends. When paired with other essential oils like Cypress and Eucalyptus Globulus, it can really help kick that congestion to the curb once and for all.

Diffuse equal amounts of Cypress, Eucalyptus Globulus, and Copaiba in your Aromafuse diffuser when the creepy cruds make their way into your chest.

5. Use Copaiba to kickstart your immune system 

It’s back to school time, and kids are bringing home some pretty nasty germs. As parents, we take a lot of punches from those germs, ESPECIALLY this time of year. Because of this, we need an extra boost for the immune system.

Dilute Lemon, Copaiba, and Frankincense Carteri to 2% in your favorite carrier oil and apply to the back of your neck and chest.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to enjoy the benefits of Copaiba oil!

Don’t have Copaiba in your set of oils? Add Copaiba to your cart and start reaping all the great benefits it has to offer!

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[2] Leaf Science, “β-Caryophyllene: A Terpene For Anxiety and Depression?,” [Online]. Available: http://www.leafscience.com/2014/07/08/b-caryophyllene-terpene-anxiety-depression/. [Accessed 6 January 2017].
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160 thoughts on “Top 5 Amazing (and Surprising) Benefits of Copaiba Oil”

  • Absolutely love Copaiba Essential Oil. I use it almost daily to help with a nerve issue I have in my neck. I keep it in a roller bottle and use it on my neck and behind my ear and it is one of the best ways I have to help keep the pain down. love love love this oil.

  • A friend of mine has a large tumor that is causing significant pain. I knew copaiba was good for pain, but didn’t realize the added benefit of being an immune booster—something she needs as well! (Don’t worry-EO s have been approved for her use). Thank you!

  • Yay Copaiba! I’ve rubbed Copaiba and frankincense on my calves with a carrier oil after 5ks so my legs won’t be sore!

  • I am just about to add Copaiba to my collection and I am so glad I stumbled across this blog post! So many helpful ways you can use Copaiba… I also just saw in a comment that it can help with Headaches too! And I thought it was just for ache muscles! 😀

  • I don’t understand the .1% that you refer to when diluting. Does that mean 1 drop with my usual face cream? I would only use it drop by drop.

  • I just got this oil in the mail today and didn’t realize it had so many uses! Thank you for the informative post!

  • I recently received my copaiba oleoresin in the mail, and I’m so excited to explore more of its uses! It is a very faint smell out of the bottle, but it is lovely! I bought it to mix with black pepper at 1% in aloe vera jelly for pain, and I love how quickly it works. I look forward to trying it for digestive upset and skin health. Thank you for this information!

  • I am so excited to try this oil after reading through the website and this article! I am planning to make one roller for face and one roller for arthritis pain. I see that for face .5 to 1% is safe. What about for topical use for arthritis pain for hand and joints? Thank you!

  • Copaiba is one of my most used oils. I love that the scent is very light and not overpowering. It is also a great choice for teething babies 🙂 so many wonderful uses.

  • I had gotten this oil from a different company just to try awhile back…so great to hear all the new ways to use it! I have used it very diluted on my little one for teething and it works great. I will be using it in my face scrub now! And maybe some other areas…stretch marks?

  • I love to blend (equal parts) with Frankincense Carteri for a pain blend. It works quickly and lasts, and I’ve really grown fond of the aroma!

  • How would you suggest using this oil for preventing laugh lines – are you talking about around mouth only and just dilute as appropriate for face? Any particular oils that would blend nicely with this oil for a face moisturiser? Thank you 🙂

    1. Yes Kate! I would recommend diluting between .5%-1% for the face. You could combine with Sandalwood Australian or Cedarwood oils to add to a face moisturizer 🙂

  • Love this oil. I have used for tummy issues and it worked great. I also used in a lotion for my hands as they hurt at times and this worked wonders. This is a great addition to anyones EO collection.

  • Wow…I had no idea it was so versatile. Only used for pain. Now I’m gonna have to try it for these other things.

