Plant Therapy Essentials: Rapid Muscle Relief

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Plant Therapy Essentials: Rapid Muscle Relief

We all experience discomfort at one time or another. Pain in our muscles or joints can make everyday tasks suddenly very unpleasant. Whether it’s an achy, overworked muscle, or joints feeling sore from inflammation, you are going to love this quick and easy DIY that will help you manage your perception of pain.

Adding our Rapid Relief in this salve guarantees you will be using an expertly blended mix of essential oils that will help warm the area of concern and increase circulation, giving you a sense of relief and ease.

Rapid Muscle & Joint Relief Salve

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

To melt the beeswax, place a canning ring in a shallow pan of water. Place beeswax in a glass bowl on the canning ring and bring water to a boil. Once the beeswax is melted, add coconut oil. Turn off heat and add Rapid Relief. Remove from heat and pour into a 2 oz tin or jar. Salve will solidify as it cools.

Plant Therapy Rapid Muscle and Joint Relief Salve

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79 thoughts on “Plant Therapy Essentials: Rapid Muscle Relief”

  • How does this compare with the muscle aloe jelly? I get good results from the aloe, but if this is more concentrated pain relief I’d love to try it. All opinions welcome!

    1. Hi Jenni, what works for some may not work for everyone. So you could give it a try and see if it makes a difference we do have a great return policy if you don’t like the rapid relief blend. We hope this helps!

  • I tried this recipe as stated, and it made such a small amount. I tried it again, multiplying the ingredients. It didn’t blend as well, so in the future I think I will make it in small batches and just pour in the tin as I make it. I think it works, so I have made it for a couple of other people so will update re their response.

  • Thank you for posting this recipe online. I did this exact recipe for my mother and I and it has helped us tremendously with our joint pain and sore muscles after standing on our feet all day. Please share more recipes in the future (hehe). Thanks Plant Therapy!

  • Is Rapid Relief comparable to Young Living’s Deep Relief roll on? Love that roll on but wanting to find a Plant Therapy alternative

    1. Abby, I have not used Deep Relief, but I did look it up and see that it has some similar essential oils, but many different ones, compared to our Rapid Relief. You may need to experience Rapid Relief for yourself and see if it helps you in a similar manner. And if it doesn’t, just take advantage of our awesome return policy! There’s really no risk to giving it a try 🙂

  • This is great, but could you clarify the difference between Rapid Relief and Muscle Aid? We suffer from sore muscles and lower back pain. Would like Try one, but not sure which to try first. TIA.

    1. Melissa, for lower back pain I would recommend trying Rapid Relief first. Muscle Aid is great for sore muscles, but it sounds like you are wanting something that can help reduce the perception of pain — and for that, Rapid Relief is great. Plus, don’t forget we have an awesome return policy, so if you’re finding Rapid Relief isn’t the one for you, there is very little risk in giving it a try 🙂

  • I noticed that some people added additional EOs (Copaiba or Muscle Aid) with the Rapid Relief, how do you know how much of an additional EO you can add to this recipe? If you choose to use Shea butter is it an equal exchange for the beeswax?

  • Can I use other carrier oil instead of FCO? I was considering buying Rapid Relief now with my next purchase, but will this help with nerve pain as well? Does it work more as muscle relaxant or analgesic?

    1. Ana, you can use the carrier oil of your choice. Rapid Relief is excellent to support discomfort by helping relieve the perception of pain. You can research each oil included in this blend to learn more about their properties: Peppermint, Clove Bud, Laurel Leaf, Black Pepper, Cinnamon Cassia, Ginger Root CO2, Chamomile German, Juniper Berry, and Thyme 🙂

  • I never thought of making a salve! I love Rapid Relief and I do use it quite often. I use the fractionated coconut oil all the time with several different oils.

  • As someone who has had chronic joint pain for years, I am excited to try this out. My hubby has also been experiencing longer recovery times from gym workouts, and I am hopeful that this will help him recover more quickly.

  • This was one of my first Plant Therapy DIY projects and I LOVE it. I use it several times a week and have shared with family members who swear it is better than IcyHot.

  • This oil is wonderful. I mixed my 30 drops with 2oz unscented lotion. I have muscles repairing from back surgery & when they act up, I rub this lotion on and pain is gone. I will keep this oil on hand!

  • I make a salve using Rapid Relief, Arnica oil, PT Copaiba Balsam EO, and PT organic beeswax pearls. It works fabulously for me and for friends with whom I have shared it. Thanks to Plant Therapy for providing a natural alternative to help with pain management.

  • I made this over the weekend and gave some to a friend who has been in some pain since a bad car accident. Yesterday she told me she didn’t take any ibuprofen all day because Rapid Relief was working for her!

  • I usually just mix with a carrier oil to run on sore muscles, but this balm sounds easier and less messy. I am going to purchase some beeswax now!

  • I’m looking forward to trying this when I receive my first oil stash. I want to make this for my low back pain and also for my mom’s arthritic knees. Could you use hemp oil instead of coconut?

  • Thank you so much for offering so many great salve recipes! They are perfect for traveling as they don’t qualify under the TSA liquid rule. I have a pain salve I use, but I am going to order some rapid relief as a change up and to make some tins for holiday stocking stuffers.

  • Oh…,I think I will veganize this and try it with candalilla wax instead of the beeswax. Aches and pains ..,be gone! I hope lol.

  • Thank you so much for this recipe! I’ve had chronic joint pain for quite some time now and was looking for a natural way to help this problem. Also, I need to increase circulation to my feet, so I’ll give it a whirl for that too. I can’t wait to try it!

  • hmm, could i make with the sore no more kidsafe? I have that for my daughter and gymnastics and wonder if that would be effective as well

  • If my balm came out a little hard, does that mean too much beeswax? Hard to measure 1/4 oz of beeswax without an electronic scale – my containers were only 1 oz container so I tried halving the recipe.

  • I can’t wait to make this! It will be a nice addition to my pain relief stash. I already have the beeswax and coconut oil. Rapid relief is on the list to buy. In the mean time I think I do have some pain relieving singles maybe I’ll make my own mix 😀

  • Is there a specific reason for a glass bowl or would a stainless steel bowl work as well as as a glass bowl to melt the beeswax pearls ?

    1. They probably recommended that bowl since most of us already have that size in our kitchens. I have used all kinds of bowls/cans. My recommendation: choose a container that is either very easy to clean or is disposable, and transfers heat well. I like their recommendation!

  • I love love love rapid relief! Not only for how well it works but the smell of it too! I will be making this ASAP. Thanks for posting this!

  • Could have used this a couple weeks ago for my husband! haha. I used the muscle blend with coconut oil and it worked well though.

  • Because of my overuse of my muscles at work, I think this will be just up my alley to rub on when I get home. Since it’s so easy to mix up, I’m going to mix it up in just a few minutes.

  • This recipe seems so easy to make, normally my recipes I have to stand for hours to melt the beeswax on low heat, will definetly try this!

  • Love Rapid Relief synergy and will definitely try it in this recipe. My boys are athletes and appreciate any relief they can get for their aching muscles.

  • Oooh, I love rapid relief for pain and this would be so convenient to carry with me! I wonder how this would work with other carrier oils? Thanks for these great videos and graphics!

  • I’ve made this in the past! And it is wonderful. Testimonial: I was with a friend of mine (who would make fun of me due to my oil usage..:) had pain in her foot, lucky for her I had my stash with me and rubbed her foot with this salve! Guess what her pain was gone! (much to her dismay..LOL)

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