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Chakra 5: True Expression for the Throat Chakra

Continuing with our journey through the seven chakras, today we reach the 5th chakra – the throat chakra. If you haven’t been keeping up with our blogs this week, make sure to read through our first four chakra posts. You’ll learn all about them and how aromatherapy contributes to our wellness in these specific areas!


The throat chakra’s location rests at the center of the neck, just above the “v” of the collar bone and below the larynx. It encompasses the anatomical areas of the thyroid, jaw, neck, mouth, and tongue – making it the chakra that aligns with the communication and expression of yourself with integrity and harmony [1]. Our True Expression blend is designed to support this chakra with its cooling, fruity, and refreshing aroma, made with the essential oils of Ho Wood, Lavender Fine, Spearmint, and Blue Tansy.

In case you need any more reason to try out the set, check out our post on all the things you can do with Jojoba oil, and why you need it!

Your Throat Chakra

The throat chakra represents your ability to produce clear and flowing communication with ourselves and others. The energy that flows freely through this narrow passage in our chakra system supports the mind and body link vital to understanding our own needs. This chakra represents the crossroads between the emotions in our hearts and the thoughts in our heads so that we may speak our minds in ways that are compassionate and proactive [1, 2].


What happens when your throat chakra is out of balance?

We’ve all come across people who use their voice in toxic ways. Lieing, gossiping, manipulating, and being verbally abusive are signs of a blocked throat chakra [3]. Additionally, those who are too fearful to speak and lack the confidence to express themselves truthfully may also have an unhealthy 5th chakra. When blocked by fear, the throat chakra can easily become congested with our repressed ability to express our true essence. Physically, symptoms may include hearing problems, neck pain, dental issues, a chronic sore throat, and teeth grinding [1, 4].


Balancing your throat chakra:

There is a delicate balance when authentically expressing yourself. Being truthful – in a way that is kind and compassionate – does not always come easily to everyone. This may be because it is so much easier to say what you think someone wants to hear rather than speak truthfully. Maybe it’s because you imagine ridicule and judgement for speaking genuinely. Either way, unblocking your throat chakra means finding the confidence within yourself to verbalize your own personal truths, opinions, needs, and wants [5, 6].

Use your voice in any way to get that positive energy flowing through your throat chakra. Sing, read out loud, speak up when in public, and laugh – laugh as much as you can! Maybe you need to practice using your voice, and that’s okay. Write down what you want to learn to express to others and practice saying it out loud. Communication isn’t just about using your voice, though; communication is also about listening [3, 7]. When others are speaking, practice active listening – don’t passively “hear” the words, but really listen, understand, and respond purposefully.


True Expression is soothing, cooling, and calming to the spirit, while nurturing a sense of self-esteem, confidence, and strength. This unique blend helps to release energetic congestion to create a sense of opening and expansion.

To use this blend, you can add to a personal inhaler or diffuser. Putting a drop or two on a tissue and wafting it away from your nose is another fantastic way to enjoy the benefits of this blend. To apply this amazing aroma topically, dilute True Expression to 1% in your favorite carrier oil. You can anoint the area of your throat chakra by massaging this intentionally in a clockwise direction.  

Try this DIY Pendant using True Expression to help connect to your inner essence, as well as higher consciousness, to know and outwardly express your authentic self through truth.


True Expression Essential Oils Aromatherapy Pendant DIY

What you’ll need:

  • Premade Clay Pendant


What you’ll do:

Add a drop or two of True Expression to the premade clay pendant, while holding the pendant away from your body. If making the pendant, follow the baking/drying instructions on your clay (don’t forget to add the hole for the cord or string). This necklace should sit in the area of the fifth chakra, which is the point just above the V of the collarbone and under the larynx.


Want to learn more?

Our amazing Certified Aromatherapists have written two exceptional blogs that dive deeper into the subjects of chakras and subtle aromatherapy:


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12 thoughts on “Chakra 5: True Expression for the Throat Chakra”

  • I have never considered Chakra oils before, until I read this. I am a trainer and public speaker,, and very recently I was feeling stressed about work that my throat was tight and strained for a week… I This blog article got me thinking about being kinder to my throat, and take care of my assets more seriously. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • This is such a great project. I have made similar pendants in the past…word of advice – avoid the terra cotta colored air dry clay. Over time, the color tends to bleed and leave a mark on my clothes. Stick to the white!

  • I love this idea. At first, my favorite was Loving Compassion but True Expression has really become one of my go to oils for days when I feel I want to have genuie, productive communication. I love the idea of adding it to a pendant.

  • I don’t usually have a problem expressing myself. My problem is the way i express myself. Will this blend help me express myself in a more positive way? A kinder, friendlier way?

  • I love the clay pendant aromatherapy necklace idea. It is especially timely since I’ve just been reading that the synthetic felt pads in my current aromatherapy necklace may not be the best to be inhaling scent from. Clay sounds like a wonderful, more natural alternative. On top of that, true expression is a wonderful oil for me right now as I’m trying to finish a dissertation and definitely need to express myself clearly!

  • I have been enjoying the chakra series. I have been curious about them for some time. There has been a lot of information relating to myself and places I could use some self care. Adding the chakra set to my wish list.

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