Tropical Passion and Tangerine: Two New Plant Therapy Essential Oils!

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Two NEW Essential Oils, Tangerine and Tropical Passion are Here!

Plant Therapy tropical passion organic tangerineJust in time for Christmas, Plant Therapy is releasing two fan-favorite essential oils, Tangerine Organic, and Tropical Passion!

Both these amazing oils were former oils released through our oil of the month program, but you loved them so much we’re making them regular additions to our store!

Tangerine Organic:

Tangerine and Tangerine Organic have a bright, refreshing, and rejuvenating citrus oil. Its brightness can help clear the mind and reduce nervous tension. It is also a helpful support to the immune system. It can also help calm digestive issues such as a queasy stomach when added to a carrier oil and applied to the abdomen.

Want to try it out right away? Make some of this DIY lip balm:

Tropically Kissed Essential Oil Lip Balm

Tropically kissed lip balm DIY instructions

What you’ll need: 

What you’ll do:

Mix the beeswax, mango butter and Jojoba in a double boiler until melted together. Stir in the Vitamin E Oil and essential oils. Pour into tubes and allow to harden. (Makes about 3-4 tubes)

Tropical Passion:

Tropical Passion smells amazing as a fragrance or room freshener, but it also boasts some amazing benefits for our emotions.

And, as a special treat for those who fell in love with Honeybell, Tropical Passion offers another option when you want to switch between scents. Where Honeybell is uplifting and calming, Tropical Passion is uplifting and energizing.

Tropical Passion Synergy brings you an aromatic symphony of essential oils. Mandarin Red, Orange Essence, Tangerine, and Buchu combine for a bright and fruity scent. Anise and Peru Balsam add a pop of spicy, sweetness, while Almond Bitter gives it the perfect amount of nuttiness.

So often, we focus on the soothing concerns once they bother us physically. And, yet, so many of our physical symptoms begin with a less than optimal state of mind. When we can ease the source below the surface, we have the opportunity to enhance our overall wellbeing.

Use Tropical Passion to help lift your mood and energize your mind simply through the power of smell.

Also just in time for your Christmas DIYs is this recipe for Tropical Passion body wash, the perfect thing to whip up and add to a gift basket:

DIY Tropical Passion Body Wash

Tropical passion body wash DIY instructions

What you’ll need: 

What you’ll do: 

Add your ingredients to a plastic squeeze bottle and shake hard to mix.

45 thoughts on “Two NEW Essential Oils, Tangerine and Tropical Passion are Here!”

  1. I really like the idea for teh body wash I think I am going to adapt it to a kidsafe version with different oils! Nice recipe idea <3

  2. I got Tropical Passion when it was the OOTM. It’s super fruit punchy smelling and I like using it in a room spray.. I am looking forward to trying Tangerine out!

  3. Tangerine! I love any citrus smell. I have Tangerine from the checkout offer for $5 and I couldn’t be more than happy. Can’t wait for my shipment to arrive and start using it.

  4. PT you are the best! Thanks for the lip balm recipe, I’m really needing to get into lip balms now that it’s winter. My favorites are spicy and citrus. years I bought soy candles from a gal in Hawaii, they were Plumeria scent and I LOVED the scent….maybe you can come up with that one?

  5. I am so excited to try Tangerine! I just got it!! I think it’s going to blend well with my other citrus and so many other oils I have! Yay!!

  6. Fruits are my favorite! I love Tangerine already but this sounds even better! Tropical Passion is just what I need to make it through a miserable MN winter!

  7. I always think I’m satisfied with my collection of oils…and then PT introduces yet another amazing sounding oil, or an article explaining the benefits of an oil I don’t have and… I just have to add it to my set! I love Honeybell, so they had me on “for those who loved Honeybell”…lol. I’m not a huge fan of “tropical” scents generally, but Tropical Passion sounds like my cup of tea because I love citrus blends. Honeybell (and Lemon Cupcake!) are my favorites to diffuse.

  8. Thank you for the lip balm and body wash recipe! I love Tropical Passion synergy and know that the body wash will be great smelling.

  9. These oils sounds so good! Definitely trying the tropical passion first, and I know that tangerine will smell amazing as well!

  10. These sound fantastic, I am a fan of sweet and fruity scents. They will be perfect for this chilly time of year when I’m yearning to be in a warm, tropical climate! thanks for the oils and recipes 🙂

  11. I cant wait to try the tropical passion. I diffuse the regular tangerine on a daily basis- I would like to try the organic for a rollerball.

  12. I think tangerine will make it to my wish list! I already love orange, lemon, lime…! Citruses are my favorite for adding in cleaning products- the smell is so bright and fresh.

  13. I read on the description of tropical passion that you shouldn’t use it if you have endometriosis. Does this mean just don’t use it topically or don’t diffuse it either? Also, what ingredient(s) in particular are unsafe for people with endometriosis?

  14. Thank you for sharing the body wash and lip balm recipes! I will add them to my DIY’S they both sound amazing. I loved the tropical passion oil of the month. I am glad it will be sticking around.

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