Essential Oil Aromatherapy Pre-Diluted Roll-Ons: Uses & Benefits

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Plant Therapy Essential Oil Pre-diluted Roll-ons

All About Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Roll-Ons

So you’re looking at the Plant Therapy website, trying to decide what amazing essential oils to buy. But, you might be wondering which you should buy: The undiluted oil or blend, or a pre-diluted roll-on.

Today we’re breaking down the case for roll-ons, because they’re secretly amazing, especially for essential oil newbies and kids!

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1. They’re great for beginnersplant therapy frankincense essential oil roll-on being held by a woman

Roll-ons make the perfect gift for your BFF who hasn’t even heard of essential oils, let alone tried them. A handy pre-diluted roll-on is a great way for her to try them out, without investing in any other equipment.

Try out pre-diluted classics like Lavender, Peppermint, and Frankincense to get your BFF started.

2. You don’t have to buy carrier oil

Plant Therapy Relax synergy woman in hammockInterested in trying out a blend for yourself, but don’t happen to have a 32 oz jug of Fractionated Coconut Oil handy? Pre-diluted roll-ons are the answer to your prayers and easier on your wallet as a one-time purchase.

Pro tip: Plant Therapy has no minimum purchase to qualify for free shipping! Which means buying just one roll-on won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

3. You don’t need to know anything about dilutionfather using plant therapy essential oil roll-on on a child's foot

Dilution rates can be really, really confusing to essential oil newbies. And even though Plant Therapy does a great job of explaining the process, it still may be daunting for the total beginner. Want to try out essential oils before hunkering down to study dilution rates? Roll-ons are the perfect shortcut to getting started.

PS. If you’re buying essential oils as a gift, you can always throw in our handy dilution chart magnet to make it super easy to get started.

4. You can take them anywhere

Plant Therapy essential oil energy synergy blend on a wrist at a deskWhen you have an essential oil emergency, roll-ons have got your back. Roll-ons can be easily tossed into a purse, pocket, or car cup holder and are on hand whenever you need them; no messy diluting needed.

5. Kids can use them safely

Plant Therapy kidsafe essential oil pre-diluted roll onsIf your child is the independent type, roll-ons are the perfect way to teach your children responsibility for their own bodily health.

Try Itch-Away for soothing bumpy skin, Tummy All Better for helping to keep stomach upset away, or Germ Destroyer to keep little hands stay germ-free.


96 thoughts on “All About Pre-Diluted Essential Oil Roll-Ons”

  • I certainly agree with this article. Having oils in a roll-on makes life so much easier, especially when traveling a lot. Also, it is a great introduction method for beginners.

  • I’ve been carrying 4 bottles of oils with me daily for several years- lavender, peppermint, lemon and orange. I’ve never broken one or had any leaks. This article and the comments has me ready to try roll on’s for the first time. Thank you!

  • I’ve been going back and forth on if I should get the oils or the roll-ons. I finally purchased a few rolls ons with the Easter Egg codes (Thanks b the way) My best friend swears by then and says they are much more convenient for the kiddos.

  • I agree that roll-ons are amazing! So convenient! I use them every single day. However, I make my own at home because it’s super easy and so cost effective! They are great as a gift for beginners however!

  • I especially like to buy roll-ons as gifts for friends and family. They are convenient and the recipient has all the information about the product and its use right on the label.

  • I started off buying a lot of singles, but now frequently purchase the roll ons. My most recent was the Chakra set of roll ons. I figured it was the cheaper way to try all of the scents, and then I could later purchase the singles I liked and make my own roll ons and have the bottles already labeled. A win win for sure 🙂

  • I personally love the roll-ons where it’s all ready to use! I buy several of them with each order because they are really awesome to give them away as nice no-reason gifts anytime! My absolute favorites are the Soft Skin and Anti-Age roll-ons!

