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Get Organized This Year: How Essential Oils Can Help

Is your heart set on getting more organized this year? Maybe you’re sick of your home being chaotic, with clothes spilling out of dresser drawers and a food pantry that seems to expand onto the kitchen counters. Maybe that 2018 daily planner has gone mostly untouched the past year even though you really, really had big plans to use it.

Well, this year, whatever your “getting more organized” goals include, we want to help! Let’s clue you into some really amazing essential oils to help you stay focused, motivated, and ready to organize 2019!

essential oils to help with organization resolution get organized


Organize your thoughts, plans, and priorities with this amazing essential oil. It has relaxing and calming properties that help to release negative feelings associated with stress so that you can get yourself in a more positive and productive mindset. Vetiver is also known to support difficulty with following directions and a hyperactive mind, making it easier for you to settle in with your project and stay focused until the end.

And if you’re a perfectionist, you may find Vetiver to be your new favorite essential oil; it can center and ground your mind, allowing you to appreciate the hard work you’re putting forth without that nagging feeling that it’s still not enough [1].

Learn more about Vetiver: Everything You Need to Know About Using Vetiver Essential Oil.

using essential oils and aromatherapy inhalers to get organized

May Chang

Sometimes all we need to organize our life is some energy, motivation, and positive thinking! May Chang has an uplifting and stimulating fresh aroma. It clears the mind, improves focus, and may just be that spark you need to get up and after your goals. This is an especially great choice if you love bright, lemony scents. It can help to bring in a bit of sunshine when your energy is low.

Plus, if your current state of unorganized clutteredness is driving you nuts, May Chang is great to reduce feelings of nervous tension, anxiety, and stress [2].

plant therapy essential oils for organization

Buddha Wood

When we make personal resolutions for self-improvement, it’s just too easy to bend, change, or break the rules of that pact we made with ourselves.

To achieve that focused, in-the-moment mindset needed to succeed, Buddha Wood can help. It has a wonderfully calming, deep forest aroma that helps keep your thoughts at the moment and grounded so you can focus on your organizational goals. Plus, it blends beautifully with a wide range of citrusy and spicy oils! This makes it perfect if you want to create a personal motivational or uplifting blend.

Learn more about Buddha Wood: Buddha Wood: Essential Oil Spotlight of the Week.


peppermint essential oil with aromafuse diffuser

Maintaining organization requires energy, motivation, and a clear head. Diffuse Peppermint or dilute it and apply topically to enjoy its refreshing and energizing properties. It is also great to help reduce symptoms of an uncomfortable headache, which can definitely derail any plans you have to organize!

Frankincense Carteri

If you’re looking for an essential oil to help clear your head and keep you grounded, this is the one! Frankincense Carteri can help with emotional issues that may be distracting you from your ability to organize. It’s soothing to diffuse and is a great choice for a personal aromatherapy inhaler.

Clear Intuition Chakra Blend

Plant Therapy Clear Intuition to help with organization

Are you worried about your passion for organization waning not long after you make your resolution? Then Clear Intuition may be just what you need. This unique blend of essential oils can help quiet the mind and encourage introspection, helping you to think clearly about why you tried to commit to your resolutions in the first place. And sometimes all we need is a little reminder of what’s important to us to help push us in the right direction.


[1] Mojay, G. (2005). Aromatherapy for healing the spirit: A guide to restoring emotional and mental balance through essential oils. London: Gaia. pg. 125.

[2] Worwood, V. (2016). The complete book of essential oils and aromatherapy 25th-anniversary edition. San Rafael, CA: New World Library. pg. 604.


61 thoughts on “Get Organized This Year: How Essential Oils Can Help”

  • I have gotten my new years started right with buying/ having many of the oils listed. I really want to try the buddha wood.

  • I am severely lacking motivation most days. Thanks for the suggestions, I will definitely try a combination or two to get me going!

  • Wow, this is really cool and helpful! I’m trying to decide what oils to try and was thinking of doing one meant for focus and clarity; this is so helpful to see!

  • I want to explore some DIY projects this year! Can’t wait to use one of my Chakra blends in a body butter.

