New Certified Organic Oils: Seven New Oils + Their Uses & Benefits

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Seven New Certified Organic Essential Oils are Hitting Plant Therapy Today!

Plant Therapy picking herbs new organic essential oilsWe’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our line of organic essential oils. These USDA certified organic oils are grown in clean soil, is free from GMOs and harmful pesticides, and use only organic seeds and planting materials.

Check out some of our most popular oils that are now certified organic!

1. Organic Cardamom

Organic Cardamom is well known for it’s sweet, spicy scent that will be familiar to those who love Asian cuisine. Not only is it KidSafe, but it can also help calm the respiratory system as well as digestive upset. It’s also one of the traditional “warming” oils that can create an uplifting, or even romantic, atmosphere.

2. Organic Chamomile German

Organic Chamomile is a go-to for many aromatherapists, with a strong, sweetish, warm and herbaceous aroma is known for its soothing effect. It can even help promote focus in restless children.

3. Chamomile Roman

A popular favorite for it’s calming and therapeutic properties, Organic Chamomile Roman features a sweet, “green”, and herbaceous apple-like scent. This soothing and gentle oil is KidSafe. Diffuse it to help promote a soothing environment or use it topically to ease aching joints and muscles.

4. Organic Clary Sage

Organic Clary Sage is an Earthy, fruity and floral oil that is well-known for its ability to aid in women’s issues. Combine it with a carrier oil to use during topically during the more painful moments of a cycle. Or diffuse it to help achieve a balancing atmosphere when emotions can feel turbulent.

5. Organic Cypress

Another great KidSafe oil, Organic Cypress is steam distilled from the leaves of the Cypress tree in Spain. It has a fresh and clean aroma that is both spicy and herbaceous. Use Organic Cypress to help support a healthy respiratory system, especially during the winter months. Apply it topically to help combat spider veins that are a normal part of aging. This oil is also beneficial in providing emotional support during times of grief and sadness.

6. Organic Palmarosa

With a soft, sweet, floral scent, Organic Palmarosa is often useful when trying to create an uplifting atmosphere. It’s also an excellent choice for helping to sanitize the air when seasonal illnesses strike. Plus, it’s KidSafe which makes it an excellent option for the winter months.

7. Organic Thyme Thymol

The final addition to our organics line is Organic Thyme Thymol. It has a powerful, sharp, and warm-herbaceous scent that is excellent for supporting the respiratory system. Additionally, it can be very helpful in easing digestive upset. Dilute in your favorite carrier oil for a soothing tummy massage. Because of the potency of this oil, we recommend a maximum dilution of 1.3% for topical applications. When diffusing, use a maximum of three drops in combination with other oils to help with seasonal annoyances.

8 thoughts on “Seven New Certified Organic Essential Oils are Hitting Plant Therapy Today!”

  1. So excited for more organic oils! My daughter has epilepsy and I feel more comfortable using organic on and around her. Thank you PT!!

  2. Yay! I’m so excited, Cardamom is one of my all time favorites! But it’s already sold out lol. Can’t wait for it to be restocked 😀

  3. I am definitely interested in the organic Clary sage and the organic cypress! Thank you for adding these. I prefer to buy organic essential oils whenever I can.

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