Scented Hot-Pad DIY - Free Oven Mitt and Cinnamon Leaf

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scented hot pad diy

Scented Oven Mitt DIY

scented hot pad DIY for the holidays

Thanksgiving is going to be here before we know it! And Plant Therapy wants to join your family at the table! Don’t worry — we don’t plan on literally crowding your table, but we can be there in spirit with this new oven mitt. 

Oven mitt and cinnamon leaf just in time for the holidays

The oven mitt also makes a perfect hot pad, especially if you give this really easy Scented Hot Pad DIY a try:

Scented Hot Pad

What you’ll need:

What you’ll do:

Place 4-6 drops of Cinnamon Leaf on the felt or cotton pad. Insert into the pocket of the oven mitt and place under your hot pans or casserole dishes.

scented hot pad DIY for the holidays

Please keep in mind that Cinnamon Leaf can be an irritant on the skin, so make sure you don’t put your hand back in the mitt with the Cinnamon Leaf still inside and without washing first!

And for more awesome Holiday-themed DIY ideas, check out our blog’s DIY page!

69 thoughts on “Scented Oven Mitt DIY”

  1. I know that you can use any old oven mitt for this DIY idea but man o man I would LOVE a PT oven mitt! Any chances of buying one??

    1. Unfortunately, this oven mitt is no longer available. But you never know what we might offer in the future!

  2. Received the mitt along with my order and am anxious to try your suggestion. Clever idea and will smell so good during the holidays.

  3. Just received my order today and the first thing I did was make my cinnamon hot pad. Oh wow! It will definitely be on my Thanksgiving table along with all the fabulous scents of the season. Love you Plant Therapy!

  4. Great idea! I’m going to be using this tip all year to keep the kitchen smelling wonderful….oh my, the different scents to be made with Essential Oils!

  5. What a great idea! I never gave that a thought, but oh, I bet it smells awesome. Going to give it a try this Thanksgiving and see if the family notices.

  6. What a great idea! Also, a perfect way to sneak some good smells into a house that the owners does not notice it is needed 🙂 (just make sure you know what they are allergic too)

  7. I am extra excited about my order that’s on it’s way because it has the oil and mitt along with it! I cannot wait to try this wonderful little tip so that my kitchen can smell like cinnamon on those nights! ♥

  8. Okay, I love this idea! So many scents could be used for various events/holidays. And I love that it is easy and quick to accomplish! Thanks for a great DIY!!

  9. What an easy idea. Even making a few extra cloths that you could insert the cotton into to have as pot holders to set hot pans on would be an easy way to have the essential oils in the kitchen ready to go.

    1. This is a wonderful idea not only to add a healthy scent to the air for the holidays, but all year long. thank you for the idea!

  10. Such an easy diy! I love the smell of cinnamon and already purchased the cinnamon leaf eo. Think I might add a drop or two of my PT Vanilla oleoresin with the cinnamon. Thanks for the great idea!

  11. Love this idea ! Can’t wait to smell the aroma with our delicious meal !!! Thank you for such excellent ideas on your blogs !!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  12. Great idea- I quickly used a kitchen towel clean up a little spill of germ destroyer EO from my diffuser. Not thinking I used the towel when pulling a sheet of cookies from the oven and set the cookie sheet in top the towel. Had a really nice aroma in the kitchen cookies and germ destroyer!

  13. Hmm, not sure when I’d use this – not Kid Safe, I don’t want to overwhelm delicious cooking aromas with cinnamon (or any other unintended scent) Maybe when serving specific desserts at some point, or a tagine or perhaps curry. Only when I know there are others around not sensitive to EO aromas. I get an immediate headache when smelling nutmeg EOs (can sure eat it though) – I wouldn’t want someone to suffer the same effect. Maybe I will try this idea as an under the pillow help me sleep mitt.

  14. What a great idea! I’m thinking of doing this all year or during other holidays or seasons. Company coming over, just add a couple drops of whatever you choose.

  15. Yummmm cinnamon is THE best during the holidays and all year round. Great idea to use with the oven mitt. Extra holiday aromas in the air!

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