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Twin Falls Optimist Youth House Ribbon Cutting

Twin Falls Optimist Youth House Ribbon Cutting plant therapy In March of 2018, Plant Therapy donated $10,000 to the Twin Falls Optimist Youth House, a home for “aged-out” foster care teens.

With the ribbon cutting on the new Optimist Youth House in Twin Falls, the opportunity to provide a safe haven for “aged out” foster children in the Magic Valley expands.

A population at risk with no resources

“Aging out” refers to the time after a minor in the foster care system turns 18. They are legal adults in the eyes of the law so ineligible for help from the state under the Child Protection Act. This makes it difficult for these newly deemed adults to make it on their own when they may not yet have the resources.

Until this ribbon cutting, the Magic Valley had few resources or homes for these displaced teens. Many of these young people continue to need support and guidance from their community in order to become successful, thriving adults after their 18th birthday.

Twin Falls Optimist Youth House pairs residents with a roommate to foster feelings of family, and pride in their home. Many of these teens have lived most of their childhood in a foster or group home and rarely have a driver’s license, employment experience, or simple life skills like doing laundry or cooking.

Twin Falls Optimist Youth House Ribbon Cutting Plant Therapy Plant Therapy was one of the original donors to this project and has been a contributor since. A family committed to this cause, Amanda Jones, co-owner of Plant Therapy, is also a Board Director for The Twin Falls Optimist Youth House and stated, “Turning 18 doesn’t mean these teens stop needing guidance, love, support, and a home. The ability to contribute to such an important cause, right here in our own community, is a blessing.”

In addition to their ongoing donations, Plant Therapy also sponsored the ribbon cutting, providing chairs, labor, and a coffee truck.

Twin Falls Optimist Youth House Ribbon Cutting Plant TherapyCreating a better life through community connection

The Twin Falls Optimist Youth House focuses on teaching displaced teens independence and self-reliance. Teamwork helps these teens build skills they’ll need to become contributing adult members of society. This includes providing safe, stable housing, training in important life skills, mentoring, continuing education, and assistance in finding employment.

“There is a huge need in the Twin Falls area for this service,” says Chris Jones, President of Plant Therapy. “The Youth House’s mission is in alignment with Plant Therapy’s goal of giving back — to help as many people as possible. And we believe that starts with our youth. Supporting the Twin Falls Optimist Youth House in their undertaking to improve the odds of success for these vulnerable teens in their transition to adulthood is an honor for Plant Therapy.”

Twin Falls Optimist Youth House Ribbon Cutting Plant TherapyFind out how you can get involved with the Twin Falls Optimist Club.


4 thoughts on “Twin Falls Optimist Youth House Ribbon Cutting”

  • It can be so hard for teens and young adults just starting to transition out of the foster system, and are often left out on their own to fend for themselves. It is heartwarming to see Plant Therapy and Twin Falls Optimist Youth House provide further emotional and educational support to these youth.

  • This is awesome! I am proud of Plant Therapy for giving to make lives better for these youth! Being involved with youth ourselves, we are very aware of the need. Thank you for this commitment!

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