Holiday Sachets DIY With Essential Oils: Celebrate with Plant Therapy

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Essentials Video: DIY Scented Holiday Sachets

Looking for a fun way to personalize gift giving this year? Look no further. These Holiday Sachets are the perfect addition to any gift. Use one of our KidSafe Holiday Blends to make it safe for the whole family. Or use one of our other festive holiday blends to create a unique blend scent each person on your list.

Plant Therapy Holiday Sachets for the Season instructionsWhat you’ll need:

  • 6 Muslin or Organza Bags
  • ¼ Cup Epsom Salt
  • ½ Cup dry Plain White Rice
  • 18-20 drops KidSafe Holiday Blend

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What you’ll do:

Mix the Epsom salt, white rice, and KidSafe Holiday Blend in a small bowl. Combine well and scoop the mixture into the small bags. Tie shut and use for the perfect addition to gift giving.

46 thoughts on “Essentials Video: DIY Scented Holiday Sachets”

  1. I made a number of these for gifts for my customers. I love them. The aroma lasts a few days, then if you gently massage them, they last a couple more days. I like the way the epsom salts & rice last well so I can open up the muslum bags to add more EO; making them reusable!

  2. I woke up thinking of making my dad a sachet for his new car. Thank you plant therapy for having a diy! Just in time for Christmas too.

  3. PERFECT!! I’ve been hoping to see more Holiday DIY gift ideas, particularly for teachers and will definitely make these to share (because of recent Plant Therapy orders I’ve got two organza bags to get me started)!

  4. I made these as Christmas gifts for coworkers. They smell so good and were so easy to make! I can’t wait to give them to the recipients.

  5. Made these for our camper to get the smell out of drawers. It works great! SO much fun to make and I love the scents I used (more citrus-y). Thanks for the great idea – I’m definitely going to make more soon!

    1. Mark, you could do one without the other, but we’ve found that when used together, the scent of the essential oils seems to stick around longer 🙂

  6. Such inspiration! Every month my family comes over for dinner, and afterwards, we do projects inspired by PT. This month: sachets! I ordered the bags (burlap; variety of colors) & bought the Epsom salts. With so many fantastic sales on oils, we have a wide variety of scents to choose from. I am a very uncrafty person (except jewelry making & it seems like I have some talent in blending scents), so I appreciate the ideas I find here!

  7. This is a nice idea, especially as a use beyond diffusing, etc. for the holiday scents I bought that are not specifically therapeutic.

  8. What an awesome idea! Great way to use up old rice too! I just need to get some Epson salt and some cute little bags to use. So many ideas for different cent combinations for these too. Thanks PT!

  9. Okay I’m definitely making these and putting them all over my house! one in my car, one in my sock drawer… so excited!

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