Fall Essential Oils - Essentials Video - DIffuser Blend, Uses and a DIY

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Orchard Stroll Diffuser Blend

Orchard Stroll Diffuser Blend

It’s official! Fall is well underway and it is every bit as amazing as we hoped. Celebrate the season by bringing a little bit of the fresh outdoors in your home with this quick and easy diffuser blend.

Always on the hunt for fantastic new recipes, we turned to you, our customers, for ideas. We ran a competition in our SEOR Facebook Group for some of your favorite DIYs, with the winners being posted here on our blog. Our third and final winner is the Orchard Stroll Diffuser Blend by Ashley Branch!

Orchard Stroll Diffuser Blend

By: Ashley Branch, SEOR Member

Orchard Stroll Diffuser Blend

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

Diffuse and enjoy!

KidSafe: YES

34 thoughts on “Orchard Stroll Diffuser Blend”

  1. This was heavenly in the diffuser today! Don’t typically reach for Kumquat so it was just what I needed.

  2. I used this autumn-inspired blend to scent pine cones. I almost did not want to put them away, preparing to decorate for the holidays. I plan to bring them back out for the new year!

  3. This combo in the diffuser just SCREAMS Fall! Oh man, I have the fall scents but this one is awesome. My little guy even likes it!!

  4. No kumquat, but I subbed Honey bell and then blood orange and both were quite nice. Davana is next on my trial list for putting me in an orchard frame of mind. Thanks for all the diffusion blends πŸ™‚

  5. Might have to sub in orange for the kumquat since I dont have it. I have everything else and I bet this smells amazing. Perfect for fall!

  6. I really enjoy receiving the diffuser blend recipes and learning how to use my oil combinations. I also don’t trust all sources on the internet for safe essential oil use, so I appreciate Plant Therapy validating these customer suggestions!

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