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Little Stinkers for the Holidays Plant Therapy

6 Ways to Use Lil’ Stinkers During Holiday Travel

Traveling during the holiday season can be stressful, especially if you’re planning on bringing young children with you. We know you want your little kiddos to have as much fun as possible and start those amazing holiday memories as early as possible, but a few bad experiences can quickly trash that dream. Getting car sick, struggling to get a good night’s sleep, and fighting off the constant onslaught of traveling germs? That’s no fun at all! Let our Lil’ Stinkers help make your plans run a little more smoothly. Check out these six reasons why your Lil’ Stinker makes an amazing travel buddy.

1. Queasy tummy? Not today!

Aside from being super soft, cute, and cuddly, Lil’ Stinkers can really be customized for whatever you need. If you know your little one loves his Coco, Otis, or PJ, and you also know that your little one tends to get a bit of a sour stomach in the car, let the Stinker help out! Add some Tummy All Better onto the Safety Scent Cartridge™ to provide a little motion sickness ease. Or, try a single oil, like Dill Weed, Spearmint, or Petitgrain, to help keep your little one’s stomach settled.

2. Getting the jitters….

Even as adults, going someplace new and meeting new people can be very nervewracking — so just imagine how your kiddos feel! Lil’ Stinkers can offer a lot of comfort and confidence to an anxious feeling child, especially if they don’t leave home too often. Calming the Child has a sweet, happy scent that was designed to help slow down revved-up minds and emotions. It’s perfect when the jitters start to take over and all your kiddo seems to want to do is run away and hide. But hopefully keeping his or her Stinker close by to hug (and inhale!) will help with all the new people and places!

3. Sleeping tight all night!

A child’s bed at home is probably one of their comfort zones. It has all their stuffed animals, favorite blanket, and toys close by. So when they can’t sleep on it, it can be near impossible to fall asleep at all. This is no good for them, and definitely no good for mom or dad, either.

But if they sleep with their Lil’ Stinkers at home and can take it with them on the road, it’s like they have a little piece of their bedtime routine to take with them. Add some Nighty Night to help your child relax and fall asleep more easily, no matter where they happen to lay their head.

plant therapy lil stinkers

4. Bring along the comforts of home

Does Coco, Otis, or PJ have a regular scent? Maybe it’s one of their custom blends or another single oil or blend — either way, your child may enjoy that predictability, especially during travel.

So, if Otis smells like his signature blend at home, and he smells like his signature blend away from home, too, well, that may really help keep a young mind at ease during their traveling adventures. It’s like taking a piece of home with them wherever they go.

5. Keep those sick bugs at bay!

Traveling and germs. They go hand-in-hand. If you use Immune Boom or Germ Destroyer in the Lil’ Stinkers, then you can be assured that your child’s immune system is being supported by all of those amazing essential oils!

While we can’t prevent everyone from catching the ickies, we can actively try to prevent the germs from taking over or spreading. And every little bit of prevention helps during travel.

plant therapy lil stinkers

6. Add an extra touch of the holidays…

We all love to make happy holiday memories happen for our children. Using one of our KidSafe Holiday Blends with your Lil’ Stinkers can really help enliven the spirit of the season. Whether they love the smell of freshly cut evergreens (Christmas Tree), frosty delicious candy canes (Frosted Mint), or holiday comfort by the stockings (Holly Berries), using one of these blends in their snuggly Stinker friend can really help remind your child of the best parts of the season!


53 thoughts on “6 Ways to Use Lil’ Stinkers During Holiday Travel”

  • We got one for each of our kids and they love them. They like to change up the scent every few nights and help create new blends.

  • I really wanted Otis for my son but he was sold out and we wound up getting PJ. He loves the plush and I love that he can enjoy oils through passive diffusion. I use Calming the Child frequently when he’s upset and it really does the trick.

  • I bought Otis for my son for Valentine’s this year. He was so happy to have it and it really calmed his nerves. So glad I bought something like this for Valentine’s instead of so much candy.

  • These are so cute. I just wish that they were floppier for easier cuddling. My son prefers one that he can snuggle, so Frostini sits in the corner of his bed by the pillow. He likes to change out the scent often.

  • Saving this article for next Christmas! My family has a 10hr drive, so LilStinkers would be a great early Christmas present for my littles (and for me & the hubs 😉

  • I love the idea of the little stinkers but I wish that they were a bit more “cuddly”. They are so big and stiff that it makes it hard to cuddle with them. My oldest hugs his goodnight and then sets off to the side because he says it’s too big to cuddle. He is 3 years.