  • I didn’t realize Copaiba had so many wonderful uses! I will definitely be adding this to my collection.

  • I’m confused as I just purchased PT organic copaiba. It’s labled as essential oil with no mention of oleoresin. Is it a true EO or oleoresin? Appreciate knowing if there a two types of Copsiba. Thanks!

    1. Barbara, that is an excellent question! The Copaiba is not technically the essential oil ans it is extracted from the balsam of the tree, making it a resin (oleoresin) It is the only way our Copaiba oil is extracted 🙂

  • Thanks for the information you guys. I actually just ordered it when the 6 set was on special and I’ve been wondering why I felt the need to buy it. NOW I see why! It looks like I’ll be adding this more into my daily routine!!

  • I am newer to plant therapy and I just wanted to say I love your blogs, ideas, and most importantly your oils. I am having so much fun growing my collection and sharing you guys with friends!
    Thank you for creating such a great online community!

    1. That’s wonderful! We are so happy to hear that you are loving our posts and oils! We’re so happy to have you a part of the Plant Therapy Family <3

  • What a wonderful find! This needs to be in everyone’s first aid kit. Are there any issues with sensitive skin?

    1. Mary Jane, everyone can react differently with oils. If you have sensitive skin I would suggest starting with a dilution of less than 2%. You can always increase from there if you do not have any skin reactions

  • So many awesome ways to use this oil! I had no idea it was so diverse. When I bought it originally it was for pain relief for my father in law. I’m going to try the immune support blend.

  • Has it always been an oleoresin? My old bottle is Copaiba balsam (Copaiba officinalis). Is this different or the same?

    1. It has always been an oleoresin, and is the same botanical name as your old bottle. Sorry for any confusion there 🙂

  • I’ve had this oil in my cart for quite some time. I was recommended it for my teething babies- finally purchased during the spotlight oil of the week and I am so excited to try it!

    1. Olivia, please be sure to dilute the oils to the recommended dilution rate for the age group of your baby

  • I put copaiba on anything I think is going to bruise and it totally prevents bruising. It’s amazing!

  • Wow, I didn’t know it had so many uses! I bought it to have on-hand for muscle soreness. The skin benefits intrigue me. I have some melasma on my face and I wonder if it will help to fade the dark spots. Might have to give that a try!

  • Wow! I didn’t know Copaiba could be used for tummy issues. So many amazing uses. I’ve been wondering how to use mine other than for pain. Thanks for this!

  • I originally got it for pain/inflammation, but I learned it is a good oil for skin, immunity & stress. I use it daily for alot of different things now! One of my go to oils during the day!

  • I am very new to essential oils and just saw something on Pinterest about this oil being used for migraine relief. I can’t wait to give this oil a try. I’d like to get off my prescription meds if at all possible. Does anyone have a suggestion on mixing this for application?

  • I have used copaiba for pain relief but hadn’t known of it’s skin benefits. Thank you for this article.

  • Every time I think my oil collection is complete, I discover a new oil I MUST add to my arsenal. My wishlist is getting longer… I have my go-to oils for skin care, but it sounds like this is another great one. I would like to try it for pain as well. Any good recipes or blends anyone has found that have been successful for that, using copaiba? Is it better in a carrier oil base or lotion?

  • I use this oil in my pain blends. I am so in love with this oil. I love the smell! It is very effective for pain now I am going to try some of these suggestions.

  • Copaiba was one of the first oils I purchased when I discovered Plant Therapy. Now I know that was a great choice! I love it also for taming overpowering oils in the diffuser. Robert Tisserand’s article about how good it is for your skin convinced me that Copaiba is a must have. Love it in pain blends. Thanks for such an informative blog post!

