Winter Skin: How to Keep Skin Healthy, Moisturized and Happy this Winter

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8 Practical Tips for Healthy, Glowing Winter Skin

Winter weather is no joke. With the decrease of humidity outside and the increase of dry central heating inside, lots of us deal with the very common (and very uncomfortable!) problem of dry winter skin.

Maybe you’re dealing with skin that feels dull and tight from dryness, suffering from painful cracks, or flaky patches that are downright embarrassing. We’ve got the tips to help you keep your skin soft and glowing this winter.

1. Keep your thermostat low to avoid drying out your skin.

Mother and son cuddled by fireplace during Christmas winter skinWhen it’s chilly outside, what’s the first thing you want to do? Crank up the heat! But central heat can make the air in your house even drier. Try setting the thermostat at a cool yet comfortable setting — 68°F to 72°F to help winter skin stay healthiest.

2. Keep your baths or showers short, and don’t use super-hot water.

Plant therapy forever mom body care set woman setting up a bath winter skinYeah, we know it’s tempting to turn your shower water to ‘nuclear-hot’ when it’s snowing outside, but resist the urge! Super hot water can actually dry out skin faster.

And while we’re on the topic of a less-than-satisfying shower, you should probably keep your showers to between 5-10 minutes as well. Soaking and warming up in a 30-minute shower can also exacerbate dry skin.

3. Apply lotion while your skin is still damp.

plant therapy helichrysum essential oil winter skinMake sure you slather yourself down while your skin is still damp! Your pores are still open, your skin is hydrated and the moisture helps with absorbing lotion. Want to boost the effectiveness of your body lotion? Check out tip #7.

4. Switch to using all-natural body products.

plant therapy organic healing balm all-natural body care winter skinWhen your skin is already irritated, dry and flaky an alcohol-based chemical-filled product may do you more harm than good. Artificial scents can further irritate your skin, meaning your amazing-smelling lotion from a big box store might be making your skin worse, not better.

Opt for a moisturizer with no artificial dyes, perfumes or ingredients (like Plant Therapy’s Organic Healing Balm) to soothe skin without any irritating additives. Our Organic Healing Balm is a gentle, soothing balm that’s perfect for all skin types, especially dry, irritated skin. It moisturizes, relieves dry, irritated skin, and leaves the skin feeling silky and can be used on everyone from infants on up.

5. Remember to stay hydrated for dry winter skin health.

tea and a teapot with flowers: hydrating for winter skinIt’s easy to forget to drink enough water when it’s chilly outside instead of hot. Just remember, your skin needs those 8 glasses a day to stay hydrated and happy. Set up a reminder on your phone and make sure you get your H2O!

(And yes, your beloved cup of tea totally counts as water!)

6. Don’t stay in wet clothes longer than you have to.

a woman with snow and gloves, caring for winter skinKeeping wet, sticky clothes on your skin longer than they have to be can make dryness and itching much worse. We know you might now always be able to peel off those ski pants right away, but try and air yourself out as soon as you can!

7. Use essential oils in your skincare routine.

plant therapy rose absolute essential oilsEssential oils can make a wonderful all-natural addition to your winter skincare routine.

For starters, consider Helichrysum Italicum. It is rejuvenating and soothing for the skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, scars, and stretch marks. It is an all-around superb oil for skin woes.

Carrot Seed Essential Oil, being rich in carotenoids, is another nourishing and healing option for the skin. It is known to breathe life into dull skin, balance skin sebum, and even soothe away unpleasant sunburn sensations.

Next, aside from the heavenly aroma of Rose Absolute, it would be amiss to forget to mention this prized oil for its calming and soothing properties to save your dry winter skin.

Synergy blends such as Soft Skin and Silky Soft are designed to keep your skin soft and healthy. Dilute these oils with a skin-friendly carrier oil, like Almond or Meadowfoam, and enjoy a superior moisturizing blend that will protect and nourish your skin during the cold winter months.

8. Make your own DIY skin and body care products.

plant therapy DIY body products essential oils for winter skinWant healthy, soft winter skin but don’t want to give up on products that smell good? Plant Therapy has some amazing essential oil DIY’s to feed your need for pretty smells and treat your skin to all-natural products:

And be sure to check out these other great articles on winter skin:


64 thoughts on “8 Practical Tips for Healthy, Glowing Winter Skin”

  • Finally bought the healing balm and not only do I love it, but both of my sons and daughter in laws. One son is a mechanic and he has been looking for something to help his hands, and he likes this. Both daughter in laws suffer with excema and psoriasis. This really helps!Winters aren’t that harsh in CA, but hands and skin are always dry and cracking in the winter, happy to have this resource!

  • I have not had the opportunity to order any of these yet and look forward to when I can. Especially the healing balm. The Mississippi winters are brutal on my skin. Today is the perfect example (60 in the morn. With tornado warnings around us to 30 in the evening with snow flurries). I can’t thank y’all enough for all of the blogs DIY etc. y’all do for us

  • Thank you for all the useful tips. Just take advantage of the Dec sales to purchase this. It smells so good!

  • I just started making my own body butter for the benefit of healthier skin and I saw a difference after about two weeks on consistently using it. I personally have been using geranium as a main eo in my ingredients because of how beneficial it is to skin. With the addition of a couple other eos, I haven’t had any acne, my face has been clearing up, and my skin looks a lot healthier.

  • What a great article! So many helpful tips! I can’t wait to try some of these diy’s. I love the healing balm it’s a favorite!

