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essential oils for sleep

Essential Oils for Sleep

A night of deep, quality sleep is a great way to set yourself up for success. Unfortunately, we don’t all get the good rest we need, which can lead to plenty of unfortunate side-effects. Grogginess, irritation, feeling unwell, or even just daydreaming about being back in your bed all day…this is not the recipe for an energized and productive day! 

essential oils for sleep resolution get more sleep

Now, let’s get to the essential oils…


mandarin essential oil for sleep

The fresh, bright aroma of Mandarin is incredibly wonderful for soothing and mellowing the mind and body before bed. When you’ve had a long day and just need some peace of mind before laying down, inhaling Mandarin is a great way to reduce nervous tension. Dilute it to 2-5% and use topically, or include it in a relaxing bath; add 3 drops to 2 teaspoons of body wash. If you want to enjoy Mandarin in a heavenly bath blend, add 1 drop each of Mandarin and Sandalwood Australian with 3 drops of Bergamot Mint to a tablespoon of bubble bath and a cup of Epsom salt. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some time to yourself before heading off to bed.

To learn more about Mandarin, visit Mandarin Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week.

Chamomile Roman

This gentle giant of an oil is well known for helping both adults and children get a good night’s sleep. Its sweet apple-fruity aroma has long been favored to help calm the nervous system and help ease physical and emotional tension. Chamomile Roman also provides support for feelings of irritability and stress, which can quickly derail plans of sleep if left unchecked!

Learn more about this wonderful essential oil by checking out Chamomile German VS. Chamomile Roman.

man sleeping peacefully

Ylang Ylang

The incredibly sweet and floral fragrance of Ylang Ylang is excellent for calming the mind and reducing feelings of worries. If you love flowery-smelling oils, this quickly may become one of your favorite before-bedtime-oils! It supports a lifted mood and a warm and open heart so that you can drift off into dreamland with good thoughts in your head.

Learn more about Ylang Ylang at Our 4 Favorite Ways to Use Ylang Ylang.


Vanilla Oleoresin essential oil

It’s hard not to love the sweet, rich smell of Vanilla. It can relieve feelings of tension and agitation, making it a perfect choice after a long, stressful day. Plus, it soothes the mind and is even known to be slightly sedative, making it a great oil to use before bed!

Check out more ideas for here: Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week.

Marjoram Sweet

Sometimes it’s not just our mind that needs to calm down before sleep — it’s our body, too. Marjoram is a favorite for many people who are looking to calm and soothe tired muscles. If you’ve been working your muscles hard during the day, they end up feeling too uncomfortable for you to enjoy a full night of sleep. Try diluting it in your favorite carrier oil and massaging it on your muscles, or add it to a warm bath (after safely diluting it to 2% in body wash of course!) before bedtime.

family sleeping


The lovely floral aroma of Jasmine is calming to the mind and body. A deep inhale can leave you feeling happy, content, and in a great mindset to get deep, quality sleep. Only a little bit is needed if you choose to blend it with other relaxing essential oils, as the aroma is very heady and quick to take over!

Check out this blog to learn more: Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week.


Plant Therapy Rose essential oil

We all want to fall asleep feeling secure and grounded, and that is exactly what Rose can encourage. Whether you’re feeling sad or angry, the aroma of Rose can act as a comforting hug when you need it the most.

To learn more, check out Rose Absolute Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week.

Geranium Egyptian & Bourbon

With its fresh, green, floral aroma, Geranium is a popular essential oil choice for sleep. It can uplift the senses while also help in easing the tension associated with worry and stress, promoting restful sleep. This is also a great choice for women who are undergoing hormonal changes as it has a balancing effect on emotions and mood, helping you to fall asleep faster and for longer periods of time.

Learn more about Geranium Egyptian here: Which Geranium Should You Choose.

Try these DIYs for a great night of sleep!

Counting Sheep Cream

counting sheep cream

Uplifting Bath Blend

uplifting bath blend

Comfort and Ease Diffuser Blend

comfort and ease diffuser blend

Mellow Mind Diffuser Blend

mellow mind diffuser blend


107 thoughts on “Essential Oils for Sleep”

  • I made a Calming the Child roll-on particularly for my two year old and I also made a body butter with relax. Both of those smell great.

  • Love ylang ylang and chamomile roman! Where’s vetiver? 🙂 I’m looking forward to trying some of these others, esp marjoram and geranium.

    1. Mary, there are tons of amazing essential oils for sleep and we weren’t able to list them all — that blog would have been crazy long! But you are absolutely right that Vetiver is a fabulous oil for sleep!

  • Wow! I knew about the usual oils for helping with sleep like lavender and chamomile Roman but I had no idea about the more floral oils for helping to calm your mind and body before sleep- can’t wait to try ylang ylang, rose and geranium! Thanks for the informative post!

  • Love this helpful post! My favorite oil for aiding in sleep is lavender, but I know that it’s helpful to switch oils from time to time so as not to develop a tolerance. So I’m using this post to choose a couple more oils to help with sleep and relaxation. I also love the recipes that are included! Such good info! Thanks PT for all you do!

