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Plant Therapy Gives Back During The Festival of Giving

How the Festival of Giving helps:

The Festival of Giving was formed due to the overwhelming need to assist local nonprofits in the Magic Valley area of Idaho state. It is a fundraiser for multiple nonprofits, rather than a single charity. It focuses on help for neglected children, abused animals, injured veterans, those in crisis, and many more.

This four-day fundraising welcomes the entire community! The event included free live entertainment from a variety of community groups, auctions, breakfast with Santa, pictures with Disney princesses, a gala, and more! It is a wonderful way to engage everyone in the community, especially since the admission for most events was anything from a canned food item, an unwrapped toy, or just one dollar.

Our Involvement:

Plant Therapy is proud to be a title sponsor of this grass-roots fundraising event. The goal of this event is to give back to the Magic Valley as a whole, which is something Plant Therapy has made a priority since it began.

With the combined participation of the public and many charities, not one, but many, benefit from the Festival, making it a win-win for everyone. It touches the lives of so many!

100% of all the profits will go directly back into the nonprofits. In past years, this event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars.

34 thoughts on “Plant Therapy Gives Back During The Festival of Giving”

  1. This sounds like an awesome event. I’m not surprised that PT is so involved in it. I want to plan a trip to PT some day, maybe I should plan it around the Holiday’s so I can attend this event and help to give back too.

  2. Really nice to know I am supporting a company that also SUPPORTS. Very important for me and my family. Happy holidays and blessings to you all. <3

  3. As an employee of a small nonprofit I love it when companies give back, especially to small organizations as opposed to well funded national organizations. I love that I can purchase a great product at a reasonable price and know that the company is using the profits to make a difference in their community. Thank you!

  4. I love our community supporting one another!! I wish I would’ve went to the event but I was out of town I think. Love that PT gives back in so many ways!!!! (Including to us customers through giveaways, sales, and fun contests). Way to make an impact in this world!!!!!

  5. So Awesome that Plant Therapy is involved with the community. Make me love them even more. Thanks Plant Therapy for be a wonderful company!!

  6. I’m not surprised at all to learn this. PT is a very generous company to their customers and it makes me so happy to support them knowing they are also generous to their community!

  7. Plant Therapy thank you for all you have done and continue to do, not only during the holiday season, but all year long. It makes me proud to be a customer and to support such a generous company .

  8. I love hearing about companies that give back to the surrounding community. This is one of the reasons PT is my favorite go to oil company.

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