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lose weight with essential oils

Ring in the New Year with Essential Oils

Are you thinking about making some New Year’s resolutions this year? If so, you’re not alonemillions of American start the new year dedicated to making improvements in their lives. While we ring in the new year with many good intentions, the fact is that over half of our resolutions aren’t successful. To give yourself the best shot at sticking with your resolutions this year, try setting goals that are both achievable and meaningful. Don’t choose to do things because of what others want or what society expects of you. If it’s not something you’re passionate about, you’re not likely to stay with it. Get clear on what you want to achieve and create a realistic plan for making it happen.

While sticking to your resolutions can be challenging, you can boost your likelihood of success by having a little help along the way. Essential oils are the perfect addition on your path toward personal growth and success. No matter what it is you are setting out to achieve, we’ve got the oils that can give you the support and motivation to make it happen this new year. Our list of resolutions will provide a little inspiration on how you can use essential oils on your personal journey to transformation.

Resolution #1: Lose Weight

It’s no surprise that losing weight is the top New Year’s resolution at the start of every January. People rush to buy the newest diet books and exercise equipment, but it can be hard to stick to a new way of eating and activity level. What if there was a different way?

If you thought we were going to suggest essential oils, you’d be right! Smell plays a big role when it comes to hunger cues, and many essential oils can help curb cravings. They are easy to use, their aromas are pleasant, and they can really work to help tame those junk food cravings. Another great thing about using essential oils to help you on your weight loss journey is that it isn’t a diet or exercise regimen. Essential oils are simple to incorporate into your daily life and easy to stick withunlike diets! Learn more about how essential oils and weight loss can help you achieve your goals this year.

Resolution #2: Get More Sleep

sleepy business womanIf you are like many Americans who struggle to get enough sleep, you might be resolving to get to bed on time this year. After a stressful day and one too many cups of coffee, it can be hard to fall asleep even when you do hit the sheets. This year try incorporating essential oils into your bedtime routine.

Whether it’s a hot bath, a bedroom diffuser or massage oil, you’ll find that the right essential oils can bring relaxation and set the tone for a glorious night’s sleep. Learn more about our favorite essential oils for sleep, or try using our blend Sleep Aid to promote the restful slumber you’ve wished for all year.

Resolution #3: Reduce Stress

stress relief and essential oilsAfter the stress of the holiday season has you feeling drained, you’ll want to start the new year with some tools to help you better manage the pressures that life throws at you. One of the most popular and effective ways to use essential oils is for stress relief. Many oils promote feelings of relaxation and ease, and they are a natural way to help you feel more balanced when life has you on a roller coaster.  

We recommend these seven essential oils for stress. We’ve also got some fantastic blends that incorporate the most effective oils for promoting a peaceful mood. You’ll love our Worry Free Synergy blend as well as our Tranquil blend to help kick off the new year with the right mindset.

Resolution #4: Spend Less, Save More

new years resolution save moneyWe could all use a few more dollars in our pockets this year. Life is expensive, but it doesn’t have to be as pricey when you replace expensive store-bought household items with natural essential oil-based DIY products. Not only do DIY creations like an all-purpose cleaner, dishwasher detergent, and lotion save you money, they are healthier and safer for your family and pets!

Making safe and natural products at home is an excellent activity to share with your children. They will be excited to put their creations to work while cleaning up! They will also love the aromas, and maybe even develop an appreciation for fresh, clean surfaces – but we can’t make any promises. Curious about what oils to use around the house? Here are our six favorite essential oils for cleaning your home and how to use them to make your home sparkle this year. Your pocketbook will thank you!

Resolution #5: Get Organized

new years resolution get organizedGetting organized is one of those items on our list of resolutions that we want to dobut hate doing. It can be hard even to know where to start! If you are an essential oil enthusiast like we are, why not start with getting all those bottles around the house organized? Your essential oil collection is an investment in your health and happiness. When you don’t have an organization system for your oils, they can get misplaced causing you to miss out on their benefits and your investment. Keeping them organized and properly stored will help them last longer and give you easier access to all the great things they can provide. We’ve got an excellent article that talks you through a simple step-by-step process to organize your oils in a way that works for you and brings you joy this new year.

