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November Essential Oil of the Month: Pink Berries CO2

Autumn is the perfect time to enjoy spicy, stimulating oils — like our November Oil of the Month selection, Pink Berries CO2! This fresh and spicy extract has a unique aroma that is popular throughout the perfumery business as a wonderful alternative to Black Pepper. The exotic scent carries hints of juniper and blends beautifully with a wide array of fruity, woody, and floral blends.

Let’s give this amazing CO2 its time in the spotlight and learn a little more about where these berries come from, how the extraction process works, and some of the best ways to bring the benefits of Pink Berries CO2 into your life!


“Pink Berries” is an extract with many different names, including pink pepper, false pepper, Christmasberry, and Florida Holly [1]. It comes from the Brazilian Pepper tree (Schinus terebinthifolius), which is a small, often multi-trunked evergreen tree or large shrub with glossy green leaves, small white summer flowers, and showy bright pink berries that ripen in the winter. These bright and leafy fruit-laden sprigs are often used as Christmas decorations in areas where the tree flourishes [2].

The Brazilian Pepper tree is native to Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, but has been introduced in tropical to sub-tropical areas around the world, like Florida and Hawaii, where it has naturalized and in many cases become invasive [2]. The tree is known to spread rapidly, especially in environments like roadsides, fields, and pastures [1]. The berries are harvested and sometimes sold as “pink peppercorns” but it should be noted that they are unrelated to true pepper and can actually cause allergic reactions if consumed by people [3].

How it’s made

Pink Berries CO2 undergoes an extraction process that is much different from steam distillation (a common process for obtaining essential oils). With CO2 extracts, carbon dioxide undergoes pressure until it’s a liquid. Then, this solvent removes the oil from the plant material. With this solvent, there is no residue left behind, and the precious oil is removed using much lower temperatures, meaning fewer properties within the oils are sacrificed [4].

oil of the month: Pink BerriesBenefits

While Pink Berries CO2 is highly valued in perfumery due to its exotic scent, it offers several wonderful mind and body benefits. Diffuse or inhale the aroma to enjoy its uplifting and stimulating qualities. It’s wonderful for a personal aromatherapy inhaler (use about 15 drops). Use topically to help calm occasional digestive upset or to ease the discomfort associated with sore muscles due to overexertion. Use it in first aid preparations for minor scrapes and sores. Just make sure to dilute it to 1-2% in your favorite carrier oil, lotion, or cream.

Some things you need to know about Pink Berries CO2…

Pink Berries CO2 product sheet

Is it KidSafe? Yes!

Shelf Life: 1-2 years

Cautions: Do not use undiluted on skin. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Recommended for external use only.


Digestive Comfort

What you’ll need:

To use, blend Pink Berries CO2 with the carrier and massage onto the abdomen for occasional stomach upset.

Mental Boost Diffuser Blend

What you’ll need:

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To use, add drops to your aromatherapy diffuser whenever you could use a brain boost!

Spicy and Festive Diffuser Blend

What you’ll need:

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To use, add drops to your aromatherapy diffuser for a fun, unique, and spicy aroma.

Post Workout Support KidSafe DIY

Post Workout Support

Post Workout Support DIY using Pink Berries CO2

What you’ll need:

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To use, blend the drops of essential oils with the Jojoba and massage onto the areas of concern.



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66 thoughts on “November Essential Oil of the Month: Pink Berries CO2”

  • Husband and I landscaped big time all weekend, I searched the blog and I decided to mix up this workout support blend for us. Not only does it smell amazing, but it actually worked on my sore arms and hips. Hubs strained something in his thigh and it eased it right away! Great blend! I recommend it!

  • Got this s in Nov and tried diffusing it today. Says it blends well with Copaiba…I’m still on the fence but it definitely has a peppery smell for sure. Will see what the hubby says when he gets home! I may have to try it with bergamot or lemon before I give a full review. I was hoping for some headache relief and we’ll see if it works. I thought the copaiba would overpower it since I used more but it’s definitely stronger smelling than copaiba which I really like.

  • Been reading in the OOTM group how some people found this oil helps woth headaches. Sadly I don’t see this for sale on the PT site. Would you consider making this oil available on a regular basis? Thank you in advance 🙂

    1. Fazila, we like to bring back Oil of the Month selections when customers really love them, so maybe this will be another one added to our regulars!

