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Essentials Video: Christmas Tree Scented Ornaments

It’s that time of year again. Christmas decorations are going up around the house, stores are playing Christmas music around the clock, and families are planning the holiday gatherings. If you’ve opted for an artificial tree, it’s just not the same without the fresh pine scent. Use these fun DIY scented ornaments to bring the fresh Christmas Tree aroma to your holiday decor.

Plant Therapy Christmas Tree Scented Ornaments DIY instructionsWhat You’ll Need:

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What You’ll Do:

Glue the felt shapes to the clothespins. Add 1-3 drops of Christmas Tree Holiday Blend to the felt. Attach to your Christmas tree for a fresh, pine scent!

54 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Christmas Tree Scented Ornaments”

  1. My kids LOVE essential oils AND crafts, so we will definitely be making several of these. Thanks for all you do, Plant Therapy!

  2. My granddaughter loves to craft. Every year her and I make a craft for her mom and dad for Christmas and birthdays etc. This craft will be great because we can change it up according to event that we are crafting for. She is going to love this idea since it’s a little “bigger” than other simple crafts we have done. She is only 6 so she is ready to move to bigger crafts…

  3. What a great idea… and one not just to be used at Christmas time, but for all year round, with different scents and shapes of course.

  4. I’m definitely going to do this with my family. I was trying to figure out an ornament we could make that incorporated essential oils. Thank you!

  5. I just ordered some of this oil and i already have a few felt ornaments. I’m excited to make our tree smell real! I have a few paper and stuffed ones too. I bet this would work on those too. Merry Christmas!

  6. Another great easy project for me to use in my after school programs with kids. Projects need to be easy and able to complete within half hour. Glue sticks would be an easy substitute for the hot glue gun. Kids could take ornaments home with instructions for parents to add EO’s if they chose. Thanks, PT!

  7. Will be making these this weekend with the grandkids. It is cooking and crafting weekend at Nana’s and always looking for a craft that incorporates my oils. Love the ideas you all come up with.

  8. Loiks fun and easy enough. What other single scents might be a good substitute? Cinnamon? I am allergic to some tree EOs, including pine, so I explore cautiously.

    1. Be careful with cinnamon – a little goes a long way. It can be very irritating to the respiratory system for some folks. I personally find it quite irritating when I breathe it in.

  9. This is such a super simple idea, but I’ve never thought of it! We also volunteer at a nursing home and have been debating craft ideas…now I’m wondering if they would enjoy something like this. I’ll need to check with the director first, but thank you for the idea!

  10. I found Christmas Tree in my stash – didn’t remember purchasing it last year – and decided to difuse it yesterday in my bedroom. I love it! I was afraid it would be too pungent for me, but it’s just clean and crisp. Ornaments are an awesome idea, especially for artificial trees.

  11. Love this! My hubby is a firefighter and refuses to have fresh Christmas tree. I’ve been diffusing Christmas Tree Holiday blend, but this will be an added bonus to get that fresh pine scent that I am really longing for.

  12. What a great diy. I just love all these neat ideas you share. This one is going be so easy but fun. Can’t wait to make some. Thank PT!

  13. Oh my, this will definitely be a project for me and my grand!!! She LOVES making things and is beginning to get involved in asking for her tummy oil!! Thanks for growing our knowledge base about options for oil use.

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