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Juniper Berry essential oil

Top 4 Ways to Use Juniper Berry Essential Oil

It’s official. We love Juniper Berry Essential Oil. It has a fresh, crisp aroma and a variety of therapeutic benefits. Plus, this essential oil is ideal for helping you succeed with your new year’s resolutions. Check out a few of our favorite ways to incorporate this handy little oil into your everyday life.

1. Slimming Gel

Top 4 Ways to Use Juniper Berry Essential Oil

We all do it. Resolve to get fit in the new year. Maybe you join a gym and go for a couple weeks, but it’s easy to lose momentum. Give your workouts a boost with this easy Juniper Berry Slimming Gel. It can help firm and tighten the skin in problem areas.

2. Joint Rub

Top 4 Ways to Use Juniper Berry Essential Oil

One of the many side effects of a good workout can be muscle and joint pain. Combine Juniper Berry with your favorite carrier oil and massage into the affected areas. This oil helps produce skin warmth which can ease the feelings of congestion and tightness.

3. Calm nervous tension

Top 4 Ways to Use Juniper Berry Essential Oil

Maybe you’ve opted for a different kind of new years resolution: quitting smoking, easing up on caffeine, or cutting out junk food. While these are admirable goals, let’s be honest, it can make us just a little bit cranky. Keep Juniper Berry handy in your personal diffuser or use passive diffusion to help with the nervous tension associated with cravings and withdrawal.

4. Air Freshener

Top 4 Ways to Use Juniper Berry Essential Oil

With temperatures dropping outside, it often leaves us bundled up inside with central heating blaring. The winter months can leave the air stale and stuffy. Add a few drops of Juniper Berry essential oil to your diffuser to help freshen and clean the air. Plus the sharp, green woody aroma is a pleasant scent to have around your home!


75 thoughts on “Top 4 Ways to Use Juniper Berry Essential Oil”

  • My favorite way to use Juniper Berry is to dilute it in a carrier oil with vetiver and put it in my bath. It is divine. Makes me feel like I am having a relaxing bath in the middle of the woods.

  • I did not realize how useful this oil was. I wi definitely be adding this to my shopping cart. Thank you for the information.

  • I have used Juniper Berry in some of my pain blends, for smudging a room, and in sleep blends. I was happy to see it as “Oil of The Week,” as it’s one of my go-to oils. I bought the bigger bottle. 😉

  • Juniper Berry sounds like an incredible oil. I love the versatility. I have had my eyes on it for awhile now but just haven’t got it yet. I think it is time to change that. Thank you for the info .

  • I’m wondering if Juniper is also useful for cough as so many fir and related oils are…does anyone know?

  • I love how versatile this oil is. I’ve used it for a room freshener/disinfectant, to ease sore muscles, and as part of an immune blend. I’ll be purchasing my second bottle soon.

  • Thank you for the great information. I received this oil during the DOC sale in the mystery oils set. I love to diffuse it with lemon to calm nervous tension. Try it! You won’t be sorry

  • I recently bought Juniper Berry, but was not quite sure of it’s TRUE benefits other than diffusing for the smell. It looks like I’ll be added it to pain blends moving forward. Thanks again for the education!

  • Juniper Berry is a new favorite of mind which I discovered through PTs holiday scents. Thank you for featuring some of the lesser known oils.

  • I actually am very excited to try this oil. I originally ordered it for the slimming gel, but want to try it for sleeping and in an air freshener for the bathroom.

  • I am so glad you posted this! I have a bottle of Juniper berry in my storage box and I haven’t figured out yet what to do with it. This post is very helpful!

  • I just ordered this and it should be here tomorrow! I am so so excited to try it! All the positive feedback and reviews I just can’t wait!

    1. If you follow the link in the graphic (and it’s been added to the post), it will take you to our Essentials Video with the recipe for Slimming Gel!

  • I have used Juniper Berry oil for years! It’s one of my favorites for the scent, and joint pain. Plant therapy oils are also on the top of my list for high quality oils!

    ( And no I’m not being payed or compensated in any way to post this.)

  • I ordered Juniper Berry a long time ago. When I got it I couldn’t remember why. Thanks to this blog I finally remember! Plus I learned how else to use it!! Thanks!

  • This has been on my wish list for a while, now I want it even more. Thank you so much for the amazing information.

  • My mil bought this for me, had no idea it was good for sore muscles. Can’t wait to try it. Thankyou for the posts

  • I’ve used Juniper before in a muscle rub particularly for tense shoulders and it’s always helped soothe the muscles. The slimming gel sound good too!

  • I love Juniper Berry. It lends it’s strength to me when I can’t find my own. It protects me from negativity, when crankiness wants to creep in. I also just love the fresh scent, as well as those things it does to help me through my day.

  • Thank you for great ideas on juniper berry oil. I have it but was not sure how/when/what for to use it. Definitely will try your suggestions.

  • Juniper berry is one I’ve had in my case for a while and never was quite sure how to use it. I’ve started adding it to sleep. Almost looking forward to getting sore muscles so I can try it. Thanks PT!

  • I bought my first bottle this week and am excited to try it! It came in today, and I already like the scent <3

  • I just got this last month, and have been looking for more ways to use it—perfect timing! I had no idea it could ease muscle and joint tightness.

  • Hello! Would the recipe for the slimming jelly work with a 100 percent aloe gel as well or would it be too runny? I’d hate to waste all the precious oil drops. I just don’t want alcohol in the jelly. Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  • This has been on my wishlist and I couldn’t pass up the deal when it showed up in Spotlight oil of the week. Should be here early next week and I can’t wait! I’m so excited for this one!

  • Perhaps this needs to make it’s way to my wishlist. Have a continuous battle with anxiety and I am looking for something to alternate with Copaiba for a rub when I workout. Thanks for the info!

  • I use this a lot in my diffuser and is great in some of my sleep blends, but like someone above, did not know about it helping with muscle or joint pain. I am starting to run low. . . . . . hmmm

    1. If you follow the link in our post, it will take you to our Essentials Video post with all the recipe details!

  • Thanks for the timely post! I just added juniper berry to my collection during the DOC sales and have been looking for ways to use it!

  • I tried it for sleep awhile ago, but didn’t care for the smell. After reading this I’m thinking of trying again–it might be one of those smells that grows on you.

  • I do not remember seeing this oil on Plnt Therapy…I think I’m going to have to put it on my wish list!

  • This is really interesting! I may have to try this to freshen the air. I really love green woody aromas. I am going to keep the slimming gel in mind as well. Thank you PT!

  • My neck and shoulder muscles are also tensed up due to Long hours in front of the computer. Will be adding this to my wish list!

  • I have diffused a couple of drops in my little ones room at night to help with sleeping and bad dreams. We both love the smell for sure.
    I didn’t know it could be used for so much more!

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