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Essentials Video: Holly Berries Body Butter DIY

Suffering from dry winter skin? Unfortunately, it is all too common during the colder months. Luckily essential oils are a fantastic addition to your skincare routine. Holly Berries Body Butter combines the nourishing and moisturizing properties of shea butter and sunflower oil with the festive fragrance of Holly Berries blend. Even better, this DIY is KidSafe, making it perfect for the little ones in your life!

You can also use one of the other amazing holiday blends from the Merry & Bright Set.

Essentials Video: Holly Berries Body Butter DIY

Holly Berries Body Butter

What you’ll need:

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What you’ll do:

  1. In a glass bowl or large measuring cup, warm Sunflower Carrier Oil in the microwave for 30-45 seconds until warm (not hot).
  2. Add Shea Butter and Holly Berries.
  3. Whip with a hand mixer until light and fluffy.
  4. Scoop into the jar and cap tightly.

65 thoughts on “Essentials Video: Holly Berries Body Butter DIY”

  1. This had to be the easiest body buter to make. I used Ylang Ylang (at the proper dilution) and it smells amazing! It will go well with my body wash and perfume that I just made.

  2. Oh I can’t wait to try this with the Rose Absolute I just got in. I’m making bath bombs tomorrow containing Rose/Manuka 🙂

  3. I’m going to try this recipe when my order of shea butter arrives. Most recipes I saw calls for coconut oil and some other ingredients. This recipe should be simple enough for a first timer like me.

    1. Donna, unfortunately, the link that leads to our Shea Butter is the same for crude and refined, and you will need to use the drop-down selection to make sure you are ordering refined. We recommend using refined for this recipe and apologize for the inconvenience this link may have caused.

  4. Thank you for sharing the recipe. I am new to EO and was considering just mixing EOs that I just purchased with unscented lotion for use. However, this post made it seemed so simple to make body butter, I might give it a shot!

  5. This is a great recipe! I don’t have the Holly Berries synergy, but I think I’ll add some skin soothing essential oils so I can use this to combat dry winter skin.

  6. Being new to all the DIY projects that can be done with Essential Oils, these videos are so helpful and make things easier and less intimidating to us newbies! Thanks Plant Therapy for sharing all the helpful tips and videos!

  7. I just receieved Holly Berries yesterday and my knees gave out when I smelled it, it smells sooo good!! LOL I really need some butters, I’ve always wanted to try making a body butter and this would be so amazing!

  8. This looks wonderful! I haven’t used sunflower oil before. Does the Shea butter make your hands overly greasy? Last time I made body butter with Shea is was terribly greasy.

    1. Marissa, Shea Butter does take a while to absorb into skin, which may give it that greasy feeling for a bit. I wouldn’t recommend using this body butter if you weren’t able to give it time to absorb. Try using it on your hands and feet at night in bed before going to sleep; that way you can enjoy the wonderful Holly Berry smell and get all the shea butter benefits without having to deal with the slickness 🙂

  9. Love all your recipes and safe information ❤️ Going to whip this up for my twin nieces . Merry Christmas to you all ✨✨✨

    1. Rachel, many people use their regular kitchen mixer, just make sure it is clean and sanitized before and after you use it 🙂

  10. This sounds amazing! Of course I didn’t get holly berries in my last order may have to place another one. My kids would love to make this over the holidays!

  11. Thanks for showing this in a video! So much better than just reading a recipe, I can definitely tackle this now without fearing that I might waste precious ingredients!

  12. I’m very excited to try this recipe! I just bought the oil and I love the smell!! Would it be okay to substitute a different carrier oil for the sunflower? I have the DermiSoothe on hand currently but, not the sunflower.

    1. Absolutely! Changing a carrier oil in some cases may cause the consistency of the end product to be slightly different, but otherwise it should be just fine 🙂

    1. Lisa, you can usually substitute coconut oil for other carrier oils you prefer more 🙂 We often use coconut oil in our recipes because it is very affordable and is an oil many people already own, but that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t swap it out for something you like better!

    1. Pami, we do not add a preservative to this recipe because it is not water-based. You should be just fine going without one 🙂

  13. I’m very excited to try this recipe! I just bought the oil and I love the smell!! Would it be okay to substitute a different carrier oil for the sunflower? I have the DermiSoothe on hand currently but, not the sunflower.

    1. You’re welcome to try DermiSoothe! For many of our DIY recipes we suggest a specific carrier oil that works wonderfully for the product, but often these can be interchangeable 🙂

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