Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils: Uses & Benefits

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Lavender and Lemon: Exactly Why You Need Them, and How to Use Them

Lavender and Lemon are two popular oils with a plethora of therapeutic uses. Frankly, they are a staple in any essential oil collection. Use them alone or blend together and diffuse for a wonderfully clean and fresh scent! Let’s check out these two goodies a bit closer…


Undoubtedly one of the most popular essential oils used around the world, Lavender is known to have numerous benefits for the mind and body [1]. Calming, soothing, nurturing, healing…basically, the list of adjectives for Lavender could go on and on. It has a sweet, dry, and herbaceous-floral scent that is relaxing and peaceful. Lavender is known to reduce feelings of anxiety and fear by calming an overworked nervous system [2].

When diluted to 2-5%, this sweetly scented oil can be massaged onto the aches and pains causing discomfort. Lavender’s pain-relieving properties have been widely studied [3], and results from these studies tell us that topically applying Lavender is an amazing way to soothe discomfort.

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plant therapy lemon essential oilLemon is a wonderfully bright and fresh essential oil for the winter! It is fantastic for uplifting your mood, providing a boost of energy, and promoting mental clarity and focus. It also makes a wonderful addition to DIY cleaning products. Try combining ½ cup of baking soda with a teaspoon of dish soap and a tablespoon of peroxide. Add 8 drops of Lemon and mix well. This paste can be used to shine your stainless steel sink or remove the labels from glass jars! Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the nice pick-me-up sort of scent that Lemon brings with it.

If you are wanting to use Lemon topically, please keep in mind that this is a phototoxic oil and can cause skin reactions if not diluted correctly (2% maximum). Make sure to use just 6 drops for every two teaspoons carrier oil used to avoid a negative reaction!

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99 thoughts on “Lavender and Lemon: Exactly Why You Need Them, and How to Use Them”

  1. I luv both these lemon and lavender oils! I carry a roll on lavender oil in my purse for cuts and burns, and I diffuse it too! Lemon oil smells wonderful for awake me up oil, and I want to try the cleaner DYI with it!

  2. Lemon and lavender are two of my faves! They help with my allergies so much and i love the smell! This article was a great read- I enjoyed learning new ways to use them. Thanks! -Shelby

  3. Lavender and lemon – 2 of my absolute favorites!! I use them daily. I am just curious if there is something you could substitute for the dish soap that wouldn’t have all the chemicals in it. Our family is really trying to get away from store bought products with chemicals in them. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

  4. These two oils are my most ever favourite oils together with peppermint! It’s not just the scents but also their many uses and benefits. LLP will always be on top of my list!

  5. I got a 30 ml Lemon EO bottle just to remove the residue glue from labels and stickers – just a few drops and magic happens! Plus the smell is divine!

  6. These are 2 of my most used oils and my favorites, I use lemon for a lot of cleaning, and it works so well for grease and for removing sticky tape residue or tree sap! Lavender has helped my teenage daughter with relaxing and getting to sleep at night, it has always been a go to for me as well.

  7. I really enjoy your blogs. It’s a wealth of information and I feel like this company is very committed to safe essential oil usage and very transparent about how to use oils. I’m s glad I recently found you and making the switch!

  8. I’m new to essential oils, but my husband and I have fallen in love with them! Rubbing lavender on our feet at bedtime, helps us sleep amazingly well! Looking forward to trying lemon for the first time!

  9. I have been cleaning my stainless kitchen sink with Bar Keepers Friend – and I have been concerned about the chemicals in it. Just read this post on the lemon essential oil recipe to clean the sink – I will be using this! Ordering lemon immediately!

  10. Now that I read this, I’m mad I missed the specials!! I have lavender…but Lemon will be amongst my next purchases! Winter time requires citrus 😀

  11. These two oils will always be in stock at our house! I love using them both for their own blends and together with diffusing too!

  12. Both of these oils are in stock at all times in our house. I love using them each in their own blends, and together especially in diffusing. It smells so good!

  13. wow thx for the info on using topical lemon! I had no idea, it smells so good I wanted to add to everything including lotions! I will try that cleaning recipe!

  14. I love love these two oils. Tried to purchase them on thr BOGO day but had trouble with my cart..CS is always so helpful and as usual chatted with them and thought all was taken care of… kept waiting for my order… then removed a second order I had placed first…come to find out there was no record of my previous [email protected] I order a lot of oils so was very disappointed!! I wanted to “turn a friend on to PT” using these oils to get her started!

  15. I use lavender every day in various combinations. I especially like to diffuse at night before going to bed in my bedroom. Is calming and helps me fall asleep. I like to put a few drops of lemon in my cleaning solutions and when doing laundry. It has an invigorating smell that perks me up!

  16. Lemon and Lavender are two must haves in any home. I like to use a little bit of Lemon Essential Oil in our kitchen sink after doing dishes as it makes it not only smell AMAZING, it also makes the stainless steel sink shine. And as for the Lavender, some use it for calming, however, we use it on a prediluted roll on for bruises.

  17. Love lavender and lemon. My kids say lavender fixes everything-and it pretty much does. Burn, itchy or irritated skin, anxiety, restlessness. Almost anything! Lemon smells great and is energizing.

  18. Lavender is a great tool for many reasons, we use it for all kinds of things from boo-boos to bedtime! I never cared for the scent of lavender until i started using essential oils. It has grown on me over the years though and I don’t mind it now. Lemon is a wonderful and uplifting scent! I use it in cleaning applications and to diffuse for an energy boost or when guests are coming over!

