Essentials Video: Exotic Escape Bath Salts DIY & Video

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Exotic Escape Bath Salts DIY

Essentials Video: Exotic Escape Bath Salts DIY

Sometimes when the weather is a little chilly outside, nothing beats a warm, cozy bath. The unique blend of essential oils used in this Bath Salts DIY is perfect for the autumn season with it’s warm, spicy, and light citrus scent!

Exotic Escapes Bath Salts

What you’ll need:
2 tbsp Body Wash, unscented
1/2 cup Epsom Salt
2 drops Ginger Root CO2
2 drops Cardamom
1 drop Orange Sweet

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What you’ll do:
Mix your body wash and essential oils in a small bowl, and stir. Once the oils and body wash are combined, mix in your Epsom salts. Add to your bath for an exotic scented treat!

Essentials Video: Exotic Escape Bath Salts DIY

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32 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Exotic Escape Bath Salts DIY”

  1. What would be put these in to give as a gift? Is it wet or do the salts soak up the soap? I was thinking of a one of those small bags or muslin bag. Or should it be kept in an airtight glass container?

  2. What a great idea for gift giving during the holidays! Is this something you could make on a larger scale and have last for a few weeks?

    1. Hi Coral! For this DIY I would say you can make enough for 3-4 baths if you take baths regularly, otherwise, the sent can dissipate. But if you’re giving it as a gift it should be fine to last until the receiver gets it!

      1. The soap is used as an emulsifier in this recipe. If you do not want to use it, you can replace it with a carrier oil. We recommend using an emulsifier for the safe use of essential oils in the bath 🙂

  3. Hello Plant Therapy,
    I just ordered the items for this recipe, only the Cardamom is out of stock, so I’m wondering if the Frankincense Serrata will work, or do you have a recommendation???? Thanks for your help for this newbie to EOs. 🙂

    1. Tabitha, you can try adding the Frankincense and see if you like that aroma — and if you do, that’s great! Other suggestions include substituting the Cardamom with Black Pepper if you want that spicy aroma, or try Coriander Seed or Marjoram Sweet if you’re interested in making a substitution based on therapeutic properties (Cardamom, Coriander, & Marjoram are all great for the occasional digestive upset). Hope this helps!

  4. This makes me so excited to live somewhere with a good tub! It looks so simple but so fun! What an awesome gift to give to friends, too!

  5. I can’t wait to try this DIY, I never new making bath salts was this simple. The best part is you can easily and quickly do small batches so each bath can have its own blend!

  6. We are process of buying a house so all my supplies are packed…but once we move, I’m totally making these recipes to enjoy in my new bathtub!

  7. It’s simple pleasures like this, that make parenthood a little easier to do. Lol. A nice long shower/bath goesnsuch a long way. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I can’t wait to try it!

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