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Candy cane sugar scrub DIY from Plant Therapy

Candy Cane Latte Sugar Scrub

If you enjoy the scrumptious aroma of a Candy Cane Latte and you like having silky soft skin, you’re going to love this DIY.

Mixing a couple of our favorite wintertime things together (holiday drinks and healthy skin), we’ve come up with a cute, easy-to-make salt scrub that is sure to add an extra burst of seasonal cheer to your day! This also makes a great gift for friends and family who would enjoy some all-natural, homemade, Candy Cane and Coffee bliss.

Candy Cane Latte Salt Scrub

Candy Cane Latte sugar scrub DIY instructionsWhat you’ll need:

15 drops Candy Cane Holiday Blend
15 drops Coffee Essential Oil
½ cup of Fractionated Coconut Oil
½ cup of white sea salt
● and ½ cup of Pink Himalayan Salt
3 mixing bowls
1 mason-style jar
Red food coloring & spoon*

What you’ll do:

  1.  Pour white sea salt into a medium glass bowl.
  2. Pour pink Himalayan salt into a separate medium glass bowl.
  3. Blend Candy Cane, Coffee, and Fractionated Coconut Oil together in a small bowl.
  4. Mix half of the oil mixture into the white sea salt, and the other half into the pink Himalayan salt; mix well.
  5. As you pour the salts into your jar, layer them to make a striped, candy cane look.
  6. Optional* add red food coloring to help the Himalayan salt POP and use a festive ribbon to tie a pretty spoon to the jar.

Please keep in mind that due to the Peppermint and Peru Balsam essential oils in our Candy Cane Holiday Blend and the use of Coffee, this Candy Cane Latte Salt Scrub recipe is not suitable for children under the age of 10.

** It has been brought to our attention that the graphic says “sugar” instead of “salt” !! We apologize for this mixup; however, if you’d like to replace the salt with sugar, be our guest! That would also make a very lovely scrub!

70 thoughts on “Candy Cane Latte Sugar Scrub”

    1. You can use any other essential oil that you think may smell good with the Coffee Essential Oil. Peppermint, Bergamot, and Vanilla Oleoresin come to mind, but this is all personal preference. If you would like to stick with the Candy Cane smell, I recommend purchasing our synergy, which has been specially crafted to smell just like a delicious candy cane! 🙂

  1. I cannot wait to make this with everything I ordered today using the 25 days of Christmas codes!! I’ve been really interested in playing with oils lately so with the amazing deal today, I went on a spending spree! This will be my first DIY!! Thanks PT!!!

  2. I made this for my niece and it smells SOOOOOOO good. She absolutely loves it, leaves hands so soft and not greasy. Thanks PT

  3. Sugar or Salt either way this sounds like a great gift! Any input on using this months OOTM in substitution would be appreciated (just suggestions on what to pair with it- no spoilers, please), thanks!

  4. The graphic says sugar scrub but it’s a salt scrub. No sugar in it at all. That might confuse some people. It did me. :/

  5. I can’t wait to try making this. I see the ingredients are salt though instead of sugar like the title. How would this be made with sugar?

    1. Whoops! Looks like we will be having to fix that error! We are meaning for you to use salt, but sugar would work. You could take white sugar and add some red food coloring to it so that you could make red and white stripes with your sugar 🙂

  6. I would also like to know if we can sub out one of the salts for sugar, and somehow use real coffee, I don’t have the ego and will never get it in time for Christmas.

  7. This scent combo sounds awesome! Recipe title is sugar scrub though it only calls for salt, can we just substitute sugar instead to make it a sugar scrub? I think I will be adding this to my holiday list! thanks for the idea and recipe!

  8. Usually I see Pink Himalayan Sea Salt sold in stores in relatively big pieces. I’m guessing since this is a scrub that this recipe would call for a fine grind instead of those larger chunks? If you only have the big pieces should you grind it down into smaller pieces closer to the sea salt granule size?

  9. I made this recipe and loved it so much, that I’m making some as gifts for my friends and family. I cant wait for them to try it as well!!!

  10. This sounds wonderful! I don’t have the coffee EO. Can I use coffee infused oil in place of the coconut oil? I think this will make a perfect gift for my sister.

  11. This sounds lovely, and i can’t wait to try it and give it to my friends for Christmas. However, can i use other holiday blend instead of candy cane? i only got christmas tree, snow flurries and winter wreath in my stash from last year purchase. thanks in advance!

  12. Sounds amazing, going to have to make this over the crafting weekend with my daughter and daughter in law. Pretty sure we will all keep this one for ourselves.

  13. This recipe sounds soooooo good! I love the candy cane synergy! I imagine adding coffee to this just amps up the deliciousness! I also think cocoa would be a great addition to this recipe and the PT website, wink wink!

  14. This sounds so good! I love scrubs and I keep getting tempted by the expensive ones at the store but I have all these ingredients! Peppermint lattes are a favorite of mine and I am so excited to try this out!

  15. This looks like an amazing idea. But can I used the Frosted mint instead of candy cane and without the coffee as I don’t have it? Thank you.

  16. I am so excited to try this!! I bought the Coffee EO, but haven’t really used it much yet! 🙂 I may just make this as Christmas presents for the ladies at work!

  17. This sounds lovely!!! I made the regular candy cane sugar scrub from the 2015 blog post and it was great. Im sure a candy cane latte scrub will be a hit with my coffee loving family. I may make a batch with sugar and a batch with salt. Thanks for the great recipes!

    1. Yes it can! They have a blog post from 2015 that has a candy cane scrub recipe. Seems very similar just without the coffee 🙂 I made it for my family that year and everyone loved it!

  18. Looks like a great recipe but why is it called a sugar scrub and not a salt scrub? Sugar scrubs are made with sugar, this is made with salt.

  19. This looks amazing. Something I would try. would you use this as a body scrub? Also do you add sugar to it or just the salt?

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