      1. Mary, unfortunately, we do not have any plans to bring Otis back as of right now. Our amazing Customer Service Team may have more information to share, so feel free to reach out to them at [email protected] 🙂

  • I just got my daughter one & I picked up one of your germ destroyer oils at a local baby boutique by me! Never thought to put it in there. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • We are so excited to give these to our boys for Christmas this year! They loves oils & this is such a fun way to get the benefits passed on to the kiddos in all sorts of places. These will also be prefect for our upcoming trip this spring!

  • My daughter received Otis as an early Christmas gift, and we have a 9 hour road trip right after Christmas. I am looking forward to her being able to snuggle up with her new buddy on our trip!

  • I was so excited to get these for my kids. Too excited to wait until Christmas!!! They love them and I was able to think of them as a health investment. Having a fun and sweet way to use oils at night and keep my kids healthy is a win, win.

  • I love these ideas! We are not traveling for the holidays this year, but when we do in the future, I will be armed with these great ways to make it easier on the little ones! Thanks!!

  • I so want ottio for me. No kids but they are so cute. I so wish I can buy over the 25 days of Christmas. Hopeful soon.

  • My kids have the lil’ stinkers. They use them nightly. We love them. They work amazing for traveling. My kids are always wound up when we stay in hotels. These little guys help calm them down so we all can get some rest! They are cute and any kid would love them. Love the article, I would put these suggestions to use any time.

  • I put Sniffle Stopper in my son’s new PJ when he was sick to help him breathe better. He coughed a lot less at night, and I was able to use a Germ Destroyer roller on him without overloading him with oils topically.

  • I missed the Lil Stinkers Christmas Sale!!! I am hoping for a day that we can use all previous codes that expired oh pretty please? My daughter wished for this as a Christmas gift.

    1. We can’t tell you what’s in store for future deals! You’ll just have to keep checking back with us 😉

  • Just got two of these guys for my kiddos! Coco & Otis!! And lucky me, they both pointed to a different one that they loved! Cannot wait to give them to my kids for Christmas!

  • I have wanted to get my children one of these for Christmas but funds have held me back. After reading this post I am going to be getting them after my next paycheck. These are awesome and can be used to help comfort children in many different ways. Is is socially acceptable for adults to carry these around?

  • I gave Otis and PJ to my nephew and niece for Christmas and they sleep with them every night. They make great gifts for kids of all ages. May have to buy one for myself too. Hehe

  • I got my daughter Coco for her birthday and she loves it! Can’t wait to collect them all! I need to get Otis for my son and PJ for our new baby who is due in July! 🙂

  • I am sad that I missed the sale on these! They would have made such a nice gift for my nieces and nephews! Maybe next time!

  • Great tips! I plan on using them all! I bought two yesterday for my children and now I am regretting not buying one for myself. You’re never too old to cuddle a stuffed animal, right?

  • I have been reading so many positive reviews about these guys and they were on my wish list! I’m so glad for the holiday deal and I was able to order the whole set for my 3 children, i cannot wait for them to get these on Christmas Day!

    1. No worries, Chris. Age is only a number when it comes to cuddling up with a super soft awesome smelling plushie 😀

  • I ordered Otis last year for my daughter. She rarely gravestone without him. He’s her most favorite possession.

    1. Jessica, I have two young boys who are also very interested in oils (even though they call them “smellies”), and they absolutely love their Stinkers because they get to choose what they smell like 🙂 Makes it even more special!

  • My mom just ordered one for my toddler for Christmas, and I was curious if they can be washed so that different scents can be used?

    1. Raiza, inside each of the Lil’ Stinkers is a scent pad that is closed up inside a case. To change the scent, all you have to do is change out the scent pad! It’s really easy. The Stinker will come with five replaceable pads and you can also buy refills from us if you need them 🙂

  • What a great idea about the motion sickness. I used to get so car sick as a kid. Even a 30 min trip could do it. Wish I had these as a kid. Just ordered two for two of my kids. One is even a teenager but we’re hoping it might help with her morning stuffiness. lol

  • I wish I could afford these! They would be ideal for my best friend, who is doing day care. Some of the kids she has can be really mean or hyper. If she got the parents’ (or foster parents’) permission, she could put something in there to help them calm down without knocking them out. When I can afford to get them, I intend to buy a few for her.

  • I’m finally going to get Otis for my daughter now that the Christmas sale is on… So excited! I never thought of some of the uses for the Lil’ Stinkers in this blog, thanks :).

  • I’m super excited to give these to my girls for Xmas! It’s very dry during the winter and one of my girls has complained that her “right nostril sounds like a trumpet” before she gets out of bed in the mornings. I’m hoping Otis or Coco can help her out with that.

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