Spearmint Essential Oil - Benefits and Six Most Common Uses

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Six Ways to Use Spearmint Essential Oil

When you hear the word spearmint, you probably think about gum, toothpaste, and candy — and it’s likely been a part of your life in some way for years. Known scientifically as Mentha spicata, it is one of the most popular oils in the mint family. Most people assume that spearmint essential oil is extracted from the leaves, but it actually comes from the flowering part of the plant as well. Spearmint shares many of the same properties and benefits as peppermint, but it also has its own special functions and uses.

The use of spearmint for therapeutic purposes dates back to before the ancient Greeks. It’s milder than peppermint, so it is excellent for people who find peppermint too strong. It has less of the organic compound menthol than peppermint, but that doesn’t reduce its cooling power. Whether or not you are already a mint lover, try some of these therapeutic uses for spearmint, and you’ll soon be hooked.

Soothe an Upset Stomach

You’ll find spearmint as an ingredient in many antacid tablets because of its ability to promote healthy digestion and acid secretion. Spearmint can also support the breakdown of food and help with easy transit through the digestive system. Add 3 drops of spearmint oil to 10 mL of carrier oil and massage into the abdomen, or diffuse it and inhale its digestive system-promoting benefits. Inhaling spearmint can also help curb your appetite by encouraging a sensation of fullness.

Perk up Your Mood

Spearmint Essential Oil has a beautiful, clean fragrance that most people, including children, find inviting. The crisp, cool aroma of spearmint also has the power to uplift anyone’s mood, especially if they are feeling low. It is energizing and revitalizing and promotes a feeling of encouragement and inspiration. It can freshen your mind just like it freshens your breath!

Help with Concentration

Spearmint can benefit your cognitive function. According to study results, spearmint extract improved attention span, concentration and overall brain function of participants. It also promotes a feeling of vitality and energy. Rather than reach for another cup of coffee to clear afternoon brain fog, try diffusing some spearmint essential oil instead. You’ll be helping to promote brain health while giving yourself a lift without the caffeine crash.

cool down your bath with spearmint essential oil

Cool Down Your Bath

We tend to think of a hot bath as the ultimate form of relaxation, but have you ever tried a cool bath? During the hot summer months, it can be hard to cool down, especially if you don’t have air conditioning in your home. A great way to get a complete cool-down is to indulge in a cooling bath. By adding 3 drops of Spearmint Essential Oil to 10 mL of unscented body wash, then add to a bath, you maximize its cooling power. The menthol can quickly chill the skin and give you a sensation of living in a different climate. And that’s great when it’s just too hot to go outside.

Sore Muscle Massage

Massage is one of life’s greatest pleasures and is an excellent way to ease away muscle soreness. Boost the benefits of massage by adding 3 drops of Spearmint Essential Oil to your massage oils while performing self-massage, or ask your massage therapist to use an oil containing spearmint. The menthol creates a cooling sensation on your skin that promotes relaxation and ease. Spearmint has a long history of use to soothe muscles, so give it a try the next time you are on the massage table.

Promote Oral Health

There are many types of mouthwash and toothpaste on store shelves that utilize spearmint as an ingredient for keeping your breath fresh and your mouth clean. Adding 3 drops to two teaspoons of coconut oil can be an effective alternative to alcohol-based mouthwash while promoting oral health. Poor oral health has been connecting to infections and even heart disease — so don’t forget to brush!

use spearmint oil to promote oral health

Like other essential oils, always dilute Spearmint Essential Oil to avoid skin sensitivities if used topically. Since it is gentler than Peppermint Essential Oil, it is an excellent alternative for using around children ages two and up. Spearmint can also be used while pregnant and nursing.  Add Spearmint to your essential oils collection, and you’ll find yourself using it just as much as Peppermint!


128 thoughts on “Six Ways to Use Spearmint Essential Oil”

  • Wonderful blog!! You have well explained the different ways to use Spearmint Essential Oil. Last week I read the Gramme Products blogs that were very informative. Keep sharing more blogs!!