Resolution #6: Get More Exercise

new years resolution workout moreExercise! The resolution that many of us go after inevitably, following a season of indulging on fatty food and relaxing by the fire. A new year can mean a new you if you’ve got some tools to help you stay motivated and excited to get moving. Essential oils can help with everything from boosting energy and soothing overworked muscles to promoting workout recovery. Add some to a diffuser while you put on your workout clothes or dilute a little and massage on your chest to give your workout a boost. Don’t forget to cool down and unwind post-workout. Enjoy some relaxation time with calming oils to keep from feeling burnt out.

If you haven’t tried essential oils for exercise yet, you might be surprised at how they can help you get into the right mindset to stick to your goals. Use these essential oils to boost your energy and make that 6a.m. workout happen this year.

Resolution #7: Eat Healthier

essential oils for eating healthierEating healthy is one of the most important things you can do to optimize your overall health and wellness. You know when your body is telling you it’s time for a change, so this year, listen to it! We are extra motivated around the new year after a long season of indulging on sugar-laced and gravy-covered fare. But sticking to a new way of eating can be challenging over the long haul.

This year let essential oils come to the rescue! When you are feeling the junk food cravings come on, fire up your diffuser before you reach for that bag of chips. Our Munchy Stop Synergy Blend that contains some of the most potent oils to stop cravings in their tracks. It also offers a bright, citrusy aroma that will keep you feeling energized and excited to stay on track with your new year’s resolutions.

Resolution #8: Practice Better Self-Care

self care with essential oilsSometimes it’s easy to spend all of our energy taking care of those around usboth at home and at work. You may think you don’t have time, but if you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t be able to perform at your best and be the parent, friend or employee you want to be. Self-care is essentialnot selfishso make sure to start the year by committing to giving yourself a little love from time to time.

Essential oils have so many useful applications that you won’t run out of ways to incorporate them into a self-care routine. Take a look at our blog post for simple DIY ideas to elevate your self-care routine with essential oils. This year get prepared to take self-care to the next level, and then take on the world!

Resolution #9: Quit Smoking

new years resolutions stop smoking essential oilsQuitting smoking is one of the most challenging but most beneficial things you can do for your health and longevity. It’s a tough process, but if you make a plan, ask for support from friends and family and stay determined, you can do it!

Even with support, it’s good to have a plan for what to do when the cravings hit. One helpful option to keep in your toolbox is essential oils. Certain oils can help curb cravings and take your mind off of the urge to smoke. There are also oils that can help ease the symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawals like irritability and stress. Plant Therapy’s Chill Out Blend can help relieve the tension and boost your mood when you are experiencing withdrawal. Learn more about how essential oils can help you quit when you’re ready to make the change. It will be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Resolution #10: Take on a New Hobby

new years resolutions start a new hobbyHave you felt like there is something missing from your life? A creative outlet or a new enjoyable way to spend your free time? Try starting this year out with a fun new hobby! They are rewarding and will help to enrich your life. It could be something creative like drawing or something that enables you to connect with nature like gardening or hiking. Feeling isolated? A social hobby like a knitting circle or book club can help you connect with new friends.

While there are many options when it comes to finding a new passion, learning how to work with essential oils is the perfect choice for an oil lover. You can learn to make skincare products like soaps, lotions, body scrubs, bath goodiesanything that touches your skin! You can make perfumes, room sprays and learn to create your own unique blends. Your new essential oil hobby will have the people in your life feeling delighted when you give them your creations as gifts, and you can even try selling your items at craft fairs or online stores. The possibilities are limitless when you nurture your creative side this year.


