Essential Oil DIYs: Lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree

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17 Last-Minute Essential Oil DIYs with Lemon, Lavender or Tea Tree

Christmas is just around the corner! There might not be enough time to ship Plant Therapy essential oils to your friends and family, but that doesn’t mean you can’t share some oily DIYs with them.

We’re rounding up some easy DIYs using three of the most common and most popular oils everyone has in their collection: Lavender, Lemon and Tea Tree!

Lavender Essential Oil DIYs

It’s the first essential oil everyone buys: Lavender. It’s a powerhouse oil used for everything from aiding in relaxation to helping heal burns, with tons of different ways to use it.

So check out a few Lavender essential oil DIYs from Plant Therapy’s blog:

DIY Dry skin Toner essential oil DIYsSun San Sea body scrub essential oil DIYsDIY yoga mat spray essential oil DIYsDIY Hair Detangler essential oil DIYsDIY burn bliss plant therapy essential oil DIYson the mend roller blend essential oil DIYscounting sheep essential oil DIYsUplifting bath blend essential oil DIYsHustle & Bustle bath salts essential oil DIYs

Lemon Essential Oil DIYs

Lemon essential oil is a wonderful, zesty and tangy-scented oil perfect for helping increase energy and boost mood.

Here are some great last-minute DIYs using Lemon essential oil:Plant Therapy Bright and Cheerful Inhaler BlendPlant Therapy KidSafe Saving Faces DIY Project Recipe stickerDIY Flawless Feet essential oil DIYsCandy Hearts diffuser blend essential oil DIYsMaking memories master blend essential oil DIYs

Tea Tree Essential Oil DIYs

Tea Tree oil has been used as an antiseptic for centuries and has great odor-fighting abilities.

Check out some DIY’s using Tea Tree essential oil:

DIY all purpose cleaner essential oil DIYsDIY manly shoe spray DIY lip sore treatment essential DIYs

50 thoughts on “17 Last-Minute Essential Oil DIYs with Lemon, Lavender or Tea Tree”

  1. I think I just figured out what I will be doing during my next “staycation”. So many DIYs to choose from. Thank you PT for all the incredible recipes and educational information. You guys are the best!!!

  2. I need to take more time to do DIYs like this. I have so many great PT oils and while they definitely don’t go to waste, I can get so much more out of them. These are definitely going on my to-do list!

  3. I love the kid safe options. No other essential oil companies have this option. Amazing job, Plant Therapy. I use the kid safe for my sons.

  4. I had no idea there were so many different things I could make! I will definitely be putting some of these on my to-do list. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. I love these blog posts that highlight older recipes! I have forgotten about a bunch of these and it was nice to have the reminder to try them out! Thanks PT!

  6. Bookmarking this for later! I’ll print out recipes and put them in my rockin’ PT essential oil organizer. PS: Who does your graphics? Ya’ll have the best looking graphics!

  7. These are so cool! I think they’d make great gifts and a great investment to save money in the long run.

  8. Some great recipe ideas. Looking forward to trying them out. The Hair Detangler, Burn Bliss, Flawless Feet and Lipsore Treatment have me most excited to try. Thank you!

  9. I use lavender for skin serum and diffuser, tea tree I’ve started added with minty oil and black spruce and it helped me sleep well at night.

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