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How to Save Money Using Essential Oils

How to save money with essential oils resolution save money

Whether you’re saving up for a fun family vacation, working hard to lower your credit card payments, or just want some extra spending money, buying essential oils is probably the last thing on your mind. But hear me out! Take a quick look at your bathroom counter. How many creams, lotions, masks, and scrubs are sitting there? How many times do you scoop out that very last little bit of moisturizer before realizing it’s that time again — time to buy another one! And a quality moisturizer doesn’t often come cheap.

Now it’s your kitchen’s turn. How fast do you go through your chemical-laden all-purpose cleaner? Your drying hand sanitizer? The wood polish? All of these items add up fast, but there’s nothing you can do about it, right? It’s not like you can make themselves…

money going into piggy bank

Wait! Yes you can!

And it’s so easy and cost effective, you’ll be wondering to yourself why you haven’t been doing it all along. Take a look at a few of the most popular essential oils you can incorporate into your life every day! You may really enjoy using them, so much in fact that you find yourself slowly replacing your regular cleaners and body products with these all-natural wonders.


lavender essential oil used in body care products

Oh so versatile, Lavender Essential Oil is great to use for anything from skincare to laundry. It makes a wonderful addition to handmade soaps, helps soothe itchy skin, and can be added into a countless number of DIYs.

Want to learn more about Lavender? Check out 10 Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oil.


lemons and cleaning products

You already know the scent of Lemon shows up in all kinds of different cleaning products. So instead of paying for that aroma to mingle with a long list of unpronounceable chemicals, why not just try the essential oil? It’s great for cleaning just about every part of the house. And that bright, uplifting aroma? Well it just makes those household chores a touch more tolerable!

Not particularly a fan of Lemon but want another great citrus to clean with? Lime Essential Oil has that fresh, tart, and motivating aroma, along with being a great oil to clean with. Orange Sweet Essential Oil is similarly uplifting, great for cleaning, and a wonderful choice for anyone just starting out with all-natural products.

Try swapping out your store-bought carpet cleaner for this homemade recipe!

Tea Tree

tea tree essential oil plant therapy

Another easy-to-find ingredient in tons of household and personal products, Tea Tree can help with anything from stubborn zits to musty smelling towels. And don’t forget to pack in your first aid kit! It works wonderfully to support a clean environment and promotes healthier air quality during times of seasonal illness.

This all-purpose cleaner uses the amazing properties of Tea Tree to help get a deep-down clean without any unwanted chemical additions.

Frankincense Frereana

High-end body lotions and creams are often marketed in such a way that it seems like you have to have them if you want smooth, healthy skin. In reality, though, that’s just not true. Many essential oils, such as Frankincense Frereana, are packed with properties that make them nothing less than luxurious for dry, damaged skin. If you haven’t tried swapping out your moisturizer for a teaspoon of Jojoba Carrier Oil and a single drop of Frankincense Frereana, well, maybe it’s time you took the leap. Or try your hand at blending with this oatmeal mask that soothes, softens, and gently exfoliates skin.

woman cleaning


This refreshing and minty essential oil has a multitude of practical everyday uses. It’s great to help lift your mood, soothe an upset stomach, help with concentration, and of course, cleaning! Diffuse it to help improve your home’s air and add to household cleaning products. Learn more about all the ways to add more Spearmint to your life with Six Ways to use Spearmint Essential Oil.

Don’t forget to check out our Downloads page for tons of great DIYs! And if you want to learn more about how essential oils can help you around the house, these blogs offer some great information and recipes:

119 thoughts on “How to Save Money Using Essential Oils”

  1. Love cleaning with my essential oils. A drop or 2 of lemon in my garbage disposal freshens my whole kitchen…..and really gets rid of those odors that linger down there!

  2. I use my lemon, and moat citrus oils in all my home made cleaning supplise. I save a ton of money by making my own cleaning stuff!!