  • I adore the smell of spearmint, it reminds me of childhood bubble gum!! And since I have a little one now, I can t diffuse Peppermint. Instead, for a fresh and cleqn room, I use spearmint mixed with malaleuca and orange or Lavander, a classic blend that smells incredible!

  • I have been looking for more ways to use the spearmint I have, and this blog gave me some great ideas. We already love it in a stomach roll-on for my daughter with roman chamomile and lemon. I am nervous to use it in the bath though, is it really okay? I know peppermint can be a little painful!

    1. You can definitely use Spearmint in the bath. Just make sure to stick to the recommended dilution rates (3 drops in 10 mL of body wash) for a cooling sensation. Peppermint, however, is not a KidSafe oil and has a higher menthol content, which is what makes it cooling to the skin.

  • I have always known about peppermint and its tummy taming abilities. I have grown fond of smelling this when I feel nauseated. I recently got Spearmint and didn’t realize it was a milder version with similar attributes.

  • These are a bunch of great ideas. I’ll definitely have to try out a few of them, especially for sore muscles and upset stomach. Absolutely love finding more natural solutions for common aches and pains!

  • My favorite “pick-me-up” blend is Bergomot, Pink Grapefruit, and Orange but I add a splash of spearmint when I need an extra boost.

  • Great article. I ordered this oil in the last few months and have wanted to learn more about how to use it. I have diffused it with other oils, but have learned to use only one drop, as it overpowers other oils!!

  • I adore spearmint! One of my favorite things to do with it is to just a drop to a floral combination in my diffuser. The slightly green, minty undertone gives the feeling of a true garden experience.

  • I just got this. I love it diffused with lavendar and lemon. It’s refreshing and calming. Glad to have a kidsafe mint.

  • I’m always surprised at how much some MLM companies promote the benefits of peppermint to pregnant women and children… whereas PT clearly cautions against peppermint for those groups, and recommends spearmint as an equally effective alternative. It’s the next oil on my to-buy list!

  • My kiddos (2, 4 and 6) love all things peppermint but of course we don’t use peppermint oil around them because its not safe so they have yet to have an oily minty experience. Spearmint looks like a great option to do that for them, hope to try this out soon!

  • I haven’t tried spearmint for an upset stomach yet (but it is on my list now!), but it really is fantastic to neutralize the air in the home. Sometimes when we’ve been on a trip for an extended period of time, we return to our home and it has a smell that is almost vitamin-like. Not a stuffy attic smell, but almost medicinal. I diffuse spearmint and the air is completely neutralized!!! Love it!

  • I was trying to decide if we should make a roller bottle or an inhaler with this but it looks like we should do both! I have been looking for something to help my stomach. Thank you

  • I’ve always loved the smell of spearmint. I mostly use it in the morning in my clip on car diffuser. It definitely boosts everyone’s mood and wakes us all up!

  • I just opened spearmint today and this is the reason why!! After reading this blog post my daughter and I mixed up some spearmint and used it on her upset tummy. She hasn’t complained since application so I’d say this is a WIN!! Thank you PT!

  • I love spearmint blended with lime. Together they smell so fresh a clean. Especially in the winter when the house is closed up!

  • Spearmint is LIFE. Especially since it is kidsafe! I love spearmint in the mornings with lemon and tangerine for a wake me up vibe. This was my savior a few weeks ago when my son came down with a 102 fever (and of course my toddler wont take medicine) and the only thing i could do was apply spearmint and lavender in a roller bottle for him. Thank you for making Spearmint!!!

  • I can’t believe all the great ways I am learning how to use spearment on this blog. I am definitely adding it to my list.

  • I like how spearmint perks me up in the morning! I put a few drops in my shower on the wall and the whole bathroom smells delightful!!

  • I love Spearmint! I wasn’t crazy about it just smelling the bottle. But I mix it with grapefruit and carrier oil for a great kid friendly headache relief blend.

  • I just got this and love the smell, but wasn’t sure the difference between this and Peppermint other than a slight difference in aroma so this is great. Really like the idea of the mouthwash/rinse!

