Frankincense Serrata: It's Many Uses and Why You Need It

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Frankincense Serrata: It’s Many Uses and Why You Need It

If you’re anything like us here at Plant Therapy, you’re always looking for fantastic new essential oils to add to your collection. Enter Frankincense Serrata. This multi-faceted oil has a number of amazing uses and benefits. The medium green, woody, earthy scent, Frankincense Serratta has been used for centuries as incense, medicine, and cosmetics.

Please note, this particular variety of Frankincense is not KidSafe.  Check out why you need this oil in your collection:

1. Clear Breathing

One of the first incredible uses is to support your respiratory system and promote clear breathing. For a refreshing diffuser blend, add three drops Frankincense Serrata with two drops Eucalyptus Globulus, one drop Rosemary, and one drop Spruce.

2. Meditation

In addition to helping with your respiratory system to the dry winter months, Frankincense Serrata is also prized for aiding in meditation. Diffuse with Sandalwood and Cedarwood, Cypress, or Patchouli for a supportive blend.

3. Relieve Aching Joints

Add this essential oil to your favorite carrier oil for a soothing salve that can help relieve the pain from aching and swollen joints. We recommend a maximum dilution of 3% for any topical application.

4. Ease Menstrual Pain

Use the same carrier oil topical mixture to ease discomfort associated with that time of the month.

42 thoughts on “Frankincense Serrata: It’s Many Uses and Why You Need It”

  1. Very good information. I have frankincense but have only used it in the diffuser. I love the scent. Will try it for needs as well.

  2. Thank you for this information. I see frankincense used in so many recipes but I am always confused on the different ones.

  3. This is so interesting! I never really understood the differences between different Frankincenses, so I’m eager to learn. My son and I just started meditating together at night before bed; I know this one isn’t kid safe so wouldn’t use with him, but interested in anything to help with relaxation. Thanks!

  4. I’m so excited about this frankincense! I will take advantage of the sale today! Thank you for educating us about this oil!

  5. Just found out about this EO a couple days ago, and was really interested! Thanks to Plant Therapy I’m getting the oil free with purchase of $20 so I get to try oils I always wanted to and get a bonus! I’m excited. Love this company.

  6. Frankincense Serrata is not only one of the first PT oils I got, but one of the first essential oils that I ever used. I instantly fell in love. Something about the scent is so spiritual for me. It’s earthy and grounding, yet the Serrata has this gorgeous lemony/green note to it. Thank you for reminding me of one of the first EOs I fell in love with. So incredibly versatile!

  7. I have Carteri, but this makes me want to get Serrata! Love all the uses it has. What else can you mix it with for achy joints? (I just bought black pepper!)

  8. I suffer from great knee and ankle pain, especially when the wheatear is also bad, I use it with rosemary and if I have it, some calendula infused oil as a salve.. Helps tremendous

  9. Thank you for this info! I’m definitely going to make something with it for my daughter to use with menstrual cramps. She suffers terribly, and I’ve been meaning to see what I have that may help. I used frankincense (with a few other oils) in aloe jelly to make a “burn ointment,” and I could not believe the difference it made! I had a big, ugly blister on my thumb, and after using the oil treatment, I covered it with a bandaid. The next day when I removed the bandaid, my jaw literally dropped, and I just sat there staring at my thumb. I was so excited to see how well it could work with skin issues, and now I’m excited to learn more ways to use it!

    1. I bought this a few months ago but haven’t used it yet. Glad I read this post. I hope this helps with my menstrual cramps…

  10. Appreciating the highlights on more uses for Frankincense Serrata. I have the 3.3 oz “Use & Share” bottle. (HaHa) I had a pain just below my right knee (from being on my feet all day Sunday) and decided to rub some Frankincense on iT and iT worked wonderfully.

  11. This is my favorite. My daughter and I use for various pains . We have a couple of blends that use frankincense because it works.

  12. I live my life slathered in frankincense! It helps me with so many aspects of life. I am making rollers that include frankincense for my entire family this christmas so that they can enjoy the benefits too!

  13. I love Frankincense! It is so versatile and handy. Glad I bought it and will use the above noted uses in my repertoire 🙂 thanks for sharing

  14. Hmm, I think I need to make more use of this one. I love when you guys go over oils I already have but don’t use as often as I should.

  15. One of the oils my husband added to the shopping cart one day. I actually use it for my scar from surgery 10 years ago. I am giving it 2 months of everyday use before I say for sure if it is working or not. I really hope it works.

  16. Frank Serrata is my favorite Frankincense! I’m really drawn to the aroma and for me the healing is spot in for anything I’ve used it for! I think it’s insulting that some refer to it as the cheaper I personally find the aroma more complex and smooth compared to frereana or Carteri both of which I also love but for different reasons!

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