Diffusing in Winter: Top Synergies for the Cold Weather Season

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Diffusing in Winter: Top Synergies for the Cold Weather Season

As the winter months draw near, it’s easy to imagine snuggling up by the fireplace with your favorite book and a hot cup of tea. Or maybe you’re looking forward to spending time with your family over the holiday season. There are so many reasons to love winter. However, with all the cold-weather goodness comes a few other inconveniences (ahem… germs), whether it’s the kiddos bringing back colds from schools or the flu making the rounds at the office. Diffusing can be a great way to combat these annoyances.

Plant Therapy has a variety of essential oils synergies that are designed to create a festive holiday atmosphere, boost your immune system, or protect your home from germs (sometimes all three). Take a look at this list of our favorite wintertime synergy blends.

Diffusing in Winter: Top Synergies for the Holiday Season

1. Germ Fighter

The name says it all. Germ Fighter features a number of oils, including Cinnamon Cassia, which is useful as an antibacterial and in helping to set the holiday mood. Diffuse this synergy in your favorite diffuser or consider purchasing a pre-diluted roll-on for convenient use.

Diffusing in Winter: Top Synergies for the Cold Weather Season

2. KidSafe Germ Destroyer

Similar to Germ Fighter, this blend is just as effective, plus it’s safe for the little ones. The oils in this blend help to support the immune system and as well as respiratory health. Plus Germ Destroyer encourages a quick recovery and helps to keep the whole house healthy. It is also available in a pre-diluted roll-on.

3. KidSafe Immune BoomDiffusing in Winter: Top Synergies for the Cold Weather Season

Another of our KidSafe products, Immune Boom is specially designed to boost the immune system of young children while filling the room with its tangy and fresh aroma.

4. Immune-Aid

One of our most popular synergies, Immune-Aid creates an uplifting aroma designed to help boost your body and mind after a long or stressful day.

5. Holiday SeasonDiffusing in Winter: Top Synergies for the Cold Weather Season

Bring in the holiday cheer with this delightful synergy. The aromas of orange peel, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg help to create the perfect festive atmosphere.


35 thoughts on “Diffusing in Winter: Top Synergies for the Cold Weather Season”

  • I’ve been diffusing germ destroyer this winter. This is the healthiest we have been this winter season.

  • Are these safe to diffuse at 14+ weeks pregnant I’d like to clear out some of these cold germs out of the air/house.

    1. Melissa, the blends in this list that are safe for pregnancy are Germ Destroyer and Immune Boom 🙂

  • I just started to get a sore throat and am glad I have kidsafe germ destroyer on hand. Hoping to kick this bug with that wonderful smelling eo. Thanks for all the info you have readily available on ways for practical use to fight illness!

  • I love germ fighter and I believe it has kept everyone from getting nasty colds! I diffuse it, clean with it and spray my furniture every now and then. Smells SO much better than lysol, that’s for sure!!

  • We love germ destroyer and immune boom. I take turns diffusing them in my kids rooms and rolling them on. Love the smell of germ destroyer the best!!

  • Just received my first order…AromaFuse & 7+7…going to do Germ Fighter first things. So excited to begin this adventure.

  • I just ordered the kid safe Ones for when my grandchildren come over in the weekends. They always seem to bring some type of “bug” over with them lol. I didn’t know winter wreath was good for this either, so thanks for the blog and information!

  • I love the holiday synergies that Plant Therapy sells! So perfect from October through January, and then randomly throughout the year, just because they smell amazing!

  • So happy I have all of these except for Winter Wreath. I truly believe that Germ Fighter and Immune Aid saved us last year around this time!

  • It’s clear, the immune and germ EOs are going to help get us through the winter sicknesses! I think I’m going to need to try Winter Wreath!

  • I spot Otis Blend! Not sure if that is necessarily good one for winter, but we love that blend in my family, and we love our Otis plushie!

  • I absolutely love germ fighter! It smells amazing! I diffuse this often through the winter months. I also love sniffle stopper for my kids. Both of these, along with immune boom are my favorites for keeping everyone healthy through the winter months.

  • This is great for the up coming long winter months. It will be nice to have so many different options to stay healthy. Thanks PT!

  • Good reminder about using winter wreath, I used the bottle I bought last year at Christmas just the other day… what is the shelf life of winter wreath? I just looked on shelf life chart and did not see listed under seasonal oils….thanks.

    1. Great question! When looking for the shelf life of a blend, find the essential oil with the lowest shelf life. Winter Wreath contains Balsam Fir, Juniper Berry, Spearmint, and Spruce, which each have a 2-3 year shelf life. So even though it includes Cedarwood Atlas, which has a 4-5 year shelf life, you’ll want to stick to the 2-3 years to make sure you’re using an optimal blend 🙂

  • I usually add pine EO to my artificial tree every year, but I’ll definitely be trying winter wreath this year. It sounds lovely! Thank you PT!

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