Are you feeling motivated yet? We hope so! You now have some ideas for developing your unique and meaningful resolutions this new year. Remember, sticking to resolutions is challenging, but it’s not impossible. Make sure your goals are achievable and fit the vision you have for your life. You can make this year your best yet. We believe in you, and we have the essential oils to help you reach your goals.

Are you new to essential oils? If so, start with our Essential Oils for Beginners guide. It’s a crash course that will get you up to speed on the basics. With a little patience, you will have a whole new set of tools in your belt, and ideas on how to use them to improve your life. Happy New Year!


64 thoughts on “Ring in the New Year with Essential Oils”

  • I am so thankful for PT and having this fun blog, with some special savings for us customers!! Due to this a bought Worry free, an oil I was only dreaming about and pondering if I needed. Well I did. Worry free, actually calmed me down enough to put me to sleep. I will never live without this oil!

  • I loved the NY Resolutions but was bummed that I didn’t open them the day they were sent so I could see that the featured oils were 15% off. I discovered that late (Day 9)! Wish they would have ‘re-run’ all the sales on Day 11. 🙂 Also, I only buy organic, so many of the options are not available for me…would love more organic synergies but do love that PT is adding more organic EOs.

  • I used black pepper heavily in 2018 to help me quit smoking and it worked wonderfully! I am grateful for the blog post from last January which is what inspired me to go for it! I recommend black pepper inhalers to anyone trying to quit!

  • Thank you for providing all of this information. This is one of the MANY reasons that plant Therapy is the best essentional oil company. I’m so glad that I found you!

  • Such good information. I read the daily emails, but this is nice to have the info all in one place. Thank you for showing us how EO’s can be integrated into so many areas of our wellness journey.

  • Is it true fhat oils are more effective when used for 5 days, then stopped for 5 days, then used again for 5 days, etc,?

    1. That’s not something I’ve actually ever heard, Andrea. I would recommend reaching out to our aromatherapist team at [email protected] and hopefully they can pull their heads together for a good answer for you 🙂

  • I can’t wait to use the oils I purchased during the Christmas sale! They will definitely help me stay on task this new year!

  • I have to say… since truly embracing essential oils this past year, my family as a whole has been very healthy! Between me, my hubby and 2 boys (8 &4) no one had to see a dr for a sick visit ALL year. Neither of my boys had any flu symptoms or tummy troubles all year! Other than a minor cough or sniffle, I am so thankful for my growing collection and knowledge of oils. And that’s thank to you PT!!

  • Already got the new hobby thing (EOs!) but that is contradicting the “Spend Less, Save More” for the initial investment of items I’m buying to start DIYing my self-care items (which hey, falls into Practicing Better Self-Care). Now on to the really hard stuff: Eat Healthier, Get More Exercise so I can Lose Weight!

  • Almost all of these speak to me personally!!! I can wait to try some of these oils for some of these things!! The weight-loss is deff number one on my list this year!!! Thanks Plant Therapy!! Happy New Year!!!!

  • What great content. So much useful information in a well written blog. Thanks for providing real life content Plant Therapy!

  • I never make new year’s resolutions. I can’t think of a better way to ensure that the goal will not be met! Instead, I occasionally add a new goal to a list that I keep all the time. One goal at a time is best, and master the one before adding another. Having a daily checklist or chart also helps because you can see your progress. Being able to say I have (insert habit or new goal here) every day for the last (insert time here) is really encouraging, especially when you have the records to back it up! Even when I cannot afford to give myself a reward I am still satisfied. That being said, essential oils help me to increase my motivation and bring my mood in line when I am tempted to take a day off. I also keep a detailed journal of what oils I use and why, as well as the results. I hope my suggestions help someone get a goal met. It took me years of disappointment to find the one way that works for me, and it is so simple.

  • Thanks for all the tips. I am making it a goal this year to use more essential oils in our families daily life to help in homeschool with alertness, relaxing before bedtime, and immune boosting for a healthier 2019! Thanks for the great products as well as the blog info!