  • Love rollerballs. My daughter can take them to school to help with headaches, cramps, stress or focus and doesn’t need a note for meds or

  • Rolls ons are amazing for gifting, especially to someone new to oils or someone who wouldn’t otherwise be into diluting for topical use. I gifted a couple of them to my elderly aunt for Christmas knowing that she would love the benefits but would never take on trying to mix topical blends herself. She absolutely loves them!

  • Where is most effective to apply a roller? I have some and I’m wondering if theres a better place besides neck and wrist

    1. Brittany, the neck and wrist are great places for a roll-on, but some people also enjoy the tops of their feet and shoulders. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our awesome team of aromatherapists at [email protected] if you need some more information on the best places to use a particular roll-on 🙂

  • Roll-ons are my best friends right now! My husband uses them to complement his Western medicine in his cancer treatment, and they help with many things – anxiety most of all, but also the severe headaches and nausea that accompany radiation and chemotherapy. He uses them multiple times a day, and it really helps him feel better. I carry a few rollers in a little zipper pouch in my purse – I use them for emotional care and headaches while I’m at work, but I have also found they are super handy for situations like sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office or on public transit when the person next to me is maybe not so fresh… I swipe a roller under my nose and have no issues! xD

  • I love the roll-ons, I don’t have to worry about the carrier oil and figuring out the dilution rate !! Its easy to use with my kiddos!!!

  • I was so happy to find these pre-diluted roll-ons when I started shopping at plant therapy. My elderly aunt has recently gotten into essential oils and loves her diffuser. I wanted to expand the way she uses essential oils but knew that it would be too much for her to tackle making her own roll-ons or dilutions for topical use. I picked up the joyful creation and rapid relief roll-ons for her for Christmas and she just loves them! She’s so happy to have a new way to use oils. Pre-diluted roll-ons are a great gift for the person in your life who likely wouldn’t try making their own dilutions. Easy peasy.

  • I have the kid safe roll ons for my daughter!! we use every morning and every night!! we love them and will continue buying!!

  • I definitely feel like the roll-ons are a practical way to get started with the oils. I have bought some carrier oils, but havent tried mixing on my own yet. The roll-ons are really easy to bring with you anywhere!

  • I love buying the roll on to try it first before purchasing a bottle and having so much on hand. If I love the roll on, I will purchase the bottle when I need more and use the roll on bottle to make my own from there on out.

  • I like making my own roll ons, but I recently bought a pre made roll on and it is perfect! I don’t know why I never bought them before. I will be buying more. I would buy then blends so I don’t have to buy all of the individual oils for it.

  • I’ve been using oils for a long time now and love roller balls, but rarely buy the premade rollers. I do like to have them for my kids though!

  • I use my lavender roll on almost daily, its really great for all kinds of aches and pains. I was wondering though… I have some of the empty roll on bottles from the site that I wanted to try some blends with. Approximately how many drops of essential oil should be used, assuming I would just fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil?

    1. Sarah, here are a couple of options: for a 2% dilution in your roll on bottle, add a total of 6 drops. for a 3% dilution, add 9 drops, and for a 5% dilution, use 15 drops! Hope that helps 🙂

  • I like the roll ons for letting my kids use oils safely. I don’t have to worry over them using the wrong dilution:)

  • I’m loving my kidsafe roller bottles for all of these reasons. I will probably be buying a carrier oil at some point but they are a great way to try without being invested in a big bottle.

  • I love roll on “option” but I usually make my own. I keep dilution chart on hand and have separate ones for adults and my little boy. My son loves them. After couple of days he started sticking his feet whenever he saw me taking roll on bottle. I have couple synergies in roll on that I got from plant therapy as those are perfectly balanced

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s so sweet that your little boy sticks his feet out for some roll-on goodness 🙂

  • I’m just getting started with EOs and love the rollers. As a beginner, I’m also nervous about getting the dilutions correct so feel good about this option already done for me. Perhaps over time with research, I’ll feel comfortable to do my own. Plus the labels are nice and easy to read with all the important information needed. As a traveler, they are easy to take on the road.

