Essential Oils - Halloween DIY Diffuser Ideas for a Spooky Scent

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Happy Halloween: Transform Your Diffuser Into A Witch’s Cauldron!

monster mash DIY diffuser blends for Halloween

Enjoy these fun, spooky, sweet, and spicy diffuser blends that are sure to make your Halloween celebrations a little more fun! No matter what you’re doing this Halloween – hosting a party, hanging out with the family, or handing out candy to all the ghouls and goblins that knock on your door, it’s the perfect time to turn your diffuser into a “witch’s cauldron”!

For each of these recipes, add the essential oils to your aromatherapy diffuser to help create an extra spooky atmosphere!

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Monster Mash 

KidSafe: No
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monster mash DIY diffuser blend for halloween

Mummy, please!

KidSafe: No
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Candied Fruit Flies

KidSafe: Yes
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Haunted House

KidSafe: No
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Deep Woods

KidSafe: Yes
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Trick or Treat

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34 thoughts on “Happy Halloween: Transform Your Diffuser Into A Witch’s Cauldron!”

  1. I can’t wait for Halloween and to add these to my “cauldron”. Will be fun to add scent to the fanfare of the Haunted Porch!

  2. Loving the Monster Mash synergy. I even had all of the oils in my stash so easy to put together. Wonderful in diffuser!!

  3. so creative! And great recipe ideas for the Halloween season! So glad I found a great company like yours 🙂 Look forward to more seasonal posts

  4. I have Haunted House in my diffuser right now. It is nice, but my nose always finds Spearmint overpowers all the other oils.

  5. I used my diffuser inside a homemade volcano for my son’s dinosaur birthday one year! It worked awesome! I love the names of these blends! It’s fun to use the diffuser in imaginative ways!

  6. Can you put the kid safe part directly under the mixture name? It’s a little hard to discern what answer goes to which mixture. Thanks!!

    1. Lynn, for the Davana, I find it smells very similar to Chamomile German and Spruce Hemlock is a great substitute for Fir Needle.

  7. What a great idea!!! When I heard the title I assumed you were going to “make” the diffuser look like a cauldron and the mist coming out would be like the steam… then I just read only the recipes, (which all sound wonderful) and realized I got a bit too excited lol
    Well, since this idea is in my head now, we are actually making a witches cauldron out of paper to place over/around the diffuser (my kids love arts and crafts). Thanks for the inspiration PT 🙂

  8. This is a genius idea! Our neighborhood is a Halloween hotspot (we get over 1000 guests that evening) and I can’t wait to get creative with my diffuser. Deep Woods sounds right up my alley but I know my kids would love Candied Fruit Flies.

  9. These blends sound so good, especially Candied Fruit Flies – bergamot and pink grapefruit and copaiba and cedarwood – and KS And I definitely want to try the Trick or Treat once I get the Spruce and Euc D oils. Great post! !

  10. I am confused, when you look up the individual oils they all show their kids safe but your recipes here say they are not kid safe? And these are for diffusers so why are they not kid safe?

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