DIY Essential Oils Natural Perfume

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DIY Essential Oils Natural Perfume


Essential Oils are used for practical, therapeutic purposes all the time, but from time to time it is nice to be able to use them to make us feel good and smell good too!

We’ve got three simple, easy perfume DIY’s for you that are perfect for gifting (Christmas gifts, anyone?) or whipping up your own batch of personalized scent. 


Vanilla Orange Blossoms

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Blend with 10 ml (1/3 oz) of witch hazel or alcohol such as vodka or rum.


Woodland Blooms

What you’ll need;

What you’ll do:

Blend with 10 mL (1/3 oz) of witch hazel or alcohol such as vodka or rum.


Peaceful Fields 

What you’ll need: 

What you’ll do:

Blend with 10 mL (1/3 oz) of witch hazel or alcohol such as vodka or rum.

97 thoughts on “DIY Essential Oils Natural Perfume”

  1. I am very excited to try making perfume. I have a step sensitivity to fragrances so our household has been basically unscented for years. I’m loving getting into diffusing and really can’t wait to try some perfume for myself. 🙂

  2. I didn’t know what Polysorbate 20 is, so I did a search and saw an article on how Polysorbate 20 is on an ingredient watch list? Says it could be contaminated with carcinogenic 1/4 Dioxane? True or false? Thanks.

  3. I never realized how easy it is to make EO perfumes. I used this recipe and made my favorite (Ylang Ylang) at the proper dilution. I also added the proper Poly Sorbate. This will go great with my Body Wash and Body Butter. Thank you for posing such an easy recipe. I just love it!!

  4. I have been searching for a way to make spray cologne without alcohol for my husband and this has been soooo helpful!!! Thank you PT!!!

  5. I would like to try the peaceful fields but do not have Neroli Citrus x aurantium in hand. Do have some other citrus oil.
    Would you recommend a few good substitutes if there is any?

    1. Neroli is such a unique essential oil that it’s pretty challenging to find an appropriate substitute. Palmarosa or Lavender Fine have a similar floral-fresh aroma that you may want to try if you don’t have Neroli, but overall it will still be a very different scent than the recipe 🙂 But probably still a really wonderful one!

  6. Can I just mix the oils in to a carrier oil like FCO and apply with a roller ball? It does the emulsifier help the scent to stay on the skin longer? Sorry I’m a bit cluless.

    1. You could mix with a carrier oil of your choice instead. The emulsifier helps blend the oils with the liquid in the original recipes.

    1. Kathi, at this time we do not have any information about carrying that product. I would be happy to pass it along as a suggestion for you though 🙂

    2. Wholesale Supplies Plus has a great selection of preservatives, labels etc. I seldom use chemicals in my mixtures, but once in a while they are helpful, for items like room sprays.

  7. Peaceful Fields is ahhh-mazing!! I used a carrier oil, 10 ml bottle, to avoid the alcohol and polysorbate, still fantastic, my new favorite! Thank you for the suggestions, I’ve been wanting to make some personal scents but thought ‘what if it doesn’t turn out well?’ Would hate to waste the oils! Thanks again!

  8. Thank you for these lovely perfume recipes !!! I love Plant Therapy’s blog. I have spent hours looking through all of your useful information.

  9. The scent is a little faint to me. Should I add more drops or will the scents intensify over time?

    Also, is vegetable glycerin a suitable alternative to polysorbate or alcohol as an emulsifier?

    And a final question: can hydrosols be used as a base in place of witch hazel / alcohol?

  10. Hi! I thought witch hazel would be considered mostly “water” and would need a preservative? The alcohol level in it wouldn’t be enough to preserve it. I know it was the first question asked but it was from 2017. Could you please clarify this?

  11. I learn so much from this blog, and even more from the comments! Thank you PT for being so responsive to your customers by answering questions!

  12. I need to try these, ever since I started using oils, I cannot stand most perfumes and body sprays, even my favorite go to body spray now smells like chemicals to me. Thanks for the ideas, I am definitely going to try them! I love these blogs! Thanks Plant Therapy

    1. You’re so welcome, Danielle! We are so glad you’re liking our blogs and getting some good ideas from them 🙂

  13. I infused vanilla oleoresin in jojoba oil and used that and put rose absolute in my perfume bottle from last year’s July sales. I love the way it smells.

  14. Hey. What can I use instead of the poly? If there is nothing less chemical I can use, how long will last without anything?

    1. Here is a great cologne recipe for men:

      3 drops Cedarwood Himalayan or Atlas
      2 drops Frankincense Frereana
      1 drop Sandalwood Australian or Indian
      6 drops Polysorbate 20

      Blend with 10 ml (1/3 oz) of witch hazel or alcohol such as vodka or rum.

      I hope this helps!

      1. Any suggestions on sandalwood substitutions? I have Cedarwood and Frankincense, but would love to see if something else I already have would work well with these two.

    1. From our understanding Polysorbate 20 is best for use with this recipe. Polysorbate 80 is often the best choice when trying to emulsify heavier, fatty oils, like carrier oils. I hope this helps!

    1. Mani, these are not products we will be offering on our website. Plant Therapy’s focus is on providing 100% pure, high-quality essential oils and educating on safe usage. These products can be found on Amazon.

    1. Putra, if you do not use an emulsifier the essential oils will not disburse properly into the liquid and could cause skin irritation.

  15. Thank you so much for posting these recipes! I’ve read some not good things about Polysorbate 20 – is there an alternative emulsifier you would recommend?

      1. I haven’t seen any difference in different brands. I usually purchase from companies that have good customer service ratings.

    1. Hi Melissa. You can use almost any essential oil if there are certain oils or blends that you really like.

    1. Lisa, thank you for your question. It is not necessary to use a preservative but it is important to use an emulsifier. We have added the Polysorbate 20 to these recipes.

          1. It is a high proof grain alcohol that is used to disperse essential oils in many DIY perfume recipes, and it does not require a preservative.

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