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Hand Sanitizer to Help Ward Off Holiday Germs

DIY winter hand sanitizerIf you’re traveling this holiday season, you know the chance of getting sick is a bit higher than if you were to stay at home. Grimy germs just love airports, bus stations, and hotels, meaning that our body needs to stay on guard to prevent those germs from making us feel ill. Try out this all natural, quick, and easy-to-make DIY hand sanitizer that will help keep hands clean (and moisturized!) while you’re out and about traveling this month.

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Hand Sanitizer DIYHand Sanitizer DIY for holiday travelingWhat you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

  1.  Pour Aloe Vera Jelly into a flip top bottle.
  2.  Add 18 drops of Germ Fighter OR KidSafe Germ Destroyer.
  3.  Shake well to mix oils.
  4.  Use a dime size squirt of the gel as needed on your hands and rub in.

44 thoughts on “Hand Sanitizer to Help Ward Off Holiday Germs”

  1. I am definitely going to make this today! My job carries me into multiple public locations every day, and it is not always possible to wash my hands after touching door handles. I would like to know if it is okay to use a plastic bottle (the type that you get for carry-on luggage)?

  2. I’m excited to make this one. And for this time of year it will come in handi for my daughter she works in the public

  3. Does it dry quickly like a traditional hand sanitizer? I’d love to try it, but I’m worried my three year old won’t like the feeling.

  4. Silly question here…What is aloe jelly? Is it the same thing as the aloe gel you’d get from the drug store to apply after a sun burn? Or is there something special and different about aloe jelly?

    1. Aloe Jelly has thickeners and emulsifiers added to help emulsify the EO added. Plant Therapy sells a great Aloe Jelly for this purpose! Click on the product in the recipe above.

  5. Hi! Thank you! Should this be in a glass bottle? Where is the best place to get the bottles? I’m so excited to make some of these. I’m going to put them in my kids lunch boxes so they don’t have to use what the school provides. Thanks for the recipe. Thanks for the sale. I hope the aloe jelly goes on sale soon too hehe. Thanks again!

  6. Looking forward to making this and being able to take Germ Fighter with me. Thank you for sharing this recipe for hand sanitizer.

  7. I love my hand sanitizer that I have made with PT aloe jelly and my kidsafe Germ Destroyer! It smells amazing! Uou only need a small amount!! It does feel a little sticky for a few seconds, but the absorbs very quickly!! Highly recommended!!

  8. This is just what I was looking for. I teach young children and need something that doesn’t feel sticky and is loaded with chemicals. I can hardly wait to try this out! I ordered the germ fighter and it should arrive soon.

  9. I can’t wait to make this!!! I have both Germ Destroyer and Germ Fighter on the way, I will just need to get some aloe and bottles. I keep working to broaden my uses of these wonderful oils!

  10. Wow this is a great idea. Usually recipes I see use distilled water or alcohol. This sounds like a great alternative! Can’t wait to try it out

  11. This is a great solution to over the counter hand sanitizer which tends to leave my hands feeling too dry and smelling of chemicals. I cannot wait to try this! Making some today.

  12. I can’t wait to try this DIY hand sanitizer to help keep my hands germ free and moisturized this holiday season! The instructions look super easy to follow and PT has all the items available that I need at the bottom of the recipe! What is the difference between Immune Boom and Immune Aid (the one available for free in the COZY13 deal)???

    1. Immune Boom is kid-safe and Immune Aid is not. I personally prefer the Germ Destroyer one if you’re looking for something kid safe. Immune Boom has dill in it so it does smell a little bit like a dill pickle!

  13. I don’t think work (I’m a nurse at a nursing home) will allow homemade version, but I will definitely make it to keep at home and in my purse! Thanks for the great ideas. Love you guys!!!

  14. I love this! It’s great to be able to make hand sanitizer that’s safe for kids and chemical free! And great smell too! Thanks!

  15. Is aloe vera jelly liquid enough to put this blend in a spray bottle? I’d love to be able to spray down shopping cart handles before touching them.

  16. This is soooo awesome! Now I have no fear to let my little one use DIY hand sanitizer! Only set back is the bottles at PT seems to be always out of stock ..

  17. Thank you! I can’t wait to try this! I love that it’s so simple and that I can use my KidSafe oils that o already have on hand!

  18. Oh I would love to try this! I made a spritzer kind before but i think i prefer the gel kind. Question- is 18d of germ Destroyer safe for a 2 year old or should i use a bit less? Thanks!

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