  • This sounds like very interesting oil, especially all it uses. Are there ways to purchase the oils without joining the oil of the month club?

    1. Bex, you can purchase Oil of the Month selections during that month for a one-time fee of $20 without committing to a membership. However, many times when the month is over so is that selection we offered as it is replaced by a new one. Some OOTM products do come back to our regular inventory if we find that our customers really enjoy it! Recently we’ve brought Moldavian Dragonhead, Magnolia Flower, and Sea Fennel into our inventory, when they were just OOTM selections before 🙂 Hopefully, Pink Berries can make another comeback, too!

  • Pink Berries CO2 is wonderful as a stand-alone in the diffuser, providing mild energy, a pleasant spicy/peppery aroma, and different from the ordinary. I sincerely hope we can purchase more going forward, too!

  • I received this with my oil of the month subscription and was surprised by the smell. I saw berries and just knew this would be a sweet-fruity fragrance, but I was definitely in for a pleasant surprise lol. I used this with cinnamon once, just on a day I needed a warm pick me up, and I loved the combo. I’ll be trying the suggested Mental Boost blend next since Bergamont it one of my favorites. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Love this one! Really perfect for the holidays, and I tried topically for digestive problems and it did the trick!

  • Smells great from the bottle, but I haven’t even tried it yet and it’s already time for my December oil!!! Tomorrow might be the day for the Pink pepper CO2 with bergamot blend, it sounds wonderful!!! Thanks for the great ideas Plant therapy!!

  • Looking forward to trying the ‘Mental boost’ recipe, it’s Christmas tests preparation time in our house

  • Wonderfully informative. Had never even heard of pink berry EO until now. Interested in finding out what the scent is like. I wouldn’t have guessed peppery since the name suggests berry blend. Thanks for the information.

  • I am absolutely loving my Pink Berries. I found a diffuser blend that was 4 drops lavender, 3 drops geranium and 2 drops Pink Berries. It was divine! I’m definitely going to make a roll on (and probably a lotion, too) with this blend.

  • Thank you for the information about Pink Berries. I received my bottle last week and was looking for more ideas on how I could use it. I can’t wait to try some of these out.

  • I received pink berries through oil of the month! I diffused it with bergamot. Ahhhh so good! Great uplifting blend! Can’t wait to use it topically for muscle discomfort.

  • I have to admit that the name Pink Berries sounds somewhat generic. I figured it was a synergy with a bunch of different berries involved.

  • I got my OOTM shipment this weekend and am really excited about this oil. Thank you for the blog post with idea on how to use it, I was a little overwhelmed with the spicy scent and worried about diffusing it (expecting a peppery sneezing fit) but you’re giving me the courage to try it out. Thanks PT!

  • Appreciate the additional helpful info on Pink Berries Co2. I loved this oil of the month!! Please consider adding this to the product line.

  • I love getting oily surprises. Ootm is such a gun thing to get every month. I really like the digestive benefits from this one.

  • I love the pepperyness of this oil! I didn’t expect it to remind me of black pepper so much, I wonder what a blend of them together would be like. Maybe I’ll try it for some extra peppery goodness.

  • There was a mix-up with my account, but I am hoping that it got corrected in time! I am looking forward to trying this for sore muscles! It sounds delightful 🙂

    1. With enough positive customer feedback, we try our best to make some of our Oil of the Month selections available for everyone 🙂

    1. Jodi, try blending Pink Berries with Orange Sweet or Ylang Ylang; both are refreshing and help with the feeling of irritability 🙂

  • I cannot WAIT to try this oil! It’s so new and exciting! I would love to see a post specific for blending recommendations and recipes for the past few OOTM

  • This was a great oil! Reminds me a bit of black pepper, except better. I especially love the fact sheet that came with, it’s nice to read about the different ways to use it. And I love the blend ideas in the blog post!

  • Cant wait to try this oil soon. to diffuse for the aroma and enjoy its uplifting and stimulating qualities are very luring. Thank you for the suggestions.

  • I need to pick this one up! I just started increasing my weights during my workout sessions and need to ease some of the muscle soreness that comes along with that. Looking forward to using it in a post workout muscle rub mix!

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