    1. Carrot Seed is also great for hair health. It has a unique earthy aroma that some may also find to be relaxing or an interesting addition to essential oil blends they make 🙂

  • Thank you for the links for the DIY skin care. Its my next thing to try. I just got the healing balm and can’t wait to treat my feet. Many others we do already like our heat is set at 68. I HATE hot showers any time of year. Love these tips!!

  • These are awesome tips – thanks! My husband and three year old struggle with extremely dry skin and I found some helpful hints here. I am going to whip up some of the recipes you listed at the end!

  • Which of these options is best for little kid skin? My five year old has really rough skin. I’ve ordered silky soft, but don’t know which carrier oil is best to use.

    1. Rebekah, I often suggest Jojoba Carrier Oil because it is very skin nourishing and personally love it for myself and my kids. However, all of our carrier oils can promote healthy skin, so feel free to try whichever one sticks out to you the most! Grapeseed Carrier Oil is also great because it absorbs fast and has a nice silky feel to it, which your five year old may enjoy 🙂

  • Perfect timing! My skin is itchy, dry and yet can be oily as well. I have enjoyed reading some recipes that may help me during our cold Alberta winters!

  • Very informative blog post! I wish I had the Healing Balm, Helichrysum and/or the Rose Absolute. All of these are a bit out of my price range right now however, I do have Carrot Seed oil that I use on my face along with Sea Fennel. I’m going to try and incorporate it more for the rest of my body.

  • I wash my hands a lot because of the type of work I do. They get very dry and irritated, esp in the winter. I have been looking for some homemade solutions for my hands. Thank you for the recipies. I will be trying some. I have also been expirementing with homemade face wash. Would the kids verson of the silky soft be good fo the face? The adult verson sounds a bit too strong smelling for me.

  • I appreciate the variety of options. My daughter and I have oily/dry acne prone skin. What works for one of us usually doesn’t work for the other. Excited to experiment.

  • Those first 2 suggestions are taking the joy out of winter! Long hot showers? A cozy warm house??? I’ll just have to trust the healing balm and primrose cream (2 of my favorite products!) to do their jobs because I don’t think I can give up those things 🙂 🙂

  • Need to try some of the recipes… and probably order jojoba. Even with oil cleansing and moisturizing, my face is super dry.

  • I just purchase healing balm, and am going to add some of these oils I don’t have to my wish list thanks to this blog! Can’t wait to use them!

  • I just started using Carrot Seed oil mixed with my facial oil and I really think it’s starting to work!!! My face isn’t so dry anymore!!! Love all of these ideas.

  • Love this. My Mom taught me most of these things when I was younger, but skin care is so important it is nice to read them all in one place.

  • Love the ideas. Great tips. I’m going to try the healing balm this winter (I have only been in essential oils for one year and have learned so much)

  • Just ordered the evening primrose and lavender creams, i couldn’t resist the Christmas sales! Super excited to try them out!

  • Love these tips! Applying lotion to wet skin has done wonders for my son’s eczema. Of course we love using the skin essential oil blends as well in home made lotions and oils!

  • Great tips! Thanks. I think I will have order the healing balm as my skin is drying up so much (especially after 3 weeks in the desert).

  • Oh my gosh, so many great ideas for diy! I have wanted to learn about essential oils for years. Finally prioritized it to the top of my to do list. Can’t wait for my oils to arrive and jump in.

  • Yay I cannot wait to receive my new oils so I can try making some of these amazing lotion recipes! Thanks for all of the info!

  • So tee is terrible here in the Midwest. I feel like I am completely drying out. I just ordered stuff to try and make some lotion to keep on hand daily. What about hydrosols are they helpful to use as well ?


  • I just got the Healing Balm and love it already! My daughter’s chin was chapped and with one use, it looks 100% better!

  • I have a hard time skipping that extra hot shower! I’m looking forward to trying out the jojoba oil, though…’s on it’s way to me. 🙂

  • I’m excited this year to make a lot more self care items with my oils. Lotions, face oils etc…
    Looking at this list I do some (like our house it set to 65 degrees!) but don’t do others (hot showers please!)… thanks for the tips though!

  • Thanks! This is just in time. My skin gets so dry and itchy in the winter. It used to not, but I guess I am getting older 🙂 I am going to make some homemade lotions.

  • Just placed orders to get the rest of what I need to make a facial oil roller with tamanu, rosehip, and argan oils plus carrot seed, frankincense, helichrysum and rose essential oils

  • I always do number 3 and put oils in damp skin. My daily is jojoba based with alternating oils like helichrysum and carrot seed, frankincense and rose, combned with lavender and others.

  • I have just signed up for Plant Therapy! I am so excited to place my first order! Can’t wait to see the results using these great products.

  • I just recently mixed up some lotion for my daughter with Skin Soother to alleviate some symptoms from eczema. I can’t wait for some more time off from work soon to whip up something for myself!

  • The healing balm is fantastic. So creamy. Love this for my kids where they get ashy skin from their waistbands. I also use it on my hands and cuticles.

  • I literally bought Healing Balm last night for my daughter who keeps licking her face because it’s so dry! I hope it helps as much as everyone says it should.

  • Love the ideas. Healing balm is always a must have at our home. I’m going to have to try the honeybell lotion recipe. That sounds amazing.

  • I love that there is a list of recipes for different kinds of lotion products! I will be trying multiple ones with the new oils I have purchased!!

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