  • I love spearmint! It’s always been my favorite “mint”…you know, other than the ones coated in chocolate!! 😀

  • Just bought this one, searched for information and realized that there are so many ways to make use of it. Love all the information!

  • I JUST got spearmint and I made a workout inhaler blend which I love – 10 drops of peppermint, 5 drops of orange, and 5 drops of spearmint. It really gives me a burst of energy and motivates me to work out!!

  • I LOVE spearmint! It’s one of my favorite smells. It’s a great sweet minty smell. I’d never thought of making an oil mouthwash though!

  • I just received spearmint as a gift and didn’t know what to use it for besides headache relief. This was so helpful! I will definitely be make a roller blend for stomach aches!

  • This one is on my wish list. I’ve used peppermint in the past but have learned since joining PT that it should be avoided with a house full of kids. I’m looking forward to adding this one to my box…hopefully soon.

  • Spearmint is one of my “go to” PT oils. It is amazing. It’s a pick me up when added to many other oils and it’s great for congestion and tummy problems.

  • Great ideas on how to use the spearmint essential oil I got in my Plant Therapy set that I bought for myself this Christmas!

  • I am a dental hygienist, so I adore the oral health tip, especially since I personally wouldn’t use or promote alcohol containing mouthrinses! Can’t wait to try this.

  • the benefits of spearmint mentioned seemed to be similar with peppermint. can you do a comparison of the two? what are the differences? thanks.

    1. Peppermint and Spearmint have similar qualities, but still very different in aroma and chemical constituents. Particularly, Peppermint has a much higher menthol content. Peppermint is also not considered KidSafe. I think you brought up a great question here! We will have to do a comparison blog on the two of them soon 🙂

  • Spearmint is one of my faves! I love to use it in lots of my blends – for headaches, sore tummy, concentration….

  • I just got this oil this week. Looking forward to using a kid safe minty oil. I got in hopes it helps with the chronic neck muscle tension my husband deals with. Plus if it works, he will encourage me to buy more oils. Win win! Haha

  • I love that this is KidSafe and these are great uses I’m going to have to apply right away. Looks like I’m going to have to update my wishlist to upgrade my volume size to 30 ml at least.

  • Love spearmint oil! These are great tips. My favorite use is to add to coconut oil to oil pull. Leaves your breath so fresh and teeth feeling so clean!

  • I have always used my peppermint for these kinds of things. I just purchased the spearmint and find the smell to be off-almost more woodsy. Does anyone have that issue or is it just me?

    1. Bex, Spearmint does have a different aroma than Peppermint for sure, especially when you compare them side by side. This is partly because Peppermint has a much higher menthol content than Spearmint. If you have concerns about the aroma of your oil, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of aromatherapists! [email protected]

  • I’ll have to try to remember to use the soearmspe in a bath after a long hot summer day, if summer ever comes. Thank you for the ideas!

  • To be honest I have never used Spearmint EO. I use the fresh leaves in my cooking and knew it had great health benefits. I have always used Peppermint. Looking forward to purchase it. Thank you for providing such great information.

  • I love the scent of spearmint. Going to make a rollerball for tummy trouble, thanks for all the suggestions

  • We used to have spearmint spray in college. It was very calming and the benefits were amazing. Can’t wait to make my own ❤️

  • Love the smell of spearmint! Have ordered a 30 ml bottle and looking forward to using it more often by different ways!

  • Thanks for this, I will be giving some of these ideas a try. I have only ever used in my diffuser 🙂 I love that it’s kidsafe too!

  • My son homeschools and we diffuse a blend of spearmint, peppermint, and fir needle. This blend smells great, but also helps him stay alert while studying. Sometimes, he’ll put the spearmint on his skin to help stay alert as well.

  • Thanks for this! I just bought Spearmint and this is very timely for me. I am going to try the tip for oral health, as I have Sjoegren’s syndrome which causes dry mouth and resultant issues with oral health.

  • Spearmint is one of my favorite oils! Thanks for sharing the different ways to use it- I can’t wait to try them out!!

  • Love Spearmint oil! I’ve only diffused it so far but now I’m going to try mixing it with lotion for sore muscles.