  • At first I didn’t understand why people bought roll-on when you can make you’re own more cheaply. But if you can’t use them before the expiry date, it’s not worth it. Plus you have to spend more in the beginning.

  • I’m just getting into the oil game and these rollons are amazing! I’m sure when I learn more I can make them myself, but for now I live by these for my baby!

  • I would much rather use the predeluted roll on but I worry about contamination… the ball rolls on skin that may not be perfectly clean and then what? Bacteria grows in the bottle? Spreading it to each family member? When I use my full strength oil I can just use a drop at a time without touching the dispenser. Am I wrong?

    1. Christine, if contamination is a concern for you then I would recommend not sharing your roll-on bottle with others. If you have an oil that is not prediluted please do not drop the oil directly onto your skin without first blending it with a carrier oil as that can present safety concerns. If you have more questions regarding this, please contact our awesome customer service team at [email protected] 🙂

  • i don’t like fractionated coconut oil or i would have gotten roll-ons instead of a shelve full of singles, most barely used

    1. Laura, have you considered making your own roll-ons with your single oils? Our pre-diluted roll-ons include Fractionated Coconut Oil, partly because it is odorless and very familiar. However, you can use any carrier you would like! Jojoba is my personal favorite. And if you don’t have roll-on bottles, you can make up your blend in any sort of airtight container and use it as often as needed since it’ll already be ready to go! 🙂

  • I love roll-ons! When I use one up, I buy the neat oil to refill it at the same dilution. I know I could buy empty ones, but I love having the label on there already. I have started using the pre-diluted roll-ons to fill up tiny 2ml rollerballs for my kids to have their own set that hooks on their swim bags. I use this case and bought different bottles for it.
    Then it’s much easier to refill the 10ml bottle than trying to get a 2% dilution in a 2 ml bottle.
    For our family, I have 2 cases of roll-ons, 1 KidSafe, 1 not. The kids know where to go for any health complaint!

  • I love that the roll-on option allows me to try out an oil I’m not sure of. Then, in the even that I like it (more often than not) I can pick up the regular bottle to refill my already labeled roll-on. Win win!!

  • I just ordered myself a number of roll ons for Christmas! I travel ALOT and they are so much easier to transport PLUS I don’t have to do all the dilution calculations. In addition to the current roll-ons, I’d love to see ones for Clary Sage, Rose Otto, Geranium, and Helichrysum. Those are ones I use either for menstrual support (Clary Sage) or for acne spots/sunspots/lines on my face and having them prediluted would be amazing.

  • I love my roll ons! I do make my own sometimes but it’s nice to be able to purchase premade ones if I want!

  • I am a newbie to Plant Therapy, but have used essential oils off and on for a couple of years. I got the Muncy Stop roll on Monday. I used it Tuesday, without realizing it, I was able to resist my daily pack of cheetos cheese puffs and found that I did not munch all day on snacks as my usual daily routine.

  • Plant Therapy roll on’s are so affordable with such a large selection you really don’t need to make your own. Quick, Easy and effective.

  • I am a new customer & I am very eager to try out some roll-ons with my 4 month old baby who is starting to get teeth!!

  • I love the fact Plant Therapy has the roll on options as a newer oil user I am not 100% comfortable yet on diluting with the carrier oil just yet!

  • I absolutely love the idea of gifting essential oil rollers to family and friends that are new to essential oils. They are great for newbies or people with very busy lifestyles.

  • I usually buy undiluted oils, but the roll on I bought a few months ago works so much better than the ones I made myself. I may need to start buying the roll on just to have these awesome, already labeled bottles for refills

  • I have roll-ons and I use them daily. A good thing about roll-on is I don’t have to own all the different oils to make the blend I want.

  • I started out by getting a Kidsafe Wellness Set of rollers. It was the perfect way to begin using oils before committing to a diffuser, carrier oils, roller bottles, and learning safe dilution rates.