  3. Essential oils have seriously changed my life!! I love all the DIYs possibilities!! I have saved so much with my little projects. But not only that. I’m allergic to most synthetic sense. Growing up I had to be so careful use anything scented exspeshily if it had synthetic lavender or I would break out with horrible eczema patches. All I really ever used was unscented soaps and other body care products but I am a girl and that’s no fun. I want to smell pretty!! Essential oils are my little self care ❤

  4. I have used lemon oil in so many suprising ways as a very effective stain remover- from cleaning what seemed to be permanent black stains on pontoon boat seats (leather) to removing ink stains from a bed spread. It is my new “go to” as I have wasted so much money over the years on stain removers that don’t work. It’s a magic oil!

  5. Love it! I make my own multi-surface cleaner with distilled white vinegar, water, germ fighter oil, and lemon oil and it rocks. It makes my countertops sparkle and I love it because I know that it is not full of toxic chemicals! Great for homes with kids!

  6. I threw out all of my cleaning products and now make all homemade products using essential oils. My favorites are lemon, tea tree, & spearmint. My husband sweats alot and the smell likes to stay in his clothes even after washing. We put tea tree oil in the wash with his clothes and the smells are completely gone now!

  7. Some great ideas here. I like the way you give ideas on which oils to use- I always know lavender, lemon, peppermint, but then you come up with other oils (like spearmint) and it helps me to think outside the box.

  8. Sooooo this is awesome! I’ve been searching Pinterest all day for cleaning info and of course I realized to check Plant Therapy Blogs and I found more info then I could have imagined!

  9. Thank you for posting! I’m in the process of replacing our regular household cleaners with natural, homemade ones- and it helps knowing what essential oils are best to use in which recipes to get the full benefit. Lots of trial and error, but slowly learning!

  10. Thanks for a great article. I have just started making my own DIY household cleaners using essential oils and love how they are not only cost effective but I feel safer using them around children.

  11. I love this blog on saving money with essential oils! I have been wanting to make a DIY carpet cleaner but had not found one. The recipe mentioned in this blog post I will definitely have to try!

  12. This is such a great read! Lots of helpful tips on how to save money from chemical products and being earth-friendly using EO’s. I have 4 boys in my loving home, so I make sure I always have a DIY Tea Tree cleaning spray in our bathroom. I feel like the toilet toilet seat is so clean after I spray it with this.

  13. One of the best and really practical articles on essential oils that I’ve read in awhile. Thanks for putting this together, team PT!

  14. Thanks for the tips. These types of posts are my favorite – how to get more use out of my oils in simple ways. Especially with few types of oils or carriers.

  15. Guys, I love you. I discovered you in november and I already ordered lots of magical bottles :)). Too bad I’m so far away from you (in Romania) and the waiting time and the shipping costs are sooo nasty. But! With all the oils I got from you in december, I already started to follow your advices and make my own home-care products. It’s absolutely wonderful, because now I know that the flavours in this products are natural and safe for my baby. And for me, but…you know…when you have a baby that means the world to you, all you can think about is his/hers safetiness. Thank you!

  16. I have recently started making my own cleaners using essential oils and love it! I do not worry about all the harsh chemicals I am breathing in anymore and I get lots of compliments on how good the house smells!

  17. This is a great post! I’ve been slowly clearing out my chemical cleaners and replacing them with DIY and EO. This article has given me some new ideas. Love it!

  18. Someone needs to tell my wife that these oils are supposed to be saving money. Right now there’s just a lot of spending going on. But she’s happier and does clean more so I’ll call it a win.

  19. Great post. I love making my own cleanings products. I have sensitive skin so many cleaning products irritate my skin. I love using tea tree in my laundry. It was one of the first essential oils I purchased.

  20. Love these suggestions! I have all the above mentioned, except Frankincense Frereana (thanks for the wish list addition 😉 )! I’ll definitely be doing some more with my essential oils this year to try to save some money.

  21. I love using lavender on my wool dryer balls when I do laundry. Thanks for the suggestion of using lime in place of lemon essential oil, I’m going to try that!