  • Thank you for giving me some ideas other than lavender… which isn’t really a favorite of mine. I think I’m gonna try mandarin essence and vanilla tonight. I really should order chamomile. Oh and like a billion other oils on my wish list.

  • My favorite sleep oils are Amyris and Roman chamomile. I want to try mandarin but I already have so many citruses. How is mandarin different from tangerine? Can tangerine also be used for sleep?

    1. Alice, Tangerine is great for reducing nervous tension and helping to clear the mind, much like Mandarin. You’ll have to give it a try to see if it helps you sleep or if you find the aroma a bit too “bright” for bedtime 🙂

  • This was a helpful blog! I bought the ylang ylang and the chamomile. LOVE chamomile, it is so calming! I’ve always loved drinking chamomile tea, so the scent has always been soothing to me. Now, I can diffuse it and smell it anytime! I’m not super crazy about the ylang ylang smell on its own. I’m going to experiment with what to blend it with so i can get used to it for its good benefits. Otherwise, it’s just way too floral for me, kind of like overpowering Easter Lilies.

  • I never thought of using the mandarin or the vanilla for sleep. I absolutely love lavender but I have been wanting something different. I have been sick and having trouble sleeping because of medication side effects so I hope these help. Thanks for the amazing tips and info!

  • I currently use Plant Therapy’s blends “Relax” and “Tranquil” to help me go to sleep! I am a horrible sleeper and these blends work!

  • Roman Chamomile and Sweet Marjoram are two of my favorites for sleep. I can’t wait to try some of these diy recipes!

  • Wonderful summary! i love all of these oils and Ylang ylang is my absolute fav for sleeping and in general too 🙂

  • I have not thought of using some of these for sleep! I do love vetiver and the cedarwoods but will be branching out!

  • I use oils for relaxation and sleep a few times a week. Am looking forward to trying these ideas. Thank you for so much information.

  • Great article. I’ve tried Ylang Ylang for help with sleeping. It smells so nice, not as strong as I thought it would be. Will be trying the other blends soon.

  • I am so happy that there was a “sleep” oil sale. I bought marjoram and roman chamomile to assist with sleep because lavender has the opposite affect on me (he ache, heart pounding – far from relaxation). Using roman chamomile and marjoram in a roller before bed are doing the trick though!

  • I loved reading this Bc I need all the help I can get with sleep! It’s kinda tough finding good diffuser sleep blends Bc we still cosleep with our 3 year old more times than not!
    Now to find an oil that helps with adult nightmares and night sweats ‍♀️

  • We love Nighty Night for sleep around here, but Rose has been on my wishlist for ages. I ordered it on this special day and just received it last night. It is AMAZING. Such a true rose smell. I am excited to use it.

  • I use Relax and lavender, and add a little vanilla oleoresin because it smells fantastic. Chamomile Roman and Marjoram Sweet are in my wish list now!

  • Tha is for the great information. I have so many of these oils already and will have to start diffusing them at night.

  • Thanks for this post. Improving my sleep quality is the main reason I starting using essential oil. Each night, I try different blend to find out what works best. It looks like Clary sage is a constent winner but always interested in testing new recipes.

  • I loved learning about all of the different sleep oils…some were a surprise! I often make an essential oil concoction using the Sleep Aid synergy blend and add a bit of lavender and vetiver. I have come up with a pretty good recipe for a sleep linen mist. I use a lavender mist, the aforementioned oils and vodka/isopropyl alcohol to ensure that the sleep mist dries quickly on pillowcases and sheets. Wonderful way to nod off peacefully!

  • I recently had a very bad cold and used a couple of these oils with sniffle stopper to help me out. I am a believer now! Not only did I sleep great, but the congestion had eased during the night.

  • I’m super excited to try the Geranium and would LOVE the Rose. I’m new to PT but am loving every thing I’ve purchased and all the information that you so easily have available for us!! Thank you!!

  • As a teacher, I often lay awake thinking of the millions of things I must do the next day. I often diffuse lavender to help me sleep. This post was very informative and gave me ideas of other oils I can try when sleep doesn’t come. Thank you for the ideas!

  • Mandarin is one of the ones that has worked best for me. I didn’t know that Vanilla could help for sleep. I’ll put it on my list of things to try.

  • Thank you for this great information! My neighbor asked me for a diffuser blend just last night. I was able to use this information, and she finally had a great sleep

  • I love all the ostere suggestions! I usually use the Plant Therapy Synergies but these sound like great blends to try. Thank you!

  • Relax is my favorite oil for sleep! It stops my mind from running & helps me get a more restful nights sleep.

  • I’ve just ordered some of the kidsafe ones for my boys who just don’t sleep well! Hoping for some sweet slumbers soon! thanks for some great info am loving the site!

  • My vanilla just arrived yesterday! It’s a comforting scent; I can see how it works well for sleep blends. Looking forward to trying it out. Mandarin surprises me, but then again most people find bergamot uplifting while for me it’s so calming!

