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Plant Therapy blue Tansy essential oil

Top 3 Reasons Blue Tansy is a Must Have

By Tyler Hagan,
Certified Aromatherapist & SEOR Facebook Admin

For those who know me (Hi! I’m Tyler from SEOR!), it’s no surprise that I absolutely ADORE Blue Tansy. I love the smell, the deep dark blue color, and most importantly the benefits packed into the tiny bottle. It is truly a remarkable essential oil. If you haven’t read about Plant Therapy’s trip to Morocco in search of Blue Tansy, you should definitely do that now, here. It will give you a great appreciation for not only the oil, but the plant, farms, and distillers.

To give you some background on Tanacetum annuum, it is a perennial, herbaceous plant commonly referred to as Blue Tansy or Moroccan Chamomile. It is a seasonal crop that requires optimal growing conditions so it may be scarce and unavailable at times.  Plant Therapy’s version of this essential oil is sourced from Morocco from a green, hairy plant that produces small yellow flowers.

So you probably find yourself asking, why should I buy it? What benefits does it have? Let me enlighten you with my top 3 uses for Blue Tansy.

1. Promote calmness and relaxation

Blue Tansy to me is very relaxing and helps promote a sense of calmness that I just don’t find with oils. The dark, deep blue color paired with complex and sweet aroma is just so relaxing.

After long, stressful winter days, I like to come home and diffuse 3 drops of Bergamot, 2 drops of Cedarwood Atlas, and 1 drop of Blue Tansy to help melt away the stress of the day.

2. Support a healthy respiratory system during times of high seasonal pollen

As someone who loves to spend time outdoors, especially in the spring and early fall, I rely heavily on essential oils to help keep me healthy and breathing easily, especially Blue Tansy. I keep my Respiratory Powerhouse inhaler in my pockets at all times as it’s packed with powerful oils that help make my outdoor adventures possible.

You can make your own Respiratory Powerhouse inhaler by adding 4 drops of Saro, 3 drops of Ho Wood, 2 drops of Blue Tansy, 2 drops of Lemon, and 1 drop of Cedarwood Atlas to your personal inhaler.

3. Promote healthy feeling skin.

Blue Tansy is a useful essential oil for many different things as we’ve discussed so far. But what about its topical uses? Well, never fear! Blue Tansy makes a fabulous addition to your skincare routines as it helps promote healthy looking skin, leaving you looking and feeling better than ever.

Use it in your favorite facial serums, hand lotions, or body butter alongside your other favorite skincare essential oils.


120 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons Blue Tansy is a Must Have”

  • I’ve read that you can use this to counter the yellow in grey hair. Would this work and would it need to be added to a product you rinse out, like conditioner, or could it be added to a hair oil or gel etc? I’m a but worried that yellow+blue=green, but I don’t know of a purple essential oil. Thanks.

    1. We’ve never tried Blue Tansy for this reason, but in theory, it could work. And you are correct, if you’re looking to counter yellow tones, a purple shampoo or conditioner is needed. Blue is ideal for orange tones in the hair. However, I would add that this might not be the most economical way to use Blue Tansy as it is a more expensive oil.

  • Blue Tansy did wonders clearing up the red irritation on my face very quickly. The smell was an acquired taste for me, but the more benefits I saw the better it smelled.

  • I have a small bottle of blue Tansy that I have been waiting to figure out what to use it in considering the price. It’s a lovely smelling oil in my opinion. I would love to find more essential oil combos that use this precious oil. Thank you for your input and I look forward to researching using this EO more.

  • I recently purchased Blue Tansy since spring is coming. I wasn’t overly impressed with its aroma. I was glad to read Tyler’s recipes for using this precious essential oil and am going to try the inhaler for allergies. I love the beautiful inky blue color of this essential oil. Learning more from your blogs is very helpful to apply aromatherapy practices in my life.

  • Blue Tansy is a very good oil especially to defuse and I use it after a very hard working day with very very good results !!!

  • I’ve been really thinking about purchasing Blue Tansy.. I need it for all three of the above reasons! Thanks for the info!

  • I love the Blue Tansy for relaxation. I diffuse it as part of my bedtime routine and use it it as part of a blend in a roller bottle as well. I also love it as part of the Let It Go synergy blend. I had not discovered the skin care benefit yet so I look forward to exploring that. Thanks for the great blend recipes!

  • Is the relaxation/calming effect stronger than chamomile then? There are days where chamomile just does not cut it 😉

  • I have this oil and haven’t really got to use it or play around with it at all. The diffuser blend intrigues me because I recently got bergamot. I’m definitely interested in the respiratory inhaler as well but there are several oils I am not familiar with. I’ll have to look into those! I’m excited to start using this more.

  • I don’t have Blue Tansy but I did purchase Self Esteem which has it in it. After reading this blog regarding seasonal allergies I think I must purchase this before spring arrives. Allergy medicine and I do not mix but only Plant Therapy oils and I do! 🙂 <3

    1. I use Blue Tansy in a beard balm for my husband. He has extremely dry skin and this has really helped. It has an interesting aroma. Would definitely buy again.