  • Such practical tips! Improving the quality of my sleep has had the biggest impact, giving me physical and mental energy to make other healthful changes. Essential oils have taken my sleep to another level. My favs for sleep are frankincense, lavender, clary sage, and vetiver (in that order).

  • This is a great article with information that is so useful. I love your products and the blogs have wonderful recipes/blends that can be use every day.

  • I think less stress and more sleep for me would be great! But with 3 crazy kids that’s not always possible lol. But at least I have my oils to help with that!

  • My resolution this year is to be active for at least 30 minutes a day. I will definitely be leaning on my essential oils for added support, especially on early morning work-outs when I need a boost of motivation and energy.

  • This is a very practical article. A few of these fall in my new year’s resolutions however I have had to opt for your kidsafe

  • hi can you fix the link on resolution #1: weight loss? however munchy stop doesnt seem to help me to control my appetite, I find that it makes me more hungry! I will try some of the oils recommended for energy boost, i need some boost especially in the midst of a workout. thanks!

  • Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to getting my oils organized, as you suggested here. They are a treasure that I want to use to their full capacity!

  • I never keep my goals for the year; however, this year is starting differently since some of the things I want to work on have already started. Minimizing my belongings, spending less and organizing are all things that I’m doing now. I’ve also been trying to pick up and enjoy a hobby – clay work and watercolor painting. My goal is to exercise more, and continue the things that I’ve started. Being intentional is my blanket goal for the year.

  • Except for being a lifelong non-smoker, I would benefit from incorporating every one of these resolutions. That’s a tall order; guess I’ll try one at a time!

  • Small daily changes can make a positive impact tomorrow. There is overlap between these goals too. They each affect the others.

  • i plan to do a lot of things this year to better my life and the life of those around me. i will be using oils a lot more now that i have found a brand that i love

  • Definitely need less stress and more sleep. I have tried Sweet Slumber, and while it works great for my children and husband, I have weird (not bad – just weird) dreams every time I use it. I’ve been thinking of trying Nighty Night? Any ideas?

  • This is a fantastic blog post with the most common resolutions. Can’t wait to try the suggested oils for more sleep, less stress, and natural cleaners!

  • Thank you for this information. It is a great reminder of the many ways you can use oils for your health and to help you achieve your goals. Great article to start a new year.

  • I’m not one to make resolutions, but #1-8 sum me up perfectly. I’ll have to incorporate my oils to help get me in gear and stay on track.

  • There is something wrong with the lose weight link when clicked on it just brings you right back to the same article.

    1. We apologize for that inconvenience, Jayme! Thank you for bringing it to our attention — the link should be good-to-go now 🙂

  • Thank you for this blog post! My recent discovery of EOs is going to help make my 2019 a great year in many areas of my life.

  • I suffer from stress a lot on the job and not being able to focus. I am new to eo, so I purchased a diffuser for my home and my job and have been way less stressed than ever. Stress still comes from time to time, however I have seen a major difference in my stress levels and I am able to focus a lot more. I just purchased the top 6 synergy set from PT and I can’t wait to use it!

  • Link in below sentence doesn’t work. Comes right back to this article.

    “Learn more about how essential oils and weight loss can help you achieve your goals this year.”

  • Happy New Year! What a nice blog to wake up to on the first day of this new year.
    Although my “resolution” is to not cry this year, that is not what it sounds like, I know I need to cry, I just need to not cry at the wrong times. Essential oils are the perfect start. As I was reading the blog, with the links, it was giving me ideas to help me with my goal of being emotionally stronger, I am going to start using the stronger oils, trees with deep roots, root oils, oils that have stood the test of time!
    This blog has given me hope that my first resolution in many years, although on the surface, seems silly and unattainable, with the ideas of self care, and stress relief (I never thought of using basil for stress relief), and eating healthy, give me hope to strengthen my emotional state of mind.
    Thank you, again, and as always, Plant Therapy, for loving your customers so much!
    Here is to a great 2019.

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