Essential Oils and Worry

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Essential Oils and Worry

woman at a computer looking stressed

We all get worried sometimes. Especially during this time of the year; holidays are fast approaching, rainy days are covering up the sunshine, and bank accounts may still be recovering after too much summer fun…

Thankfully, essential oils are concentrated and potent compounds with the ability to help your racing mind calm down and keep your worry a bit more manageable. However, please keep in mind that scent is incredibly individual. We can make general statements about certain oils, but we cannot predict how each individual will react to them. It just gives us a really good starting point. With that in mind, here are some of our favorite essential oils for worry:

lavender flowers


Undoubtedly one of the most popular essential oils used around the world, Lavender is known to have numerous benefits for the mind and body [1]. It is often used for aromatherapy purposes that focus on reducing feelings of stress, increasing relaxation, and helping promote a restful night’s sleep. It’s also great to help relieve uncomfortable head and neck tension that can be a consequence of a mind filled with worry [2]. Overall, when worry is getting you down, Lavender is a wonderful choice to support your emotional well-being.

It is known to have an immediate calming effect when inhaled or applied topically [1]; dilute to 2-5% with your favorite carrier oil and massage onto your feet, temples, wrists, or hands to help settle a worried mind that is causing you distress. Use Lavender together with deep, resinous scents, like Frankincense, to create calm and peace or with lighter citrus notes to provide a lift in mood.


sandalwood essential oil tabletop

Sandalwood Australian

Sandalwood’s sweet, dry, woody aroma has been cherished for centuries for its ability to help with mood enhancement [3]. When worried thoughts are clogging up your mind, Sandalwood can support your sense of feeling grounded and alert [4]. Help pull your thoughts away from worry with this essential oil known to help with focus, mental clarity, and maintaining emotional stability.  

Use Sandalwood Essential Oil anytime during the day by rubbing the oil, diluted to 1-2%,  into your palms or putting a few drops onto a cloth or handkerchief and inhaling the aroma. Or, add a few drops to your aromatherapy locket for an instant pick-me-up.

chamomile essential oil flat lay

Chamomile Roman

Chamomile Roman has long been a favorite essential oil when it comes to calming the nervous system. The light, fresh scent is soothing and can improve both moods and sleep quality. When excessive worry leads to irritability, anxious feelings, or an overthinking mind, reach for Chamomile Roman for relief [5]

When worry has you feeling stressed out, diffuse or directly inhale Chamomile Roman to enjoy its calming effects. You can also add 3 drops of Chamomile Roman to a tablespoon of bubble bath and mix in 1/2 cup of Epsom salt. Then, gently swirl in the water for a warm, relaxing bath.

plant therapy copaiba essential oil

Copaiba Oleoresin

The delicate, sweet, and smooth aroma of Copaiba Oleoresin is a great way to lighten a tense mood. It is most notable for its very high amount of beta-caryophyllene. This unique chemical constituent may target parts of the brain that help minimize feelings of nervousness and worry.  It is also great with easing feelings of sadness and discouragement [6].

Add 3 drops of Copaiba Oleoresin, 2 drops of Frankincense Carteri, and 4 drops of Orange Sweet to your diffuser to help reduce your worry and gain a more grounded mindset.

mint leaves


Melissa is known to create feelings of peace and hope — the perfect antidote to worry! Its beautiful grassy, lemon scent promotes emotional balance and creates a sense of calm [7]. When worry causes tension in the head and neck, Melissa can help relieve those uncomfortable feelings as well.

Add a few drops of Melissa Essential Oil to your diffuser, personal inhaler, or diffuser necklace to create a peaceful atmosphere that can help reduce worry or calm the mind during times of emotional gloom.

Plant Therapy also carries essential oil blends that can help keep you calm and in control, so those feelings of worry don’t take over.

Plant Therapy Worry Free Blend

Worry Free Blend

Ease chaotic, worry-filled moments away with our Worry Free Blend (also available as a pre-diluted roll-on!). The gorgeous aroma created from this blend of Lavender, Marjoram Sweet, Ylang Ylang Complete, Sandalwood Australian, Peru Balsam, and Chamomile Roman will have you in a relaxed state of mind so that you can better cope with life’s challenges.


