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Passive Essential Oil Diffusion Hacks for the Holidays

There are so many amazing aromas this time of year, it’s no wonder why we want to bring them all inside our home to enjoy throughout the day.

Passive diffusion is a fantastic way to use essential oils, especially if you have some oils but not an ultrasonic or nebulizing diffuser. Plus, there are so many things you can use to passively diffuse – most of which are probably sitting around at your house! A tissue, pine cones from the backyard – even a toilet paper roll!

As the evaporation process takes place, you will be able to inhale the oil’s molecules. Here are a few more ways to enjoy passive diffusion:

Clay Diffuser Ornaments

girl holding a christmas ornament for essential oil diffusion Not just for a Christmas tree, these type of ornaments can actually be made to use all year round! You can buy clay ornaments from your local craft store or make them yourself for something completely unique.

Add a few drops of your essential oil and hang the ornament wherever you want that aroma to linger. Your car, the laundry room, a bathroom – these ornaments can be as versatile as you want them to be! Likewise, you could make simple balls of clay or cut out shapes, then add the essential oils to them once they are dry. 

Cotton Pads

diffusing essential oils in the carUsing cotton pads (any kind will work) is a really easy way to incorporate passive diffusion into your life! Just add a couple of drops of essential oil onto the cotton pad and put that pad anywhere you want the scent to linger. Inside pillowcases, drawers, closets, stinky shoes — you name it!

Aromatherapy Diffuser Locket

aromatherapy locketJewelry is a great way to carry essential oils — they also make lovely Christmas gifts! With a locket, you can enjoy a subtle aroma using just a single drop of essential oil. When the smell has evaporated, add another drop! So easy and so pretty.

Plant Therapy offers different styles of aromatherapy lockets and inside each locket is a small felt pad where one drop of the essential oil is placed. As it evaporates, the aroma reaches you! You can also make your own aromatherapy jewelry using baking or air drying clay.

After following the clay’s instructions, add a drop of your favorite essential oil, put the jewelry on, and voila! You’re very own, totally unique aromatherapy jewelry.

Natural Materials

red leaf on green grassGo outside and collect some dry pine cones, leaves, twigs, and anything else you can think of! Similar to displaying a bag of potpourri, nature provides some treasures of its own right outside your back door. You can arrange them in a bowl and sprinkle on some essential oils to make them smell wonderful!

For more ideas on ways to passively diffuse, check out these blogs:

50 thoughts on “Passive Essential Oil Diffusion Hacks for the Holidays”

  1. I love the idea of using a cotton ball in the trash can! Also the cotton ball in the car is a great idea. I will be trying these out.

  2. I never thought about the cotton ball in the car! My kids and I made clay necklaces for our oils as well, used stamps to make them unique, and then low heat baked. We love them!

  3. I love passive diffusion, especially when I can upcycle something. I need to do more of this around my home instead of always thinking I need to run an actual diffuser.

  4. I have the diffuser locket necklace and LOVE it! It’s a great way to stay protected – think eucalyptus/tea tree/lemon during cold season or lemongrass while outside on a summer night 🙂

  5. I actually do this passive diffusion in our bathroom trash! A few drops on TP or empty roll placed in the trash can and the bathroom smells great for several days!

  6. I’m looking forward to trying this with some ornaments on my Christmas tree!! My Husband really wanted a real tree this year but I opted for the artificial one 🙂
    My Christmas tree oil should be arriving any day.

  7. Amazing ideas, Thanks PT so much! I have been wanting to make a car diffuser for cheap & I don’t think you can beat a cotton ball & clothes pin! Brilliant!

  8. I have some of the ornaments from last year and I’m excited to use them this year! I also love using my diffuser necklace! It’s a great way for me to use my non-kidsafe oils when my kiddos are around.

  9. Such wonderful ideas, thank you. I will be adding them to my winter arts and crafts lineup. We live up in the mountains and there are tons of pine cones around. I can’t wait to make some scented (and glittery) ornaments out of them with my little girl and her friends

  10. I have been using Spiced Orange, Cardamom, Harvest Moon and Christmas Tree recently on cotton balls in my car vent and at my computer work area in my office.

  11. I did the cottonball in my car – I attached it to an old bath and body works smelly clip on my visor…the drops seem to last about a week…but it makes my car rides SO much nicer now! I should have done this long ago!

  12. I love my diffuser necklace and use it all the time. I also liked the cotton ball idea, which I never really thought of. New ways to use oils is always fun!!

  13. These are some amazing ideas! I love the holiday blends that can be put together this time of year and can’t wait to try some.

  14. Some great ideas. I have several terra cotta/ceramic ornaments and planned on using them on the tree as diffusers. Think I am going to have to invest in a necklace next.

  15. Yes!!! I have ordered necklaces for me and my kids for our stockings this year and we passive diffuse in the car – energy of course! I’m so going to try the Christmas tree blend on my fake tree this year!

  16. I will definitely be wearing my diffuser locket all weekend! The long car ride with have to use the cotton ball trick too I believe 🙂

  17. Great ideas! I’ve only done the drop on the tissue maybe I’ll have to bring out some cotton balls and put some round. Love reading the different ideas on the blog for using oils. I definitely need to start stepping up my game with my DIY. I have many things on my list to make and most of the ingredients to do so.

  18. I love my diffuser necklace and I often put a drop of lavender on a cotton ball and put in my pillow case. I have pets and kids so I feel passive diffusion is the way to go!

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