  22. Great post! Cleaning products were the first things I started making homemade when I discovered oils, I haven’t had to buy windex, febreze, dish soap, laundry soap, hand soap etc in a year!

  23. I LOVE how practical these tips are. I don’t need to hunt around and wonder which oils will be the most useful. I have all of these except for one and now I know what to order next.

    Thank you PT!!

  24. I made gifts this year using essential oils. It not only was fun and cost effective, but I enjoyed looking at my oils and trying to pick the perfect one for each recipient. I also love that I can make our own multi-purpose cleaner with essential oils and basic things we have already ( I use a recipe Tyler posted in the facebook group).

  25. I was doing dishes the other day and had a hell of a time with a bowl I had used to melt butter. I put a drop of lemon oil in with a squirt of dish soap and it came out squeaky clean!

  26. I appreciate that this post has info on oils I already have handy and are affordable to replenish when needed. Thanks for the extra ideas!!!

  27. My first step in eliminating/reducing the use of chemicals for cleaning was to make my own laundry soap, softer, etc. I used to spend at least $40-$50 a month on laundry supplies. Now the cost is about $6 a month!

  28. I love cleaning with essential oils. Household cleaners leave me feeling sick, but now I make our own using eo’s and it has been a game changer. Clean house, natural cleaning products, and no bad side effects from chemicals.

  29. Great post! I have a a lot of the Essential oils mentioned and they’re staples in my house! I love clean chemical free diy items!

  30. Great read! Before finding essential oils, I would buy the “green” products on the marker which were expensive and more times than not more toxic than I realized. Making household products at home with essential oils is cost effective and fun! I’m looking forward to adding some of the oils from this list in my routine.

  31. Love using oils to replace other things when I can. Though I need to do some serious DIY to use more of my oils. I love reading the blogs for new ideas.

  32. Great post PT – so glad I have all the EO’s mentioned except for Frankincense Frereana. I definitely use Lavender, Lemon and Tea tree in multi-purpose uses around my house so get the most of these little powerful products.

  33. Plant therapy and essential oils have helped me to become more organized and make my own natural products so its a win win and im saving money. Well sort of because i now have a plant therapy addiction lol

    1. I have the addiction, too, T! I never thought of lavender in the laundry (sounds like a book title!), but I am going to try it on my wool dryer balls!

  34. Lemon eo is my fav for cleaning. It makes everything smell so fresh. I even drop a few drops down garbage disposal

  35. One other thing I would mention is that there are natural cleaning products available at a PREMIUM PRICE. It is so much easier to DIY! As someone on a limited budget & with chemical sensitivities, it’s the only way to go. I make almost every house & beauty product I use. (Still need to do a few more; thankfully PT has recipes available). Thanks for the info.

  36. I am new to oils, but just started using them for cleaning/disinfecting products. Just in time for cold season. So far I have used lemon and tea tree oil. Thanks for this article to see what other ways to use oils to help save money and be healthier.

  37. I used my lemon for the first time yesterday. Wild orange has been my favorite go-to for cleaning. Going to use lemon more often.

  38. I just got an offer in the mail for a deal on soaps and all purpose cleaning spray, but I’m excited to try my own blends first!

  39. Since I invested in a basic essential oil kit 2 years ago I have been able to both overhaul my budget and detox my home. Essential oils seen expensive to many people because the bottles are so small- but because they are so concentrated, a little goes a very long way. I no longer buy any cleaning products for home or body, instead, I make them all myself. This has saved me hundreds of dollars in just a short time, and I don’t have to wonder what is in my products or if they are harmful to my family’s health. It has truly changed my life, and all the lives of my entire family.

  40. Love Cleaning with tea tree, especially if I have musty towels, I add 10 drops tea tree to my laundry detergent with a cup of vinegar. Tht freshens and softens them!