Plant Therapy Tranquil Blend

Tranquil Blend

The beautiful essential oils of Bergamot, Patchouli, Orange Blood, Ylang Ylang Complete, Grapefruit Pink come together to help reduce worry and its effects. Tranquil (also available as a pre-diluted roll-on!) is fantastic for helping you achieve mental relaxation and feel more at ease.

Comfort and Ease Diffuser Blend

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

To use, add essential oils to your aromatherapy diffuser and enjoy the wonderfully comfortable and worry-free atmosphere it promotes!

Plant Therapy Comfort and Ease DIY


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68 thoughts on “Essential Oils and Worry”

  • Peppermint Essential Oil is a popular addition to many home remedies. Peppermint oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils, with its calming effects, it can be used in a wide range of areas. Peppermint has been used as an antispasmodic and antiseptic for generations.

  • I love using oils for worry especially when helping my family to ease their worries. Frank works real fast for my daughters anxiety. But patchouli is a good option as well and bergamot helps uplift moods and smells wonderful. So thankful for my oils.

  • I have been meaning to try copaiba. It seems to help with calming the mind. This is a nice article. Also the blend of frankincense, Melissa and lavender seems fabulous. Would love to have those oils going all day long.

  • Hello! I love Worry Free and want to buy it for a friend as she transitions to a new job. Spreading the PT love! Is Worry Free Pup & Pony safe (specifically Pup)?

    1. Worry Free is indeed Pup & Pony approved and we hope your friend likes it! You can also find a list of Pup & Pony approved oils here.

  • This was a very useful blog post! Thank you! Chamomile has been on my “need to buy” list for quite a while. I do own copaiba and have been using it for other things, but didn’t realize that it would help with worry. Also, I bought Tranquil in my last order, and I LOVE to sleep with the in the diffuser!

  • I just placed my first order and chose many oils for relaxation and calming! I suffer from anxiety and can’t wait to see how oils can help make me a happier and more relaxed person!

  • Tranquil blend is one of my favorite blends to diffuse at night. Not only is it relaxing, but it smells heavenly.

  • Would Chamomile Roman, Melissa, and Bergamot be a nice blend to diffuse at night to get my family ready for sleep?

  • Love this blog! So helpful! I worry way too much and I like to use Worry Free and Relax. I want to try some of the others too!

  • Great ideas for someone who is just starting to dabble in the wonders of essential oils. Can’t wait to try these blends out.

  • Love this blog post. Lavender frankincense c and Melissa happens to be my favorite blend. Melissa is such a wonderful oil. I like chamomile too but find I have better results with Melissa when it comes to easing worry. Copaiba is another one that I use.

  • Looks like I will need to get some of these wonderful oils!! Worry is my middle name 🙁 Can’t stomach ylang ylang smell but interested in learning more about Roman chamomile, Melissa, and Australian sandalwood. Currently loving the effect of bergamot, copaiba, and Peru balsam together.

  • i bring a worry free roller always. it helps!
    btw i dunno why i didnt get pts from blog comment, but system showed that i already done this mth.

  • Can I use just the frankincense and lavender as I do not have Melissa? How many drops of each if I prefer a personal inhaler?

  • Thank you, Plant Therapy for this great information. Sinse my husband passed on October 1, 2018 I have really been stressed and a nervous reck. I have been using Let it Go, Worry Free, Lavender, Relax, and Tranuil at different times to calm my nerves and calm my mind.

    1. You’re welcome Verna! We are very sorry to hear of your loss and hope that oils are helping you out <3

  • There are just SO many oils and SO much info about each of them. I appreciate these blogs that continue to give lots of info…I figured the more I keep reading eventually I’ll learn it and it will stick!

  • Does anyone else find that the scent of Copaiba is very light? I find I often can barely smell it, so wondered if that was just my nose, or if that’s a common thing? It really seems like a wonder oil, in any case!

  • Any recommendations for a KidSafe worry blend? We use A+ attention for mental ease during times of cognitive growth, but I’ve found it doesn’t always combat anxiety and new emotions that growing little ones face.

  • Love this blog, I have used so much of this information for making blends for worry and calming. My high school age grandkids use them at school and we all carry them wherever we go.

