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Idaho Food Bank Volunteering

Plant Therapy Volunteers: The Idaho Food Bank

On December 14, 2018, Plant Therapy employees volunteered at our local Boise branch of the Idaho Food Bank, donating our time to help feed Idaho’s hungry.

More than 220,000 Idahoans, including more than 72,000 children, are food insecure, meaning they live at risk of hunger. That means that more than 1 in 6 Idaho children and about 1 in 8 Idahoans are food insecure.

  • Idaho has 7 counties with childhood hunger higher than 20%.
  • Nearly 1 in 3 people who need assistance have income levels that prevent them from getting government assistance (34%). This number is up 5% from last year.
  • More than half of the people who are food insecure make too much to receive most government assistance (51%).
  • Idaho’s hungry are falling short by nearly 6 meals every week. That’s two full days.

The economy may be improving, but many people are still not seeing the benefits. Food is getting more expensive and Idaho’s hungry are falling further behind, something Plant Therapy takes very seriously. The Idaho Food Bank relies almost entirely on donations from the community to provide food for these hungry families.

“A big part of the Plant Therapy culture is giving back. We are generously provided several hours a year by the company to spend time volunteering for charities we are passionate about.” Said Tanya Vaughan, Vice President of Marketing at Plant Therapy. “As a team, we decided we’d volunteer time supporting the Idaho Food Bank’s mission and felt it was a great way to spend an afternoon this Holiday season.”

“It was so inspiring to see all the good this organization is doing for our community.” Added Mykeah Kranzler, Marketing Director. “I was so moved by this experience, and thankful we had the chance to help.”

How you can help:

Boise office charity workSolving hunger in Idaho is a big challenge that requires many different kinds of support. Whether its money, food, time, or resources – your support goes toward reducing hunger and improving the lives of struggling families, children and seniors.

If you’d like to donate to the Idaho Food Bank, go to the Idaho Food Bank website and click “get involved.”

Provide financial support through one-time or monthly giving.

The Idaho Food Bank collects millions of pounds of food every year that is distributed through facilities in Boise, Pocatello, and Lewiston to more than 400 community partners across Idaho.

The Idaho Foodbank provides hunger relief to thousands of Idahoans in need thanks to the support of dedicated volunteers.

From computers and desks to tractor-trailer trucks, the list of resources is both long and diverse. Donating these items helps The Idaho Food Bank continue to provide relief and support to those who need it most.


11 thoughts on “Plant Therapy Volunteers: The Idaho Food Bank”

  • This is awesome. Thanks so much for giving back to your community. It’s hard to believe so many in this country of ours are in this kind of situation. It is such a joy to purchase excellent oils from a company that has a heart to bless others. God Bless You all!

  • This makes me love PT even more!! I’m the leader for our church’s youth group service team, so seeing others serve always makes me happy!! ❤️

  • I am very happy to see a business giving back to others who need help. Great job plant therapy, this is another reason to purchase oils and accessories from you.

  • Love this! When a company is willing to lend their employees’ time and resources to go out and help others, you know you have a compassionate, loving, and bighearted group of individuals leading the forefronts of the business. And in my opinion, this only strengthens my belief in the company, and the care and effort they must put into their products as well.

  • I think this is wonderful. I and my fiance have done it a few times. Just watch out for the mice 🙂 I like working at the homeless shelter and kids there. It is amazing to hear their stories. They are all so loving.

  • I knew I loved you all at Plant Therapy! If everyone gave back, just a little bit, this would be a much better world. Thank you for setting a good example for all of us!

  • So wonderful to see PT helping out the community. I just volunteered with the local Food Bank in New Kent county in Virginia on Monday. Our Social club members had a food drive in the community I live. We are planning on a hygiene/personal care products drive for Spring of next year. We were told that there was a need for those items. Did you know that families on food stamp cannot buy any of those products? I sure didn’t.

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