  41. I’ve been switching out my toxic stuff and going all natural. Going to make some hand soap and use my wonderful PT oils in them! I love everything about this company! Five stars from me

  42. I can’t say I save money with oils because I buy too many. But I can say that it has helped to stay healthy so ultimately saving me from Dr. bills. Sleeping better, ,stronger immunity, helping with stress / anxiety, etc help keep the doctor at bay. Forget the apple a day…. Diffuse away! (that should be a PT sticker). I can also say I save money not buying air fresheners and candles. I am still certain that my oils spend may still be higher. 🙂

  43. I love that I’m already using most of these and they’ve now become habit and don’t even think twice about it! But spearmint is the one that’s fairly new to me and I’m excited to start using more!

  44. I am so trying to develop a plan to learn how to lower my stress in 2019, along with other personal improvements aimed at my personal journey and life. I believe that I will start off with Lavender for some calming effects! I have heard it is a great oil for that purpose! God Bless Plant Thearpy for providing these oils to help so many people <3

  45. I am new to PT (former doTerra user). I am VERY pleased with the quality and the prices! I’m going to stock up on these essentials with this great 15% discount. Thanks, Plant Therapy!

  46. Printing some of the recipes for when I need to to convince DH I was spending money to save money -lol. I can’t wait to make them and continue cutting down on store bought chemical supplies!

  47. I have been appreciating these resolution blogs each day. They help me better understand new ways to use oils. And it is great that we can get a discount while learning about them! I don’t have Frankincense Frereana yet but am now interested in it for its skincare purposes. This is an area I’d like to dive into further with my oils.

  48. Tea Tree Oil is one of my favorites. So many uses! A must for first aid kits. Can apply directly on cuts and scrapes. Helps prevent infection. Blends well with other oils.

    1. Thanks for the great ideas! I’m making a concerted effort at scaling back on the chemicals in my cleaning routines and this gives me a place to start.

  49. This is very helpful and I love the all purpose spray recipe! Although I haven’t tried it yet, I will definitely make it if I can swap out the Blood Orange with Orange sweet as I have that eo already. Also what is the difference in Frankincense F vs. Frankincense C.? I have the Frank C and use it in a DIY serum with Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Lavender, Tea tree, and Frankincense C. It really keeps my skin soft and is so inexpensive once you have all the ingredients. Thanks PT for making very affordable essential oils and organic oils.

  50. Great info! I just picked up the Frankincense Frereana today. It has been on my list to add to a blend for skin care and bonus picked up kid safe immune bloom!

  51. I’ve now printed the recipes you linked to & I look forward to getting rid of chemicals & using more all natural products. Thank you PLANT THERAPY!
    this also gives me more reasons to buy more oils & have hubby pay for them!

  52. I love that you included recipes with all of your featured essential oils! These oils have so many uses, they are a staple in my oil collection. I can’t wait them all in these new recipes!

  53. The idea of saving money by buying more oils makes me giggle, but it is true!! I love using them in more natural and economical home and body products. Thanks for offering quality ouls at reasonable prices AND great sales, so that I can save even more.

  54. We love making our own products and knowing exactly what is in them. I just want to add Germ Destroyer is probably our most used, because we make our own foaming hand soap. This is a $ saver in multiple ways. Not only is the soap less expensive, but our medical bills feel the effects too. Thanks Plant Therapy for keeping us happy and healthy 🙂

  55. I am switching over to making my own cleaning solutions, rather than buying them. I’m loving all the tips and discount codes to make it easier, as well as a better value. Thanks!

  56. Great post. I’ve been using “clean” chemical free cleaning products in my home for a few years. I’m so excited to try making some of my own. I love knowing exactly what’s in my products and what better way to know, than to put them there yourself! Thanks for the tips.

  57. I just started making my own hand soap using essential oils. I can’t wait to do more DIYs, replacing chemicals with natural ingredients and saving money!

  58. Do you all have any idea of the expected “back in stock” date for the brown aromafuse diffuser? My grown son is having horrible sleep issues and his birthday is January 21 and I had so hoped to get him one. I just can’t find another with the 30 on and 30 off diffuser setting. David and I have two Aromafuse ones and LOVE them!

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