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Juniper Berry: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week

plant therapy essential oil spotlight of the week Juniper BerryJuniper Berry

Latin name: Juniperus communis

Aroma Description: Sharp green, woody conifer scent

Therapeutic benefits

  • Promotes a calming effect on nervous tension.
  • Natural air purifier when diffused.
  • Resolved to get fit in the new year? Apply topically diluted in a carrier oil to help ease the discomfort of a strenuous workout.
  • Assists with feelings of congestion or tightness in legs.


Yes! This oil IS KidSafe.

Dilution instructions:

Add 2 drops of Juniper Berry, two drops of cypress, and 2 drops of Roman chamomile in a carrier oil to apply to areas of soreness after a workout.

spotlight essential oil of the week: Juniper Berry Plant TherapyDiffusion instructions:

Add a few drops to your diffuser to use as a natural air purifier or to aid in meditation.

Oils to blend with:

Bergamot, Clary Sage, Chamomile Roman, Coriander Seed, Cypress, Fir Needle, Frankincense Frereana, Grapefruit Pink, Laurel Leaf, Blood Orange, and Black Pepper.

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49 thoughts on “Juniper Berry: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week”

  1. I am officially adding Juniper Berry to my wish list to buy soon. I love learning everything I can about the oils so I can use them in ways I wouldnt have thought of. very helpful informaion.

  2. I absolutely love juniper–it’s one of my favorites for everything from diffusing to linen sprays. It makes everything smell so fresh. It’s also a great oil to use for relaxation!

  3. I wish Canada had a PT warehouse so we could take advantage of these discounts on spotlight oils, but having to order over 50.00 worth is a little hard on the wallet.

    1. I agree Gwen H. as it is hard on the wallet. I have ordered a couple times and ordered the $50 by adding OOTM and many of my wish list items.

  4. I had no idea that Juniper Berry had so many uses! This is one of the few oils that I don’t own, so I went ahead and ordered it. I was surprised that it also provides a calming effect and really look forward to trying it! Has anyone tried Juniper Berry for calming? How did it work? Anything else to add with it to the diffuser to enhance these effects ie. Lavender?

    1. I use juniper for calming on a regular basis and it works wonderfully!!! My favorites to diffuse it with are bergamot and/or cedarwood.

  5. I have a full bottle of this, but couldn’t resist the Spotlight code to get another. It’s one of my all time favorite oils.

  6. This helps with anxiety and pain and helps purify the air?….yes, please! Adding it to my wish list. Thanks for doing these spotlights to help us learn about oils we may not have otherwise looked into.

  7. Just purchased Juniper Berry! My parents had a juniper bush right by where we waited for the bus and we would use the berries as bombs to pass the time. Hopefully, this oil will be good for all the things above. But mostly for bring back good memories!

  8. Juniper berry has been on my list for weeks now but I just couldn’t pull the trigger. Your spotlight helped convince me and I’m so glad! Your blog has been so helpful to our family as we continue our EO journey.

  9. Would this be a good choice to use on a child with growing pains? I know you have Grow Ease but I’m curious of this could be an alternative. Juniper Berry is sounding so awesome!

  10. This is my “go to” oil to help with pain/swelling from varicose veins and calf circulation issues. It REALLY makes a huge difference. I dilute it in jojoba oil and also add helichrysum EO. I love Plant Therapy oils!

  11. Pt is there anywhere that you list the note value
    of your oils abd is there any significance to thte color labels?

  12. I did not realize this was another oil that was good for congestion. I will diffuse this on my way to work tomorrow.

  13. I love reading about the spotlight oils. I already have juniper and its awesome to find new ways to use this oil. I am definitely going to diffuse this to clear the air for the new year and to use on sore muscles.

  14. I have always wondered about this oil! It has many uses Our household would benefit from like tension relief and congestion (happens a lot with constant season change in Fl).

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