  • Copaiba is in my top 5 oils, I will never be without it! I have to stop myself putting it in nearly all my master blends as it would be a sad day if I ever became sensitized to it. Plus, I love adding it to my solid perfumes if one scent seems overpowering, well that and another top 5 – Peru Balsam. I think I have a thing for resins 🙂
    As I began switching my EOs to PT brand, copaiba was my make or break oil. If it didn’t work for me, game over. As you see I am happily still here, PT is amazing as we all know – and they have won a special place in my heart for highlighting my favorite oil 🙂

  • So many good ideas! I have been using copaiba for a sore throat: one drop in a tablespoon of honey every few hours until the issue subsides. Can’t wait to incorporate for skincare and soreness!

  • I just purchased this oil for the purpose of pain relief. Awesome to know that it is also good for so many other things! Thank you so much! Great to learn something! I will be using this for my face!

  • Read this today and went and made a little batch to try for my pain and headache and I have to say I got fast relief for both. I look forward to trying it in other ways mentioned as well.

  • Purchased Copaiba awhile ago but hadn’t used it. Wonderful to hear how many uses it has which gives me confidence to use it!

  • I have blended Copaiba with PT’s Turmeric oil for pain and inflammation on my hand as I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and it helped a lot. Very little helps with pain from CRPS but this does.

  • Loving this oils so far. I’ve been diffusing it with the germ fighter and I’m hoping to get my husband to let me try it for his digestive issues

  • I’ve heard that when added to other oils that it also enhances the strength of the properties of those oils. Is this true?

    1. If you are asking about Plant Therapy’s Lemon Cupcake blend, it is the birthday perk reward you can get for free with a $5 minimum purchase and a special coupon code that is emailed to you around the time of your birthday if you are signed up to for the Plant Therapy Rewards programs with your birthday information too. Here is a link to the Lemon Cupcake product page: https://www.planttherapy.com/lemon-cupcake-birthday-set

  • I’ve been wanting to try Copaiba but didn’t know what to use it for. These suggestions all look great! Thanks for the awesome information!

  • Thank you for this post and all posts educating us on the different oils. I’m a newbie to the world of EO and love to be able to go to PT blogs to educate myself.

  • I have been using Copaiba for relief from aches and pains associated with Lupus with great results. This article has me excited to try it for respiratory and immunity benefits. I didn’t realize it was such a versatile oil.

  • I recently got Copaiba and added it to Juniper Berry to make a pain relief blend. For my sore back from sitting down too long in an awkward position. It’s pretty wonderful!

  • I also didn’t know that Copaiba is good for so many things. I purchased it for using on my teething babies, but am excited to try it out for other purposes as well as headaches.

  • I can personally vouch for the use of it with helping when you are congested. We have been diffusing a blend of spearment copiaba and lemon in our house because of the whole family having a tough time with bronchitis. Love it.

  • Wow, so many uses for Copaiba. I will definitely be adding this one to my collection, especially for skin care and also pain relief:)

  • I love Copaiba for soreness, I didn’t know that it was good for all the others! I will definitely be using this oil more.

  • I bought copaiba for a diffuser blend but had no idea how versatile it was! I’ve used it for my husband for muscle soreness, we both love the scent.

  • I love love love that this is such a multipurpose oil!! I’ve been using it in a facial serum with rose absolute and argan oil, as well as in my tired feet balm, and I’m obsessed with this swiss army knife of an oil.

  • Bought this for a birthday cupcake blend. So glad to hear of all it’s many other uses; besides smelling amazing that is…

  • i never thought that copaiba can also be used for healthy skin. i want to try it in my DIY body wash. do you know other oils that i can mix with copaiba to add in my castile soap?

  • I’m glad you mentioned that it can be used in a respiratory blend! Any ideas on what to substitute for eucalyptus (along with cypress and copaiba) for my younger kids to get the “crud” out of their chests?

  • This is good to know!! I tend to stay away from some of the less common/well known oils because I am intimidated by them and don’t know how they will smell or what they are good for. Can’t wait to try this in some skin care products.

  • I had also heard about this oil for pain but not for immunity. Will try it this winter. I always like getting new info and the recipes are a plus. Thanks PT!