  • Wow! These are some really good reasons! I have been looking for this oil everywhere and now I’ve finally found it. Thank you Plant Therapy.

  • I am on my second bottle of Blue Tansy. Love it. I stopped reading your blog and did the stress diffuser blend then sat back down to finish reading. I like adding it to skin care oils and lotion. I don’t like to diffuse it since its kind of pricey. But I remembered I had a teeny tiny sample bottle of it from another company. ha ha. I’ll save the PT Blue Tansy for topical use. Thanks for the article very interesting.

  • Very excited to use with some of my face seruims. Appreciate the added information. Took the opportunity during the 25 days of Christmas to buy this.

  • Thank you Tyler for your blends. I now want this oil for respiratory blend too. Sounds like my next wish list item lol

  • I am so grateful that I received a free 2.5 ml bottle of blue tansy with a 25 days of Christmas promo code. It smells divine! I LOVE the color. I will be using home made lotion as a carrier and using this on my face.

    Thank you for this informative post!

  • I just purchased blue tansy! I can’t wait to try the relaxing diffuser blend you mentioned. Sounds like exactly what I need lately. Thanks!

  • I just read this article today and I’m bummed that I didn’t go for the deal where you got a free small bottle of this. I have really bad seasonal allergies and hate taking medications. They don’t really work anyway unless I take the ones that cause drowsiness. Just recently getting into essential oils, I am looking for a good blend for my springtime allergies. If anyone has any recommendations, please let me know! Thanks.

  • Am glad I got my first Blue Tansy with my Precious Oils set, it was such a great offer. Now I realised I should have also leaped at the opportunity for the free Blue Tansy promo with the 25 days of Christmas… Nevertheless, this got me into starting my love and fascination with the powerful blue oils. Thank you Plant Therapy for allowing us a more affordable access to such a quality EO!

  • This blog is so helpful and informative. I have been wondering for a while why Blue Tansy has such a high price. I’m amazed with the benefits this E.O can bring but as the same time can not make up my mind for the purchase. As some of PT’s comments have mentioned about Blue Tansy’s scent might not be enjoyed by everyone.

    1. Blue Tansy has to be harvested at optimal conditions in just the right season, which means there simply is not as much of it as there are other essential oils, which may come from crops that be grown throughout the year. It’s true that the scent is not loved by everyone, however, it does blend nicely with many different oils. So even if the aroma isn’t great for you, it’s easy to tone down so that you can still enjoy its wonderful benefits 🙂

  • Great article, although not a big fan of the smell (have some synergies with it in) I think I’m going to have to add Blue Tansy to my list of oils to purchase since it has so many beneficial properties.

  • This is one of my favorite oils in every single way. The smell, the benefits, everything about this oil makes me happy.

  • I just added blue tansy to my collection and I’m LOVING it so far! It smells amazing! And the color is beautifullll!

  • Now I’m extremely tempted to get this! I didn’t know much about it before but it sounds amazing!

  • Good info. I have some- but have been afraid to use it because it was so expensive– Only think I have done so far is add a few drops to a roller bottle!

  • I love to diffuse blue tansy for relaxation, but I had no idea it could help with pollen related allergies! I will have to make my husband an inhaler this spring!

    1. Kathleen, oils can actually come in all sorts of colors! Many are clear, some are yellow, some have a bit of green to them…Blue Tansy has an incredibly deep, rich blue color. This is especially neat since the flowers on the Blue Tansy plant are actually yellow!

  • I wish I could smell this before purchasing! I have a few blends with blue tansy and I always thought I didnt like it based on the blends, but I have never actually experienced it as an individual! This article has me definitely reconsidering!

  • I’ve wanted to try this for SO long but it was a bit costly for me. Luckily today you can get another Christmas deal so I may just get this 2ml Freebee deal. The blends I have with blue tansy are so very calming to me.

  • First time when I smelled it I did not know what to think. But now I really enjoy it in blends. And it helps me to fight allergy!

  • this was very interesting I was on the fence about ordering this as I do not know what it smells like but I like that it can be used for seasonal allergies!

    1. Virginia, if you are using Helichrysum on your skin and are happy with the results, feel free to stick with it! There are many essential oils that work great for skin and all of us are so different that what works well for one person may not work the same for another. If you’re really interested in Blue Tansy but already have a great routine for your skin, you may want to try Blue Tansy for one of its many other uses — even if it’s just for the aroma or because it is such a powerful addition to blends. 🙂

  • Yes! I LOVE this in my blue face serum – I can totally see the difference on my skin. I’ve not used it for anything else, so it was fun reading the other ideas here!

  • I was looking for a substitute for the chamomile in Sweet Slumber. I absolutely love Sweet Slumber, but I can’t diffuse it because a family member reacts to chamomile. Perhaps I will try a copy cat using blue tansy. Hopefully there won’t be a reaction to this one!