  19. Two of my very favorites! I use Lavender, lemon and peppermint in my diffuser necklace a lot! My new favorite use for lavender is with Ho wood and Vetiver in the diffuser at night. Puts my husband right to sleep!

  20. Lemon and lavender are two must have oils in my house! Lemon is such an amazing uplifting scent and lavender brings such an instant calm as soon as I open the bottle! What a great combo!

  21. Thanks for the cleaning recipe. I love my stainless steel sink but it doesn’t always look super clean. I’m going to try this!

  22. Lemon is one of my favorites. I always buy it in the 100mL bottle. Knowing everything is clean when I’m done using it is great, but having that clean smell too, that’s even better.

    I need to start using Lavender more, it’s definitely under utilized in our house.

  23. I was glad to see this article. I have both of these as a part of the 7&7 box that I ordered. I have been using lavender at night to promote good sleep, but wondered when I would realistically use lemon outside of cleaning. I was not aware of the phototoxic nature of lemon, so I’m glad this bit of information was included in the blog post. Thanks!

  24. Such a cheerful combination! I had just ordered some lavender from you before this special, darn it! But that’s ok I got the fine lavender which is the kind I really wanted to try.

  25. I just ordered these with the 25 days of Christmas sale! I have had lavendar as lemon from other companies, but I’m really excited to have my PT lemon and lavendar! Thank you again, PT for all your great deals and all of the information (uses/safety) that you provide!

  26. Wow! Both Thankful and blessed to have found Plant Therapy! TO know that they make “kid safe” oils and provide so much information, everything a person needs to know on essential oils. this is the first blog Ive read. Now I have some aids for when my 12 week old grandson starts teething! Thanks Plant [email protected]

  27. Thank you for this reminder. I have a few bottles of each of these and don’t seem to reach for them as much as other oils. I know they are super useful and have a broad spectrum of uses. I will have to grab them more often.

  28. I got my lemon and lavender in the mail today. I already have both of these; although the lavender I had purchased from another company (large bottle, cheap price). It is not the quality you always get from PT. It’s ok for cleaning purposes, but when it comes to aromatherapy or for use on my skin, I want the best. Lemon & Lavender are two oils I never want to be without! I make an air-freshening spray with Lavender, Lemon, Cedarwood Virginian, and Lemongrass. It smells fantastic. I appreciate the info provided in these blogs.

  29. I’m so excited to get these two! I am new to PT and just building my collection. I love lavender, but lemon hadn’t made it to the top of my list yet. It was a no brainer to take advantage of this BOGO offer. Looking forward to some DIY projects with lemon!

  30. I’ve used lavender a lot, but I really haven’t use my lemon much at all. Thanks for the ideas of how I can better utilize it.

  31. These are two of the favorite oils used in our home! Love that you talked about these two staples and offered a great sale too!

  32. Love these two oils! Cannot live without either one of them. Lemon is so versatile and just makes the house so fresh!! Lavender is the best calming oil ever.

  33. No matter how many unique oils or synergies I have, I reach for lavender over and over again. And the lemon just smells so delicious… I have never thought to use them together but now I will!

  34. These 2 are my goto oils for a great uplifting day! Bet those blues and cruddy headache days! This a great deal to keep stocked up can’t wait till Tomm deals

  35. Definitely 2 of my favorites! Lavender was my first oil I purchased for myself. I feel like it’s definitely an oil everyone starts with. I also love lemon for cleaning and it’s fresh scent!

  36. I love to use both for different cleaning jobs. Lemon for the kitchen sink. Both on a cotton ball in my vacuu while vacuuming. For burns or sunburns- lavender and aloe jelly but I don’t love having to use it in this case but love it when I need to use it in this case. Lavender for relaxation.

  37. I took advantage of the amazing deal Plant Therapy offered today! BOGO! Excited to try different uses of these amazing oils!

  38. I am new to using EOs! I am glad I can reference back to your blog posts to see different uses for different oils. I will be keeping the recipe to take labels off bottles as I am a crafter and I am always looking for DIY stuff for my projects. Tomorrow I will be using a recipe with lavender to hopefully help with my arthritis in the mornings. Love PT!!!

  39. Today, I diffused lavender and lemon together for the first time. LOVE!! I like to use lemon to get labels off glass jars. Lemon is like sunshine in a bottle for me 🙂

  40. Such a great deal. So many uses for these two! Had to pass on to my friends as well. Plus loved the bonus Birch offer. Thanks, Plant Therapy!!

  41. Lavendar is such a staple in our house! Bug bites, burns, everything! And I love lemon in my diffuser. It just makes you feel like your house is clean!

  42. These are some of my must haves!! They smell delicious and are multi-functional as well. Great deal-I’ve bought one for myself, looking to buy one for my mom next 🙂

  43. Two of my favorite, and ultimate go-tos, along with Peppermint. Thank you for the review and reminder of their value!

  44. Two of my families favorite. We all suffer from allergies so combining these two with peppermint not only smells wonderful but alleviates stuffiness.

  45. Two oils I always have on hand. Thanks for sharing the baking soda and lemon cleaning scrub. I will definitely put that to good use.

  46. I have been wanting the Lemon oil and I am always using Lavender so, I was so excited for this that I went ahead and ordered it right away. I can’t wait to diffuse it!

  47. My current favorite combo to diffuse: lavender, peppermint, and lemon. The house smells so bright and fresh! Thank you for the cleaning recipe! I’ll try that on my stainless steel sink today.

  48. I love these combination of oils when I diffuse for my anxiety, helps me relax and clear my head all at the same time.

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