  • Sounds like 5 good reasons I need to try copaiba! I’ll have to add it to my wishlist. That list keeps getting longer & I can’t keep up with it.

  • I think this along with Black Pepper is what sold my husband on essential oils. He’s a runner, so often has soreness and cramping in his legs. I made him a massage blend that included both of these oils (along with Marjoram and Lemongrass) and within a few minutes of massage his legs felt much better. Now he asks for it anytime he has muscle soreness.

  • Holy Smolely !!! I did not realize the Copiaba was great for age spots !!!! Score 🙂 Been using for pain blends , so nice to discover other uses . Good to know !!!

  • I really like Copaiba. It was one of the first 20 oils I acquired and it’s been useful in so many blends. Its such a nice, gentle oil.

  • Copaiba is one of my favorites! I had no idea that it was good for skincare though, awesome to learn something new everyday! I shall incorporate it into my skincare regime. 🙂

  • I love Copaiba but haven’t had time to research on other uses apart from pain relief. Would never have tried diffusing it for sure. Thanks so much for this post. Little snippets of information like these are really helpful.

  • Great post! I’ve used copaiba for pain and stomach issues, but didn’t think to use this to help support the immune system. Going to give the immunity blend a try. 🙂

  • copaiba is one of the oils I use the most. It really helps with my headaches and muscle pain. I didn’t know it helped with respiratory!

    1. Hi Lisa! I didn’t know Copaiba was good for headaches, too. How do you use it for that purpose? Is it a stand alone oil for you, or do you blend it with other oils?
      I have tried several different oils for headaches, but I haven”t quite hit on the best one for me yet.

      1. Christine Lamb, my migraine blend is pretty strong, but it works for me very fast. 10 Frank, 10 Lavender, 10 Peppermint & 3 Copaiba in a 10ml roller filled with FCO. My migraines start at the base of my neck, so that’s where i apply and massage in, the moment I feel one coming on.

  • I’ve heard great things about copaiba for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Are there any oils better for mixing the copaiba with than others?

    1. Clockwise is the same no matter how you’re looking at it. 🙂 If you look down at your tummy, think of it as looking at a clock with noon being at your belly button.

      1. Yes, clockwise is clockwise 🙂 but I get where Sherry is coming from. It’s not the mirror image, Sherry. Think of your body as the clock, with your left arm the 3 and your right the 9.

  • I heard about this oil before, but didn’t know it was good for so many things! I may just get a bottle to add to my skin serum I currently use with frankincense and hazelnut oil

  • Wow! I have only used for pain relief, I didn’t know about all the other benefits! Can’t wait to try it out in various ways!

  • I love copaiba!! It has so many wonderful benefits. I currently am using it diluted with Near Perfection carrier oil to help with age spots. It has actually lightened them!!

    1. Lisa…what dilution rate for age spots? My mom is 82 and has begun to get them really bad on her face and nothing seems to work…I want her to try it. Ordering the Near Perfection tomorrow

  • I love copaiba, it’s definitely a must have in my diy roller blends for all my pain relief blends. Works great with sweet marjoram and frankincense carteri!

  • I have this one, but I had no idea it had so many health benefits! I only got it because I thought it enhanced the benefits of other oils, and I needed it for a blend I want to make. I am so excited to try some of these ideas. I do struggle with a few of these, and anything natural I can do to help my body is great!! Thank you!!

  • I just purchased this oil and I’m loving it for pain relief! I currently have it diluted in a rollerball, it’s working wonders for my lower back pain!

  • Copaiba is quickly becoming one of my favorite and most used oils!! Love it in pain blends. And I was excited to see the other uses of it that I didn’t know about! Use it in hemp seed carrier oil and it’s a great pain blend!

  • So many useful ideas. I originally bought it for a pain blend for my hubby but now that I know it’s good for respiratory issues also it’s a double win as we have lots of that in our house during cold and flu season

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