    1. So glad you love the vanilla! Let us know if it helps you sleep 🙂 And Mandarin is actually one of my personal favorites for sleep because it is just so relaxing, but also gives you a nice feel-good-kinda-mood 🙂

  • Thank you for all of this great information and recipes to try. I have used the Mellow Mind diffuser blend in the past and it’s great for slowing down racing thoughts and the “whirlwind” in your head. The Vanilla and Ylang-ylang in PT’s Love Vanilla Synergy instantly relaxes me.

  • I’ve had insomnia for years and since getting back into EO’s my go to are lavender and sweet marjoram. Putting them into a differ by my bed always guarantees a good night’s sleep. Thanks for the recommendation of the other oils to try.

  • Our son has been having restless sleep for weeks. So excited to try some of these “kid safe” oils with him!

  • Forgot, one question, can you please describe in some detail the difference between ylang-ylang complete and extra?? Thanks, not sure which to buy,,??

    1. Great question! Ylang Ylang Extra Essential Oil is distilled for a short amount of time before the essential oil is collected. The distillations are referred to as fractions. Ylang Ylang Complete is the essential oil that comes from complete and undisturbed steam distillation; the aroma is very similar, but not quite as refined. The choice is entirely personal, some people prefer one over the other and some people hardly notice a difference in aroma at all! You really can’t go wrong with either of them 🙂

  • Omg, love , love these oils and recipes! Gonna add some that I don’t have from this blog. And yay for your deals on the blog oils….off to shopping cart I go! Lol

  • Mandarin is one of my favorite oils ever! It’s sweet and citrusy but also grounding and musky – truly unique! And I can feel myself get drowsy when I rub it into my carrier oil. Truly one of my favorites. And while Chamomile Roman doesn’t have the most beautiful smell, I add it to bergamot, basil, ylang ylang and lavender and bliss out 🙂

  • I love that there are some good ones that are kid safe. I can’t wait to try some of these with my 4 yo who has always been a terrible sleeper.

  • Thank you for providing such great information. I have never been a fan of Lavender for relaxing or sleeping; so seeing some of these other oils that I would never have thought to use to help me sleep is wonderful! Looking forward to trying these recipes.

  • Such great info! I would not have thought about Vanilla but I can imagine feeling like I am in heaven while using it! Haha! I will have to add it to my cart 🙂

  • I can’t wait to try all of these but can’t order them just yet. I’m slowly building my supply. Right now, I use lavender for relaxation and sometimes a little clary sage mixed in. But these seem like wonderful additions to my sleep therapy. 🙂

  • Thanks for featuring oils for sleep other than the classic lavender (still a favorite!). I’ve only recently learned to truly love Roman Chamomile. Geranium is growing on me, too.

  • Perfect timing. My 6 year old has just started having nightmares and waking up for hours in the night. Shes killing me!!! Will be trying some of these oils tonight!!!

  • I’m really learning a lot about the different oils this week! Never realized how much they can help with sleep! Saving up for Rose!

  • I love blending mandarin, ho wood & bergamot for a sleep blend in my diffuser. It makes me happy & relaxed. I get a great nights sleep.

  • This post is just what I needed today! Saving all these great blends for myself and my little one! Thank you PT!

  • I love Geranium so I will start using it in sleep potions. I did not know about Mandarin so will need to experiment. Mandarin and Rose sound like they would be good together.

  • This post is so timely
    I just woke up this morning and told myself to look into oils for some help to get some better rest. I wake up but never feel refreshed. Hope I find a combo here that helps

  • This post is SO timely! I woke up this morning and told myself I need to look into oils to help me get better rest. I sleep but don’t wake up feeling good or refreshed. Hoping I find a good combination here that can help! Thanks!

  • Need to give these a try. Ylang Ylang Extra is the only one that I have at the moment. Lavender doesn’t seem to do much for sleep.

  • I would have never thought of mandarin for sleep, it’s so bright and cheery. I’m surprised vetiver is not on here, I think it’s one of the most calming and grounding sleep oils.

  • I have never been able to use lavender for relaxation. I am so glad that this blog talks more about other oils to use for a good night’s sleep. I have been working, for a few years, to love geranium, not there yet…but, the other oils in the second day of resolutions are all amazingly wonderful oils for relaxation, both mental and physical. Nice blog, with great ideas!
    Thank you, again, Plant Therapy!

  • Did not even cross my mind that Mandarin would be in this category!! Can’t wait to try all the sleep DIYs!!

  • Which one of these is least like Lavender? I always hear that lavender is good for sleep but lavender actually energizes me and raises my blood pressure.

    1. Scent wise, I would lean toward the Mandarin, which has a fruity smell, or the Marjoram, which has an herbal-green smell. But it’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s body is unique and can react to essential oils in their own way. I hope Mandarin or Marjoram can help with sleep, but it sounds like your body wants to do its own thing :^) Some experimentation might be in order!

  • Thanks for all the great information. I have had some sleepless nights and I am looking forward to trying some of these suggested oils I have not tried. Thank you PT!

  • Thank you for the great information and wonderful blend ideas. There are times when my nervous anxiety makes it harder to fall asleep so I am looking forward to trying these wonderful recipes!!

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