  • I love this post. Especially since many things are changing for a lot of people right now, essential oils can be a big help.

  • As someone who worries way more than I should, this blog is a great tool. I’m interested in learning about and trying more of these oils ♡

  • Hi! Im new to essential oils. What would be good to “sniff” from an inhaler? I have been told some oils are “hot” oils and are to strong to be used for that.


  • I use Lavender regularly but I don’t use my Roman Chamomile very often so I am happy to find another use for it!

    1. Joelle, that should be fine! I would just be cautious if holding a baby near the applied area for periods of time.

  • Thanks for such great information. I cannot wait to get the missing oils and give this a try. Looking to make worry a thing of the past.

  • Thank you for sharing this info. I worry frequently, so I’ve made note of these oils listed above to help ease my mind.

  • I can’t wait to try this Copaiba diffuser blend! I dont have enough regular uses for copaiba and I LOVE it, so this may be a new favorite for our household! Thank you!!!!

  • Blues Buster is a nice kid safe version that is in my box and needs to come out more often. We use Relax and chamomile blends frequently.

  • Roman Chamomile is on my wish list! I use the hydrosol, as well as the Melissa hydrosol on my children, works wonders for tantrums and pain!

  • How awesome is it that these can help?!? I like to remind myself during down times that I’m still alive, healthy, and it isn’t the end of the world. Of course that doesn’t always help but I find the older I get the more I let my mind’s wanderings take control when they shouldn’t. So nice to see that just about everyone struggles with this 🙂

  • I’ve been using oils to calm me and balance whatever is going on lately. Anytime I put them on or diffuse them, I feel so comforted, even with the oils that are meant to energize! I just love that not only do they smell great but they are so benefit like to us in so many ways.

  • I really enjoy reading on your blog and learning so much. I do have a question though, like on your comfort and ease diffuser blend, it says not kids are. What will happen if I diffuse it in a living room with my 3 year old boy?

    1. Vanessa, we would not recommend diffusing non KidSafe EOs around children under 11. If diffusing with children 10 and younger we recommend Kidsafe oils, or diffusing while the child is not in the room. Be sure to stop diffusing an hour before the child would be back in that room as well. For more info, you can email us at [email protected]

  • I have the Relax synergy but may need to check out some of the other synergies. I notice Tranquil has Bergamot in it. Is that one of the primary oils, ie does it smell overwhelmingly of Bergamot? For whatever reason I don’t find that smell relaxing….

    1. I do not find that the Bergamot is overwhelming in this blend. I find that the Grapefruit and Blood Orange stand out a bit more 🙂

  • Great blog! Tranquil synergy has got to be one of my all time favorite blends, and it smells absolutely amazing! I use it to help me drift off to sleep, when I’m stressed, or just anytime I need to relax.

  • Thank you for sharing and I love how much you promote self-care and normalize it. I spent many years neglecting myself and focusing only on taking care of my husband and kiddos. Learning about essential oils is what put me on the path of learning to take time for myself and taking care of myself and that by doing so I could actually take care of my family better. 🙂 I love my Worry Free, Self-Esteem, and Relax synergies. They work amazingly well for me as part of my self-care. I would love to try the diffuser blend you shared but I don’t own any of the oils, although they have both been ones I’ve been interested in getting. Speaking of that though, I do own Lavender Fine and Lavender Flower CO2, could either of those be used in place of the Lavender in your diffuser blend above?

    1. We are so happy to hear that EOs have allowed you to focus more on yourself and in turn, taking better care of your family. You could definitely use a different Lavender as a sub for this blend 🙂

  • I love Relax when I am feeling full of worry. My mom uses a mix of Worry Free and Self Esteem. Thank you for the reminder that we are all different and different things work for some and not others and so many memories are tied to smell both good and bad.

  • It’s so interesting to see how oils work with differently for each person. Thank you for showing us multiple options and teaching a little about each one.

  • I really love reading the blogs and learning about each oil. Thank you for creating this particular blog. The past 9 months have been so hard for me and my kids and I have been using my oils to help us through. I need to get Chamomile Roman and Melissa because I’ve heard such great things about them and this blog just reinforces that. Thanks for all you do PT.

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