  • I have owned Spearmint for a little while but haven’t branched out in my uses. I’m definitely going to incorporate it into more topical applications now especially for the sore muscles, massage and abdominal discomfort recommendations noted in the blog. Thanks for sharing PT!

  • I have spearmint but don’t use it enough. I am so glad I read this! I didn’t know it could help with concentration! I think I’ll try it next time my son is doing his homework or I’m in a bad mood!

  • I love spearmint ! I use it alot in place of peppermint. My grandkids ages 8 and 10 love these little inhalers with spearmint in them. They carry them in their pockets LOL

  • I just received a bottle of this in one of my last orders. Can’t wait to use it. I use Peppermint oil all the time, so glad there is something kid safe to use if I happen to be around kids.

  • I have spearmint oil but have not been quite sure how to use it. It’s good to know that it can be used for stomach troubles, and I love the cool bath idea! Thank you for the ideas and information!

  • I was not aware that spearmint helped with tummy troubles. I have always used peppermint, but it is so nice to have an alternative oil so I can keep from using the same one all the time!

  • Excellent tips! I must acquire some spearmint now. Looking forward to trying it in my oral care routine, to cool down in the summer, and for massage. Thank you!

  • I’ve wanted to purchase spearmint for awhile now. Now I just might have to! It’s nice to see all the different uses an oil can have.

  • Love spearmint! Just ordered a new bottle of it last week. I find it works great for tummy troubles. Use it in an inhaler or a roll on.

  • I love this article did not know this about spearmint. I’ll be getting a bottle I have a upset tummy all the time Ty

    1. Unfortunately at this time our Aromatherapists are not formally trained in aromatherapy around cats, however, you may find several publications on Amazon concerning this topic that may help you out 🙂

  • I am going to have to use mine more, took me a while to warm up to minty scents but I have been loving them lately!! Thanks for the information!

  • Thank you for this article on Spearmint. I didn’t realize it’s benefits. I don’t get along well with the heat and humidity of summer so I will be looking forward to trying this in a cooling bath. Also, that it’s good for sore muscles and brain fog. I had only been using it as a substiute for Peppermint for the kids or in an inhaler for tummy problems.

  • I love the smell of a spearmint. I am glad to find out all of these different uses for this oil, especially for settling the stomach.

  • I love spearmint! I use it in place of peppermint oil for any of my respiratory blends with my kids. It does wonders doing cold season.

  • Sometimes I drink a cup of coffee for breakfast and cant stand to have coffee breath. This is perfect, I have a mouth wash and a pick me up in one. Will definitely be trying to spearmint with coconut oil combo.

  • So you can use spearing essential oil to brush your teeth? I thought oils couldn’t be ingested. I know were not swallowing but it’s inside the mouth. ???

    1. When brushing your teeth, ideally you are not swallowing any of the toothpaste/mouthwash, therefore, are not ingesting it. The dilution should also be so low that very little oil is being absorbed into the body through the mouth. Hope that helps!

  • I use spearmint for my stomach issues, works wonderful, just love the scent when added to blends as well. I will try the oral health suggestion, thank you for the tips PT.

  • When it says “and pregnant women should avoid it” in the last paragraph is the statement referring to peppermint oil or spearmint oil? Or both?

      1. Nope! Spearmint is still safe for pregnancy and nursing 🙂 We apologize for the confusion earlier, but it has been fixed!

  • Spearmint smells amazing but
    I had never payed attention to its benefits. I’m glad to know it’s good on sore muscles.

  • Love all the tips! I have never used Spearmint before but I am due with my first child soon so this will be one of my next purchases. Cannot wait to try it out!

  • I diffuse spearmint in the kitchen daily, it helps me concentrate and I clean with it because it smells amazing! It’s safe for my little one as well and I love that 🙂

  • Didn’t realize this could work for sore muscles, I’m going to use it more often now! Thanks for the blogs providing such good info of how to use various oils.

  • My daughter complains about her stomach constantly. I will have to try spearmint to see if it helps her at all. never would have thought about using it. thx for the info!!!

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