Essentials Video: DIY Winter Wonderland Snow Scene

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winter wonderland snow scene DIY from Plant Therapy

Essentials Video: DIY Winter Wonderland Snow Scene

With Christmas not far away it’s time to start thinking about holiday decorations! Nothing can add a little holiday cheer more than twinkle lights and fresh evergreens (or fake, we won’t tell).

Add a personal touch to your decor with this festive DIY Winter Wonderland Snow Scene. Not only will it keep your home smelling fresh, but the delightful winter scene you choose will be entirely your own. This would even be a fun activity for the whole family over the holiday break.

Winter Wonderland Snow Scene

Winter Wonderland snow scene plant therapy DIY with Holiday BlendsWhat you’ll need:

  • Mason type jar (any size)
  • Epsom Salt
  • Your favorite Plant Therapy Holiday Blend
  • Small artificial trees, reindeer, snowmen, or figurines.
  • Decorative ribbon

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What you’ll do:

  1. In a glass bowl, stir the Holiday Blend into the Epsom salt. Depending on how many jars you are making, you will want to add 6-8 drops per cup of salt.
  2. Fill the jar about ¼ of the way with Epson salt (the snow!)
  3. Add trees, reindeer, or whatever decorations you choose.
  4. Tie decorative ribbon around the neck of the jar.

*KidSafe depending on the Holiday Blend used.

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39 thoughts on “Essentials Video: DIY Winter Wonderland Snow Scene”

  1. What a clever idea and unique gift! So easy to find small, interesting figurines at thrift stores at this time of year. Cannot wait to go “on the hunt” for unique items to use in this project. Wow, PT, once again you’ve exceeded my expectations in your DIY blog.

  2. That’s cute. I would glue down the decorations and use a coffee filter top so I could shake it up to help refresh the scent plus I like shaking up snowglobe type things!! I bet the baking soda air freshener would work well with this too but just be a softer “snow” and I make that all the time! I swear by in my car in a short mason jar, under my seat. It keeps odors out and moisture away.

  3. This is such a cute idea! I love finding new things I can make for decorations and I will definitely be making this one! And it will add such a nice scent to a room.

  4. I have so many mason jars not getting used so this is the perfect idea for decorating, especially in the winter time when I feel sad about taking down the holiday decorations. I can make winter themed ones

  5. I love this idea! Can you imagine doing this as centerpieces in some big glass hurricanes or even lanterns?! Can’t wait to try it!!!

  6. What a cute idea! My girls would love to make these for their room… can’t wait for my holiday blends to arrive so I can make this with them!

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