  • I’ve been addicted to Plant Therapy for awhile. Ask my husband, lol. But I’m new to the PT blog. Im loving all the info and tips. The more I learn about eo’s the more I want to try

  • I cannot express how much I enjoy diffusing peppermint and May hang together!!! Next on my list will be Buddha wood ! Everyone describes it like absolute ahhhhhh but I’m still not sure what I like to diffuse Howood with … suggestions anyone ?

  • Vetiver is one of my favorite oils. At first I hated the smell, but now I love it! It always seems to be just what I need to calm that racing mind. The next thing on my list is May Change. I’ve heard great things!

  • I diffuse a peppermint blend at my desk at work (currently: candy cane) and it definitely keeps me focused and alert to get my tasks done! I am going to have to try may chang next, I have never heard of that one!

  • My new year’s resolution (every year) is to purge and simplify. I’ve tried Vetiver and don’t love the scent. Might be time to get some Buddah Wood!

  • I’ve wanted to try Vetiver for a long no time! Have not heard of Buddha Wood, but will add to my list. I prefer woodsy scents instead of florals.

  • I tend to be pretty organized but need to get on the ball helping my son to be more organized as well. Time to try new things in the new year (kid-safe things, of course!).

  • I have Vetiver on my wish list…now I know I definitely need some to take to work! And I think I should add May Chang to the list as well. I’m really enjoying this month’s blogs! Thank you Plant Therapy!

  • Yay I’ve been dying to try Vetiver but I was waiting for a deal and here it is. I’m so excited to try it!

  • Thanks the tips! I love vetiver for relaxation before bedtime. I never thought of using it while working and getting mentally exhausted. I have to try it today, diluted of course. Such a potent eo. As for clear intuition, I’ll may have to try the 3 eos in it without the spruce since I am avoiding conifers and pines.

  • I have Peppermint and Clear Intuition already – so happy to learn more about their benefits! May Chang is now a must for me. I didn’t realize how uplifting the aroma is, it’s on my wish list now.

  • Vetiver has helped me feel more calm, and I’m sure it helps with sleep! At first I didn’t love the scent, but now it relaxes me…….Would love to try May Chang and Buddha Wood…..Thanks for these daily informative blogs!

  • I love these oils! I’ll have to get May chang it’s the only one I don’t have! Thanks for the tips on how to use these.

  • I absolutely love vetiver! It’s my go to when I’m anxious. May Chang sounds very intriguing. I may have to give that one a try.

  • I’ve made some great strides organizing already in the new year but, I still have more to go. I do need to restock peppermint and I may need to try the Clear Intuition. Happy New Year!

  • I’ve only used vetiver to help relax before sleep. I think I’ll try it during the day too now and see if it helps. Hopefully it doesn’t put me to sleep!

  • Thank you for this! I’ve been using vetiver for anxiety and winding down for a few weeks now and it has honestly helped sooo much! I can’t wait to try the May Chang! Frank is amazing too, especially when used with Copaiba for extra absorbtion!

  • I signed up last month for oil of the month but I don’t know if that is automatic or if I have to reorder each month

    1. If you signed up for the monthly oil you will automatically receive your oil in the mail 🙂 If you have any concerns about this whatsoever, make sure to reach out to our awesome Customer Service team at [email protected]

  • Definitely need to get more organized and clean up the clutter in my home! Thank you for the oil suggestions. I just got my Buddha Wood oil and looking forward to trying it out!

  • I immediately recognized myself in your post about Vetiver! I already have this oil, and I have used it in diffusion for sleep, but I am going to put it in an inhaler to use throughout the day. I start projects with passion, only to become paralyzed because I don’t think that I am doing the right thing.

  • Another great post. I am a total perfectionist and my husband, not so much. I’m going to have to add some of these to my list to help us both get and stay motivated!

  • I enjoyed the information in this blog. I haven’t tried most of these oils and they are definitely on my wish ist now! I definitely could use some more organization in my life!

  • Its true! I have tried many of these oils. Fresh May Chang is good during fatigue and feeling tired due to overexertion. You will be surprised if I say the Sensual blend from PT can have grounding, calming and energizing effect (despite Sensual note). Buddhawood and Clear Intuition blend will be my next experiment!

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