  • I buy the roll- ons to try new oils and blends. If it is an oil or blend that I end up not liking or using Ifeel I have not wasted so much of a precious resource. If I do like it or find myself reaching for it time and time again, I will buy the undiluted bottle and have a beautifully labelled bottle ready to refill! They are also so convenient to have, easy to carry and easy to use!

  • Just ordered my first oils ever in roll on form. I was a bit intimidated by the dilution chart so I felt like roll ons were the best options for me until I can take the time to learn more about dilutions. Cant wait to try them out!

  • Roll-ons were the way in which I started with Essential Oils and loved the convenience of them and that they were a great way to start my learning process. Once I tried a few, I then bought the undiluted oils and began doing so many different things with them. I love that Plant Therapy provides so much information that needs to be known!

    1. As a newbie to oils I appreciate roll ones! I don’t have a huge selection of individual oils at this time. Roll one allow me to try without investing in oils I may not want. The best thing about roll one is the convenience. I have them with me when necessary!!!

  • I choose to buy roll on in condition that looks like it suitable to apply tropically like getting insect bites, or itching. I boughy my kidsafe synergies undiluted except for itch-away (roll on). I probably going to one tummy trouble synergies in roll on bottle in the future.

  • I really love the premade roll ons that I got from PT. My favorites so far are Digizen and Tension Relief. They really do work! The roll ons that I started with made me realize how useful and convenient they really are. Even though I have made some of my own, I still also use the PT premades since they work so well. Thank you PT!

  • I love the convenience of the roll-ons. I make a few special ones myself, but carry around several premade ones all the time, and my grandkids know how to use them as well.

  • The first time I used oils, I tried them without diluting them, error! I was burning! and when I started reading the PT blog, I learned to use them correctly and I bought the roll ons set for my baby. They are the best! Safe and easy to use.

  • Thank you for convenient, filled, ready to go Roll-ons! My kiddos are a little too young to use them independently, but I’ll def remember that for future use!

  • I never bought roll ons until very recently. I know that a lot of people prefer to make their own, but that’s just extra supplies and money for me. Plus, I’m awful at math so figuring out dilution ratios was the worst! Once I bought my first roll on (Worry Free) I was hooked! I love how convenient they are to take anywhere and that my kids can safely use them.

  • Love roll ons for my child. I keep a roll on of diluted immune boom in my son’s night table drawer. He knows if he wakes up with a cough or otherwise feeling unwell that he can use it on his feet.

  • I love the idea of the pre diluted roll ons so that I could easily toss one in a bag and use as needed. I also like to have the bottles on hand to make different kinds when I run out.

  • At first I didn’t see the point of roll-ons but the more I use oils the more I realize I should have ordered them from the beginning. Your roll-ons always work perfectly, yet any roll-on bottles I’ve orders from a certain massive website to fill myself barely work. I’ll struggle to get anything out at all. And I love knowing that they’re safely diluted for the kids to use themselves.

    1. Your comment exactly mirrors what I have been thinking! Especially on things that I use all of the time, such as the Nature Shield and Germ Fighter. The Plant Therapy rollers work perfectly, do not leak, and keep the product protected from UV damage.

  • Love this! Education is key for using essential oils properly, especially with kids! The kids safe roll ons take make me and my family feel comfortable and stress free when it comes to applying and using oils on our wrists and feet. It has become a fun time where we are all snuggled up and use nighty night together 🙂 Love this blog!

  • Love the premade roll ons. Plus they look much better than DIYs especially since they list ingredients and dilution rate.

  • Everything mentioned is exactly why I took advantage of the 20% off deal today and purchased some pre-diluted synergies. Thank you Plant Therapy 1

  • I like the idea of roll one, but I mostly end up buying the undiluted oils. I do have two roll one that were freebies this summer & I have tried one of them & it was nice 🙂

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