    1. Haley, you may want to try 3 drops of Blue Tansy, 3 drops of Pine Scots, and 5 drops of Eucalyptus Dives in an aromatherapy inhaler for a KidSafe blend. Blue Tansy is fun to experiment with because it has such an interesting aroma; try blending it with other oils that help with seasonal issues. I’ve linked a blog that discusses essential oils and allergies to get you started, hope this helps!

  • Thank you for the great article! I have a bottle of blue tansy from PT which I got long time ago and somehow, I was not the fan of the smell. So it just seats on the shelf. I will give it another try and do the blend with it.

    1. Yana, Blue Tansy is very divisive aroma-wise. Some people love it more than any other oil, and other people can’t stand it! It’s really interesting how we can all smell the same things differently! I agree with you, though, and I too am not a huge fan of the smell. It can be blended beautifully though so that you can get the benefits of Blue Tansy without having to experience too much of the scent 🙂

  • This is my all time favorite oil. I use it medicinally daily in my pain blend and so many other blends. Thank you for providing pure blue tansy essential oil.

  • I used this in my last batch of homemade face serum with some other oils, and I loved the benefits (though I looked like a Smurf until I rubbed it in to my skin)!

  • I just got this as a freebie and I am so excited to use this as my daughter and I have hay fever and all sorts of allergies. Thanks for sharing your inhaler recipe!

  • I am happy to join PT and the great usage of different oils. I am new joinee and learning alot. Blue tansy is my new favourite now.


  • I can’t wait till my Blue tansy bottle arrive home! 😀 I have order from PT on that day Blue tansy was a present, and now waiting to arrive. Thank you PT!

  • I love my Blue Tansy for respiratory support but never thought of adding it into my skincare routine! I’m going to give this a try. Thanks!

  • Bought a face serum with Plant Therapy Blue Tansy in it, and it helps with the breakouts … thus ordered the undiluted one and still awaiting for its arrival.

  • Thank you for the information, Tyler! I’m curious, you mentioned that “Plant Therapy’s version of this essential oil is sourced from Morocco from a green, hairy plant that produces small yellow flowers” but you also said that the oil is deep blue. Do the flowers produce a blue oil or is there a colorant added? Thanks for the article!

    1. Amelie, the oil is actually blue! It has a special component naturally inside it that turns the whole essential oil that beautiful, deep, rich blue color 🙂

  • I couldn’t resist ordering yesterday just to receive the free Blue Tansy included…It wasn’t on my “To buy ” list but I am very excited to try it out! The idea of a blue oil (and from a plant that isn’t even blue!!) is fascinating to me. Can’t wait to experience this special oil for the first time.

    1. Holly, it can leave a bit of blue behind if not rubbed in well or if not diluted correctly. If this is something you’re concerned about but want to try Blue Tansy topically, dilute it heavily first in a carrier oil and apply it in the evening 🙂

  • Definitely putting this on my wish list! I asked for a gift card for Plant Therapy on my Christmas list and hoping to do some shopping in the New Year!

  • Blue Tansy’s utility appears to be similar to many other oils. Other than the unique aroma, is there are really unique features of Blue Tansy?

    1. The color of the oil is incredibly unique — it is a rich, deep, dark blue. What also makes it unique is that Blue Tansy oil is produced from a seasonal crop that requires optimal conditions, making it not quite as available as many other essential oils.

  • I’m so looking forward to trying the blue tansy! My favorite synergies have it in, so when I saw that it is free with an order right now, I decided I need to just put in another order now … love reading about all of the uses!

  • Oh man! This is a wish list oil. I’m afraid to purchase and fall in love because it’s a more luxurious oil but the Deal of the Day is so hard to beat. Free 2.5 ml with $35 purchase?! I can hardly resist…

  • Blue tansy is like ranch dressing! Just put it in and on everything lol! The smell is amazing, it’s calming and works wonders in my skin routine.

  • This sounds like an oil i may need! How does it smell? Does it have a strong scent like some of the other floral oils?

    1. Blue Tansy has a very unique aroma. It is strong and floral for sure, but also very different from other floral essential oils. It has a sweet apple-like scent that really stands out!

    1. That’s a great question, Holly; Blue Tansy can stain, so make sure to handle it very carefully! For many Blue Tansy lovers, the rich blue color is one of the best parts of the oil, and well worth the risk 🙂

  • Hi Tyler, I’ve heard it can stain your tub in bath salts and stuff or your diffuser, so in a roller bottle properly diluted will it stain your skin? I really want this oil, and was like OMG when I saw this sale this morning because I’ve ordered way more than I should have already but it’s on my wish list lol!

    1. Brandy, we have not had an issue with Blue Tansy staining anything as long as it is properly diluted 🙂 Over time it is possible to slightly stain a diffuser since it is used undiluted, so make sure to clean your diffuser regularly. Also, if adding to bath salts, make sure to dilute Blue Tansy first in a carrier oil or body wash before mixing with bath salts 🙂

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